Luxury resorts in Corbett- jeep safari in Corbett

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Transcript of Luxury resorts in Corbett- jeep safari in Corbett

  1. 1. The SollunaResortJim Corbett National Park, Merchula-244715 Uttaranchal INDIA
  2. 2. The Sollunaresort is situated in the superb location of Merchula, it is 35 km away from Ramnagarrailway station(nainital). It is one of best resorts in Corbett, where you experience wildlife in the lap of nature.Are resort offers you jeep safari, elephant safari, fishing, nature walking along with riverside, bird safari, village expedition, accommodation and many more.
  3. 3. Reception of SollunaResort
  4. 4. Out Door View
  5. 5. Bonfire Activity
  6. 6. Riverside Camping at SollunaResort in Jim Corbett National Park
  7. 7. Pool Area of SollunaResorts in Corbett
  8. 8. Plaza of SollunaResorts in CorbettThe luxurious and a refine buffet at the "SollunaPlaza" in the open and in addition in a closed setup offers a valued experience to the visitors. The exquisitely planned dim interiors, lit with candles and a perspective of the mountains introduces a dazzling environment for the unmatched ceremonial diners.
  9. 9. Luxury Resorts in Corbett
  10. 10. Resorts in Corbett
  11. 11. Jeep Safari in CorbettJeep Safari in Corbett it is a rapid and a safe approach to explore the wildness of Jim Corbett National Park. Jeep safari can take approx5 6 persons ready for one run with a trained driver and a nature guide for examine the geology and wild of Corbett. It is the most effortless approach to cover the stipulated region assigned for the amusement drive.
  12. 12. Jungle Safari in CorbettTheJimCorbettNationalParkisblessedwithrichesfrombirdiesandanimalstoriversandpleasantencompassing.Thegreeneryofthisspotmakesitjustastoundingandwhatcouldbeanincredibleapproachtostudythelavishnessofthisspotthanthenaturewalk.
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