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Transcript of Mahlathi Classrooms

  • 1. Student Movement for Real Change
    Mahlathi Classrooms, South Africa

2. Classroom construction halted for lack of funds when Saul visited South Africa in 2002. 80 students were learning under trees.
3. Saul and visitors meet with Alec Mnisi, principal.
4. Barren classroom
5. Visitors discuss education challenges. This is the largest block of classrooms. Total of 6 rooms were available for over 300 students.
6. Saul presents donation to Principal Mnisi in 2003.
7. Construction underway!
8. Community workers dig and make cement for the schoolhouse.
9. Jugs for water, women and community members get involved.
10. Children watch from afar.
11. More construction.
12. Children line up for school.
13. Workers take a break and pose for a quick photo to mark the moment.
14. Principal Mnisi is all smiles.
15. Girl in a barrel with water jugs.
16. Mother and child.
17. Women who helped with construction. They provided the water for the cement, often with children on their backs.
18. SMRC visits school after construction is complete!
19. Celebration for Education.
20. Drummer
21. 22. 23. Completed classrooms.
24. 25. Children now learn inside, but classrooms still lacked sufficient resources.
26. Broken chairs and cement walls.
27. Another view.
28. 29. Kindergarten students line up.
30. Cinderblocks used in classroom for chairs.
31. Small blackboard for English classes.
32. SMRC and partners support a computer class in the new rooms.
33. Computer room completed!
34. 35. 36. 37. Teachers gather proudly in the classroom.
38. Classrooms as they look today!
39. The tree that students used to learn under.