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This Social Innovation Game Plan was produced by Krzysztof (Chris) Prybylski as part of the 4-hour World Vision Case Study completed by the 12 World Finalists of LoyaltyGames 2014, the Loyalty and Gamification World Championships (http://www.theloyaltygames.com). All rights reserved.

Transcript of LoyaltyGames 2014 - Finals Game Plan - Krzysztof Przybylski

  • 2014 WORLD FINALS Note: All copyright and intellectual property rights remain with the Finalist who authored this submission. Published by Professional Services Champions League (LoyaltyGames) with the authors permission. Finalist: KRZYSZTOF PRYBYLSKI Country: POLAND This Game Plan was created in 4 hours as part of the LoyaltyGames 2014 World Finals
  • Visual Awareness Create a Memorable 2015 Event A visual symbol that: Encourages action, motivates to do good Ties to cause of Global Week of Action and reminds about 5 year old kids Is fun, creates possibilities to release the creative potential of supporters Is affordable and available to anyone, anywhere A hero: Every 5 year old is inspired by (super)heroes, role-plays heroes Adults are heroes for kids, they can achieve things kids ony dream about You can be a hero achieve seemingly impossible for some 5 year old kid What does it take to be a hero? 1 S E C T I O N # 1
  • Visual Awareness Create a Memorable 2015 Event Heroes are people who transform compassion (a personal virtue) into heroic action (a civic virtue). In doing so, they put their best selves forward in service to humanity. A hero is as an individual or a network of people that take action on behalf of others in need, or in defense of integrity or a moral cause. And one more thing they wear masks! 2 S E C T I O N # 1
  • Visual Awareness Create a Memorable 2015 Event Simple superhero eye mask in orange color Will be an inspiration to take action and do good Will encourage fun and creative activities Will be applicable and affordable across the globe 3 S E C T I O N # 1 It can be crafted from paper or different materials (very easy with a template), face-painted or bought in a store. It easily merges in digital world as well. You can put it on with a simple app to enhance your social media photo avatars. It can also be a logo or a symbol on its own to use in different promotional materials.
  • Visual Awareness Create a Memorable 2015 Event What organizations could be potentially helpful corporate collaborative partners for your symbol and/or visual representation concept? Disney, LEGO, Comic, cartoons, family movies and toys producers to establish hero mask as a concept and visual identity. Sportswear companies play heavily on heoism of the players. Can help to acquire sport celebrity to be a role-player of the campaign. Heroic Imagination Project (http://heroicimagination.org/) to find out how to be an everyday hero. What potential external events or activities in 2015 could be part of promoting your new visual representation? 2015 will be a year of epic heroes movie premieres (Avengers 2, Star Wars, The Fantastic Four, Ant-man, Pan, Kung-fu Panda to name a few). Each of them can be an inspiration to become a hero in real life and suport good cause of the Global Week of Action. 4 S E C T I O N # 1
  • Visual Awareness Create a Memorable 2015 Event 5 S E C T I O N # 1 How could mobile marketing and/or augmented reality be used to effectively help build awareness or deliver your solution? (Tip: Be Innovative!) An app to enhance your profile photos with a hero eye mask. Contest for creating masks on your own and making #selfies to share in social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with campaign hashtag to raise awarenees. Usage of Bluetooth 4.0 beacons (e.g. iBeacon) in shopping malls and cinemas to send distress calls to peoples smartphones that they can answer by performing campaing-related actions (involving e.g. puting on the mask). List some practical challenges and how would you mitigate them. It might be percived as childish. I would mitigate by establishing adult and professional celebrities to become role models.
