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Presentation by Graham Lipschitz of Clicks2Customers at the E-Tourism Africa Summit 2010

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2. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, with offices in USA,UK & Australia. Specialist PPC agency with over 50 clients mainly in Retail & Travel. 3. How to win Yes, there is a difference between SEM and SEO 4. SEO {natural Search results} 5. Pay Per Click {sponsored links} 6. User Base grew by 15% last year, from 4,6-million to 5,3-million, and is expected to grow at a similar rate in 2010. Google has opened a local office and has launched Google Maps locally. # of broadband South Africans has grown by more than 50% percent in the past year . Google receives 250m queries per month 10th highest twitter user base. 15 million mobile internet users by 2013 The State of the Nation 7. How to win Users search for anything 8. How to win 9. How to win And everything! 10. Where are we today and where are we going? 1995 2010 2050? $ Digital Media Non-Digital Media Today 11. How to win South African online marketing was born feet first with its arse facing the sky. 12. Display/Banners Online was viewed as a push channel so banners were sold first... 0.068% CTR 1-3% CTR 13. How to win Give the users what they want, and the rest will follow. -Sergey Brin & Larry Page 14. How to win Search is the only channel to truly understand user intent 15. Display/Banners Awareness to drive more search acquisition 5+% CTR Acquisition Channel 10+% CTR Pay Per Click Performance Model (CPA) Search Engine Marketing is an acquisition channel which matches user intent to sales 16. Targeted Ad *(1) leads to Good User Experience*(2)The moment of relevancy... 17. Good User Experience: Landing Page Quality Leads to a conversion. 18. How to win AdWords rewards relevance 19. How to win How much you want to pay (CPC) X How relevant you are (Quality Score) 20. QUALITY score 21. CLICK THROUGH RATE Quality Score is 66% CTR VS 22. How to win CTR is affected by: Keywords; Adverts and Landing Pages 23. Targeted Ad *(1) leads to Good User Experience*(2)Users click on ads when 24. Good User Experience: Landing Page Quality And they convert on relevant landing pages. 25. Price Relevancy Broad Match Broad match keywords match your ads to similar queries 26. Hotel California Hotels in California Cheap Hotels California Luxury Hotels California Hotels California Eagles Hotel California Lyrics 27. How to win When keywords go horribly wrong... 28. Safari Sex with Animals Bestiality Sex Safari 29. How to win Negative Keywords give control. 30. POT (On Broad Match) Marijuana (On Negative Match) 31. How to win Rather use many exact match keywords. 32. 4 star hotel in New York 33. How to win It is a quest to exactly match the users query. 34. Price Relevancy Broad Match EE E E E 35. Good keywords match what the user is looking for and accurately reflect your business 36. How to win Users drink WISCAY 37. Good User Experience: Landing Page Quality What Is So Cool About You? 38. How to win Match keywords to ad text 39. Targeted Ad *(1) leads to Good User Experience*(2) 40. How to win The more targeted your ad text the higher your CTR 41. 1 x CTR 2 x CTR 4 x CTR 42. Great ads match user intent to your unique selling points. 43. How to win The heart of the conversion lies not in the homepage 44. Users stay or go within 2-3 Seconds! 45. Consumers are always searching &converting: Be Always On 46. How to win RECAP! 47. How to win CTR is affected by: Keywords; Adverts and Landing Pages 48. How to win Success is: Having majority of exact match keywords Showing WISCAY ads And landing users deep within your site. 49. Questions?