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description Make Money Online With MMOTraffic Affiliate MMO Platform. 1. Sign-Up 2. Select a widget 3. Place the widget 4. Make Money instantly 5. 24/7 stats

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2. THE MMOTrafc AFFILIATE MODEL! $ Earn CPA commission based on Place a MMOTraffic widget, Visitors follow the link to game completed registration, sign-up creative or link on your website landingpage via MMOTraffic or payment by your visitors 3. WHY USE MMOTRAFFIC ?! // Higher visitor interest and time on page!// Earn money with your visitors!// Display game content in a fun way!// Add value to your site!// Largest number of MMO games under one roof! 4. WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER!1. Widgets!2. Non-content tracking links (afliate produces own creatives)!3. Content tracking links (MMOTrafc provides creatives)!4. White Labels (MMO content tailored to your needs)! 5. (1)WIDGETS! CHOOSE YOUR WIDGET AND INTEGRATE IN YOUR SITE! 6. (1)WIDGETS!SUITABLE FOR :! ANY AFFILIATE - GAMES AVAILABLE FOR EVERY TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC! Multipleconversion opportunitiesDynamically updatedand revolving games Easyand content implementation; code is permanent 7. (2) NON-CONTENT TRACKING LINK! SUITABLE FOR:! ALL MMO LISTING SITES OR WEBMASTERS INTERESTED IN MMO CONTENT ! 8. (3) CONTENT TRACKING LINK!SUITED FOR:! ALL NON-MMO GAMES WEBSITES LOOKING FOR ADDITIONAL CONTENT & REVENUES! ImageandtrackinglinkisprovidedbyMMOTrac 9. (4) WHITE LABEL SOLUTION!SUITED FOR:! PARTNERS WHOSE TRAFFIC NEEDS A UNIQUE MMO OFFERING!Deploymini-portals usingwhitelabelCMSPublishMMOrelated contentinownlook& feel 10. (4) WHITE LABEL SOLUTION!CURRENT WHITE LABEL PARTNERS! More white label partners will be announced soon! 11. AFFILIATE SENDS TRAFFIC ! TO DEVELOPER SIGN-UP PAGE ! GEOIPensuresforeigntracto landonalanguagespeciclandingpageforbeFerconversion 12. AFFILIATE RECEIVES COMMISSION ! PER REGISTRATION, DOWNLOAD OR PAYING USER INSTANT REWARD!! Insertyourowntexthere 13. AND AFFILIATES ARE HAPPY!! We are doing considerably better with your ads than our Google ads, so I've turned them off in that location. !Now we can double the impressions and hopefully conversions.!Source: MMOCrunch! MMO Trafc features so many great options, detailed stats reports and a fantastic database of MMO games, it is certain to become everybodys favorite advertising platform. !Source: MMOStation! 14. MORE THAN 50-60 MMOS UNDER ONE ROOF!! 15. MMOTRAFFIC ENSURES THE BEST DEALS WITH TOP GAME DEVELOPERS ! 16. USEFUL TIPS!! // try widgets and test what works for you! // nd a balance between banners / text links / widgets! // use your content to generate revenues! // place the widget as part of your content ! // monitor live stats for best results!!! // use MMOTrafc to generate you revenues!! 17. READY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE?! Go to and sign-up now!!Call us at +31 23 20 20 433! Mail us at [email protected] !