  • Giving Back to Existing Supporters of World Vision Loyalty Rewards incentive program for Rich countries 1. Strategy and vision To engage Existing Supporters during Global Week of Action so that they present Target Behaviors in a way they will have a change to give more to already supported community and be rewarded for thier contribution. This program would be enabled by creation of community-based goals supporting reduction of preventable child and maternal deaths (like establishing medical trainings, building medical infrastructure, supplying with neccessary higenic and medical materials) with specific action-points values that Existing Supportes of this community might contribute to (with thier previous or future actions). Those Supporters with greatest contribution to those goals might be rewarded with personalized experiences of participation in realization of achieved goals (from regular on-site reports and connection withcommunity members to personal travel to the community). 6 S E C T I O N # 2
  • Giving Back to Existing Supporters of World Vision 2. How it works Communities that are already supported by World Vision and Existing Supporters create specific goals as mentioned in point 1. Each goal has a numer of action-points that need to be collected in order to make it happen. We want to engage people, who already suport given community to contribute even more to the cause and improve standard of living of people who they are helping already. To receive and contribute action- points an Existing Supporter needs to perform one of the actions related to Target Behaviors each action has a defined action-points value. Once target for a given goal is met, it will be realized. Additionally each Existing Supporter effectiveness in collecting action- poitns is tracked and displayed. Those with the higest scores are rewarded with tiered rewards and participate in contest to visit thier community and see goals come to live in person. 7 S E C T I O N # 2
  • Giving Back to Existing Supporters of World Vision 3. Implementation/Execution Each Existing Supporter (ES) receives thier personal account to gater action- points. Account is per-loaded with action-points for previous activity of a ES (e.g. donations) and recommendation of 1-3 goals they can contribute to (preferably from the community they already support). Direct actions (donation, content sharing, etc.) are done via World Vision site, tracked and reward with further action-points). Indirect actions (offline activities, recruitment of new supporters) should be facilitated by personalized links (URL) to the World Vision site, so that any person influenced by ES leaves a trail and can be counted towards thier action-points account (similarly to affiliate marketing). ES contributes gatheres action-poitns for a specific goal (multiple ES might contribute to a single goal) but total value gathered opens him or her tiered rewards and participation in contest for the Grand Prize (community visit) 8 S E C T I O N # 2
  • Giving Back to Existing Supporters of World Vision 4. Example Existing Supporter account consists of: A Total numer of of action-points collected A Goal action-points can be contributed to Progress bar of action-points gathered vs. Needed to accomplish this goal Break down of collected action-points (how many through donations, promotonal actions, recruitment of new members) For recruited members we can see whats thier status (e.g. vistied, subscribed, donated) 9 S E C T I O N # 2
  • Giving Back to Existing Supporters of World Vision 4. Example Rewarded actions: Sharing content 1AP per content per network Donation 1 AP per dolar Special actions 1-10 AP per action Recruitment of new memebers 1 AP per visitor 5 AP per sign up 10 AP per donation 10 S E C T I O N # 2
  • Giving Back to Existing Supporters of World Vision 4. Example Rewards: Tier I (50 AP) real-time report from making a goal come to life (photos, testimonials, recording) Tier II (100 AP) connection with community members via webinars or hangouts, ability to interact and see how their lives are influenced by the goal Tier III (200 AP) special gifts send by the community members to the most helpful supporters Tier IV (400 AP) a chance to win travel to the community and participate in person in goal coming to life 11 S E C T I O N # 2
  • Gamification Design A Multi-Channel Game Make Change Happen for the 2015 Global Week of Action The IDEA BE A HERO SAVE A KIDS LIFE TODAY LETS SAVE 1 MILLION LIFES TOGETHER! Its directly realted to the visual symbol presented in Section #1. Everyone can be a hero and save a life by collecting a full set of resources to make child save untill its 5 years old (e.g. vaccines, higenic & medial materials, clean water, etc.) Resources are collected by completing engagement actions. Each action is rewarded with a semi-random resource (easy actions give common resources, more complex are rewarded with rare resources). Players might join thier contributions, so that naturally teams are created and collecting full set with all common and rare resources is easier. This also fosters behavior of recriuting new supportes and not wasting even one resource. 12 S E C T I O N # 3
  • Gamification Design A Multi-Channel Game Make Change Happen for the 2015 Global Week of Action 1. The Players. Who is the target player age and demographic? Essentially ther