Making Money with Inbound Marketing: Part 2 (Creating Leads)

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BrainSell’s second installment of a 4 part series on inbound marketing. Jim Ward, BrainSell CEO, and Sonja Fridell, BrainSell GM, discuss the best methods of creating leads with inbound marketing.

Transcript of Making Money with Inbound Marketing: Part 2 (Creating Leads)

  • 1. How to Make $ With Inbound Marketing Part 2: Creating Leads with Inbound MarketingSonja FridellJim WardGM, BrainSell TechnologiesPresident, BrainSell Technologies

2. @brainsellTweet #inboundmarketingseries 3. The Series5/16: Part 2 of 4: Creating Leads with InboundMarketing6/6: Part 3 of 4: Leveraging Social Media withInbound Marketing6/13: Part 4 of 4: Converting Leads with InboundMarketingTweet #inboundmarketingseries 4. Is your website pushing or pulling?Tweet #inboundmarketingseries 5. Do 3 things...1. Start a blog2. Create compelling content3. Track your progress *And stop obsessing over the way your website looksTweet #inboundmarketingseries 6. Choose a platform you like Make it VISIBLE Enable RSS Feed Encourage Comments Distribute (linkedin, twitter) Add CALLS TO ACTIONTweet #inboundmarketingseries 7. Write on Google terms (headlines matter) But "Dont fight with Ninjas" - D. Shah Create Calls to Action! Be conversational and to the point Frequency (at least once a week)Tweet #inboundmarketingseries 8. Track your progress Use Google analytics Spreadsheet your reach (subscribers, followers, links, traffic)Tweet #inboundmarketingseries 9. Stepping it up...Tweet #inboundmarketingseries 10. Free Tools Hoot Suite (twitter and FB) Google Analytics Google Reader Google Marketplace Google Docs (forms) Feed Burner Wordpress, Blogger Weebly (site builder with forms) Mail Chimp (outbound, newsletters) Inbox25Tweet #inboundmarketingseries 11. In Closing Start a blog Create valuable content GET FOUND Become a trusted resource Gain a following Measure progress Automate when its timeTweet #inboundmarketingseries 12. Two more parts left! 6/6: Part 3 of 4: Leveraging Social Media with Inbound Marketing 6/13: Part 4 of 4: Converting LeadsTweet #inboundmarketingseries