Mango Processing Plant - Mango Processing Plant . Factory Layout The Packing plant will be laid out

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Transcript of Mango Processing Plant - Mango Processing Plant . Factory Layout The Packing plant will be laid out

  • Mango

    Processing Plant

  • Factory Layout The Packing plant will be laid out to receive fruit delivered and receipted to

    the facility by means of a weighbridge and dispatched to a storage area

    where it then can be easily loaded into the feed hoppers on the processing

    line. The fruit is then washed dried and waxed and proceeds to the sorting

    and grading line where it is separated in quality size . Rejected fruit is then

    taken to be processed as peeled and cut fruit which is then

    weighed/vacuum packed and placed in the cool rooms for distribution.

    Export quality fruit is packed and palletised moved to the cool rooms to be

    loaded into containers for shipping.

    The flow of the processes will be such as to reduce the amount of double

    handling and have an ergonomic flow. The Dispatch end of the facility

    shall have a mezzanine floor to house offices and worker facilities such as

    canteen and washrooms.

  • Factory Layout

    • Efficiency of production depends on how well the various machines;

    production facilities and employee’s amenities are located in the


    • A properly laid out factory will ensure the smooth and rapid movement

    of fruits, from the receiving stage to the packaged product stage.

    • The ideal layout should provide the optimum relationship among the

    output, floor area and storage and shipping

    • An efficent factory layout is one that aims at achieving various

    objectives like efficient utilization of available floor space, minimizes

    cost, allows flexibility of operation, provides for employees

    convenience, improves productivity

  • Axis View

  • Superstructure 6mtrs to

    Gutter Line

  • Inside Concept View/

    Mezzanine Floor

  • Sorting Grading 5 ton/hour

  • Processing Capacity 5 ton/hr

  • Plant Specification

  • Bubble Type Fruit Washing

  • Washing Machine

  • Plant Specification

  • Inspection Conveyor

  • Sorting and inspection

  • Roller Sorting Machine

  • Size Grading

  • Juice Plant (Optional)

    •Complete sets of Mango Pulp & Juice Production Line:-

    1. Washing Machine

    2. Sorting Conveyor

    3. Elevator

    4. Pulping Machine / turbo refiners

    5. Tubular Pre-heater Pasteurizer

    6. Filling & Packaging Line - Can Filling Machine / Bottle

    Filling Machine / Aseptic bag Filling Machine / Gable top

    packaging / Easy to open can

  • Juice Plant Packaging

  • Weighbridge

  • Weighbridge

  • Weighbridge Details

     There will be a separate Modular unit for

    Security/Weighbridge located at the front


     Weighbridge can be above or below


  • Weighbridge Plan

  • Admin and Facilities

    Administration, Supervisors office, Accommodation

    and Site office will be constructed as separate

    Modular buildings outside the Main factory walls but

    within the factory compound.

  • Rainwater and Grey water use

    Grey water recycling offers consistent water availability to overcome

    drought and water restrictions. Architects can design sustainable

    buildings which can still offer residents lush gardens and water features,

    using water that would otherwise be destined for the sewer. Grey water

    treatment systems that are above ground and discreet in size, are

    increasingly being requested for inclusion in "green buildings". In

    addition to the saving in mains water consumption, there is a reduced

    load on sewage systems with grey water treated and recycled rather

    than going to sewer.

  • Water Conservation And


  • Water Tanks

     Inlet Height: 2.95M

     Total Height: 3.16M

     Diameter: 4.60M

     46,400 LITRE

  • Water Recycling Plant

  • Standby Power Units

    Auxiliary Power plant giving

    independence and continued productivity

    ensuring finished product does not spoil.

    184kW/230kVA (Soundproof)

    Frequency: 50hz - 1500rpm

    Engine: Doosan Radiator Type

    Customised units manufactured to

    customers specification.

  • Doosan Powered

  • Turnkey Equipment from

    Build to operation with 1


  • V57/97 Features

    •Forklift equipment adaptable

    •Designed for long and stable operation

    •Hand and foot accelerator

    •Superior reach and lift capacity

    •Unmatchable stability, quiet and very efficient

    •Engineered for the toughest commercial environment

    •Self levelling system, automatically keeping the

    bucket level

    •Certified Safety ROPS & FOPS

  • True Multipurpose Use

  • •Disclaimer:

    •While every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this document is accurate,

    contemporary and fit for purpose, and is derived from reports from professional organisations and the

    writer’s knowledge of the project and market, it is provided only on a ‚ “Best efforts”‛basis. The provider

    expressly disclaims to the maximum limit permissible by law the consequences of the reader’s use of any

    information contained herein for any direct or indirect purpose.

    •This disclaimer shall also extend to:

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