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This Social Innovation Game Plan was produced by Dave Neuman as part of the 4-hour World Vision Case Study completed by the 12 World Finalists of LoyaltyGames 2014, the Loyalty and Gamification World Championships (http://www.theloyaltygames.com). All rights reserved.

Transcript of LoyaltyGames 2014 - Finals Game Plan - Dave Neuman

  • 2014 WORLD FINALS Note: All copyright and intellectual property rights remain with the Finalist who authored this submission. Published by Professional Services Champions League (LoyaltyGames) with the authors permission. Finalist: DAVE NEUMAN Country: USA This Game Plan was created in 4 hours as part of the LoyaltyGames 2014 World Finals
  • WORLD VISION GAME PLAN Every year, 6.6 million unseen, uncounted and invisible children under age five lose their lives to preventable causes such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and undernutrition.They are hidden from the health services that can save their lives. August 2, 2014 Prepared by: Dave Neuman
  • 2| Table of Contents 3 According to World Vision, we need to refocus our efforts on the groups that are being left behind in order to dramatically reduce the number of mothers, babies and children we lose every year to preventable deaths. We must accelerate action to improve newborn health and nutrition in particular, and we need better data to be able to identify and reach currently uncounted children with improved nutrition, health care, education and other critical services they need to survive and thrive. Better data is also essential to more effectively monitor progress made and for accountability purposes. This game plan provides strategies, approaches, and recommendations that leverage Loyalty, Rewards, and Gamification methods so World Vision can raise awareness of the cause, deepen engagement with existing supporters, and create a fun, multi-channel game for the 2015 Global Week of Action. page Section#1 VisualAwareness- CreateaMemorable2015Event 7 page Section#2 GivingBacktoExisting SupportersofWorldVision 12 page Section#3 GamificationDesign AMulti-ChannelGame
  • 3| Section #1 VisualAwareness Creating a Memorable 2015 Event In order to draw attention to World Visions causes including the Child Health Now campaign, I am recommending a new symbol for the 2015 campaign called Beacon of Hope.This symbol, which is a pulse of light, would pulse every 5 seconds representing the preventable death of a child.The symbol aligns with current branding using the number 5 and was born from seeing 6.6 million deaths annually as equating to one every 5 seconds. The symbol can be made tangible with a wrist band, a mobile app, website, and be the basis for a world-wide event during the Global Week of Action. Symbol would leverage the color green as it represents healthy and safety and be incorporated into website and mobile app as a pulsing image. A green silicone wristband with an embedded LED that pulses with a white light every 5 seconds could be sold. While there are many different wristbands today for every cause, the pulsing LED will draw attention more than just color and label. New Creative Symbol Beacon of Hope
  • 4| Section #1 VisualAwareness Creating a Memorable 2015 Event During the Global Week of Action, a unique event that would draw attention from large populations in major cities around the world could be a spotlight display each night of the Global Week of Action. Working with partners and communities in major cities or national centers, we would establish central locations in key cities in as many countries as possible to setup a pulsing spotlight that pulses every 5 seconds from dusk to dawn for 5 days. Wed use this event to drive media exposure, attract people to see the display up close to learn more along with opportunity to purchase LED pulsing wristbands, and create photo moments that can be shared through social media. GoPro cameras could be setup to broadcast the beacon from various locations around the world and make them viewable on the web or through a mobile application. Beacon of Hope World-Wide Event
  • 5| Section #1 VisualAwareness Creating a Memorable 2015 Event The symbol and world-wide event would require sponsors and partners to effectively execute the campaign. Corporate partners would be needed for the following: - Production of the LED pulsing wrist bands - Leasing / rental, distribution, and securing spotlights for the global light event Partner options could include international companies such as General Electric or Samsung. Both of these companies support campaigns for organizations like this and have the technical resources to support the execution of a program like this. These partners would gain market exposure and brand recognition with their partnership. Beacon of Hope Partnerships Needed
  • 6| Section #1 VisualAwareness Creating a Memorable 2015 Event With any campaign, there are challenges and risks. - Ability to Execute time is of the essence in terms of manufacturing any product like the LED wrist band and beginning the process to plan out the light show event. Detailed project planning, partner identification, and execution management will mitigate some risks. - Support from local governments with any action that will take place in a physical location, local laws, governments, and resources can constrain the campaign. Wed work through the relief organizations along with the government groups that made global commitments to help drive support. Beacon of Hope Challenges
  • 7| Section #2 Giving Back to Existing Supporters of World Vision Strategy In targeting existing supporters in developed rich countries, WorldVision could leverage both instant rewards and a loyalty program to deepen and lengthen engagement extending the LTV of the supporter. To reward specific behaviors like making a donation or sharing a photo, WorldVision can work with a set of consumer product companies to offer instant rewards, discounts, merchandise, etc. when they complete an activity.The type of reward can be a surprise to the supporter which may drive additional exploration of actions they can take on the site.This reward can be delivered via e-mail or mobile to then tie in further marketing automation. A longer-tail loyalty rewards program would allow a supporter to gain points for activities completed over time and rise to various levels of designation as a supporter. As the levels increase, the reputation of the supporter increases and they receive notoriety, visibility, and potentially awards for their support.
  • 8| Section #2 Giving Back to Existing Supporters of World Vision Resources Needed In order to implement a Loyalty rewards and instant rewards program, WorldVision would need to leverage resources to develop a loyalty tracking system along with an offer engine that ties marketing promotions and reward options to activities and levels of supporter. Marketing Automation Marketing automation can be used to drive the number of participants in the loyalty program, influence the number of times a supporter engages withWorldVision, and ensuring a heartbeat of consistent touch points with the supporter as a reminder to continue to support the cause. Metrics To measure success, we need measure the number of touch points a supporter has with the site or a mobile app, the number & type of actions theyve taken, and the length of involvement then track trends over time.
  • 9| Section #2 Giving Back to Existing Supporters of World Vision The use of an instant rewards or loyalty rewards program would not differ much based on the profit or non-profit status.The biggest difference would be the level of sponsorship or type of marketing rewards that could be offered to supports.
  • 10| Section #3 Gamification Design - AMulti-Channel Game Mission The mission of this game would be to fund or complete projects as a group. A project is defined as a specific goal to be accomplished in a particular location that supports programs proposed by health organizations. It could require the collection of funds or collection of materials. For example, one project may want to provide free pre-natal check-ups for all pregnant women in a city which requires $x funding to be collected. In this manner, donors socialize and/or work together to meet the objectives need to fund a project.This game is like WeSpire meets CharityWater. Game Components This game would include discovery, competition, social sharing and networking, group identity, leaderboards, reputation and challenges. For Millenials with a passion for supporting social programs but have an interest in directing where their donation would go. Also target employees of organizations with employee engagement programs supporting community or giving campaigns.
  • 11| Section #3 Gamification Design -AMulti-Channel Game Browse Specific Health Program Projects Fund / Take Action Earn Points Invite Others Social Sharing Monitor Progress Complete Funding View other contributors High-Level Game Design The game is based around a proposed project with a cost. Players sign-up or join a cause to fund, donate or take action, and then solicit help from teammates to complete the funding goal. Achieve Goal
  • 12| Section #3 Gamification Design -AMulti-Channel Game Knowledge and Skills Players will learn more about the campaign, the type of work being done, and can direct where their money gets used based on personal interest. Additionally, players will need to join forces with others in order to completely fund