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Magazine Grid Collages

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  • 1. Pre-Raphaelite Magazine Grid Collage

2. Pre-Raphaelites/Assignment Pre-Raphaelites were really skilled at portraying skin tones in an expressive way (use a variety of colors). For your grid drawing, you will choose a face to draw and use collaged magazine pieces to achieve an expressive skin tone. Create high contrast for sharp edges in the collage. 3. My Sweet Rose; John William Waterhouse; 1908; Modern Pre-Raphaelite; Oil on Canvas 4. The Bridesmaid; John Everett Millais; 1851; Pre- Raphaelite; Oil on Canvas 5. Example 6. Example 7. Example (this is hyper-expressive because his skin isnt really blue!) 8. Example 9. Example 10. Example 11. Example 12. Example 13. Example 14. Example 15. Example 16. Example 17. My Example 18. My Example: In-Progress 19. My Example: In-Progress 20. My Example: In-Progress 21. My Example: Finished 22. My Palette