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This Social Innovation Game Plan was produced by Brian Venuti as part of the 4-hour World Vision Case Study completed by the 12 World Finalists of LoyaltyGames 2014, the Loyalty and Gamification World Championships (http://www.theloyaltygames.com). All rights reserved.

Transcript of LoyaltyGames 2014 - Finals Game Plan - Brian Venuti

  • 2014 WORLD FINALS Note: All copyright and intellectual property rights remain with the Finalist who authored this submission. Published by Professional Services Champions League (LoyaltyGames) with the authors permission. Finalist: BRIAN VENUTI Country: USA This Game Plan was created in 4 hours as part of the LoyaltyGames 2014 World Finals
  • World Vision Case Study Brian Venuti
  • Through the power of the right symbol, anyone with a dollar or their voice, can fully participate in a global movement What are the right attributes for a symbol and its physical representation to best support World Visions Global Week of Action? Visually aligned with the mission must reinforce and remind people of the Global Week of Action mission Easily converted to a label for supporters high degree of wearability Low production cost to maximize contribution Mass appeal it needs to be cool
  • We need political will and action so that all children can Survive 5. Every year, 6.6 million unseen, uncounted and invisible children under age five lose their lives to preventable causes such as pneumonia, diarrhea and undernutrition. They are hidden from the health services that can save their lives.* * http://www.wvi.org/GWA Representative image Leverage the equity of the Child Health Now campaign, World Visions focused program associated with the Global Week of Action Symbol is universal and ties in to the existing marketing/social activity It is an extension of the core program logo but not commercialized by the program name, similar to how the names/logos of Livestrong and SusanG are not the primary visual elements of the bracelet and ribbon.
  • Applying a popular symbol representation Temporary tattoos are the perfect platform to carry the Child Health Now mission of Survive 5. High adult and children appeal Tattoos carry the innate expectation of demonstrating something you like and/or care about Disposable, leading to repeat purchases Costs are pennies on the dollar and provide fantastic profit margins to be realized for the cause High giftability
  • Collaborative Partners and External Events This campaign has the potential to be grass roots supported by everyday partners of World Vision as well as supercharged by celebrities and professionals Existing Supporters Individual contributors Churches/youth groups Partner organizations Corporations Celebrity Professional/collegiate athletes Performing artists Actors/reality stars Media Civic/business leaders As proven with many past cause marketing and fashion trends, celebrity endorsement creates great visibility, interest and following. The goal for 2015 is to find celebrities to sport their tattoos at highly covered events to drive awareness and buzz at key highly publicized events. Here are some potential events with high viewership and potential. Examples are primarily US based, but it is assumed localized recommendations would be made: Award shows Viewers Choice Awards, Oscars, Miss Universe Athletic events Superbowl, World Series, soccer games Interview shows Ellen, Late Show, GMA Red carpet events Movie premiers, album releases Concerts World tours, live performances You have to go big!
  • Mobile In Action Key moments are capturing yourself, capturing others, and special locations but what if there was an app that allowed you to superimpose the tattoo on pictures and post in a designated social location The result will be a super cool way to personalize your participation in the community
  • Overcoming Challenges The biggest challenge to this strategy is adoption Overcoming the challenge: As we place our bet on high profile support, it will be critical to map out the network of relationships. There are several notable people associated with World Vision: The people will need to be activated. Additionally, the staff that have relationships with highly affluent donors can be very helpful in sharing the plan and determining of there are secondary connections to key celebrities. The talent management and agent community are also good contact points. Hugh Jackman, Kris Allen, Bethany Hamilton, Brooke Fraser, Patricia Heaton, Karl von Habsburg, Efren Peaflorida, Guy Sebastian, Sigrid Thornton, Alex Trebek, Lights (musician), Alex Day, Sarah McLachlan, Shane Feldman* * wikipedia
  • Giving Back to Existing Supporters of World Vision Incentive Concept: Based on the Pharrell Williams Happy video, we will create an interactive timeline that counts down to 12/31/2015. Supporters who participate will be rewarded at random times. Moments that Matter: it will be filled with user videos that show moments that matter, moments where supporters share their experiences and spread the word about the Global Week of Action.
  • Defining the Target The in house research shows 3 primary motivators for loyalty: Sharing social Repeat giving Local Champion After some consideration, it was decided to not directly incent individuals for these activities, but to encourage them to share their testimonies related to these activities with the goal of spreading the word. Research has shown that one of the strongest influencers for getting support for a cause is to share personal experience, so that is the behavior we are going to incent. The other reason for this is that it is assumed the sharing will reinforce the passion of the current giver and provide a more direct effect for growth versus just organically incenting current supporters.
  • How will it work? To qualify all you need to do is record a short video sharing your support for the cause with another person. People will then be recognized within the timeline and have a chance to win awards thanking them for your moments that matter. For example: On XX/XX/XXXX date, everyone on the timeline between the hours of 3:00-4:00 will get a prize. Prizes will be in the form of special offers and discounts from value partners such as retailers. Mobile will be key Sharing moments that matter will be best facilitated by mobile video recording with simple upload. Mobile is with us all the time, so as we get daily opportunities to share, we already have the opportunity to capture those moments.
  • Gamification Design A Multi-Channel Game The Game: Make Change Happen Concept: A competition of influence imagine Klout slanted towards giving influence versus pure social influence. It gamifies the network effect by tracking your direct and your networks activity to make change happen. How it works: Similar to a network marketing framework, players (can be individuals or groups) will sign people up under them in support of the Make Change Happen campaign. As players and people in their network do activities such as sharing and giving, they will accumulate points that all ladder up to the people on top of your network. To put it another way, players get credit for all the activity that happens underneath them, or within their network. The network scoring system: Every social share = 100 points Every $1 donated = 1000 points Every 1 hour donated = 5000 points
  • Gamification Design A Multi-Channel Game Administering the game: Establishing the player networks It would be most efficient to work with the existing social networks, so APIs will need to be set up with each. Once integrated, players simply provide access to their networks (facebook friends, twitter followers, linkedin network, etc.) and World Vision creates a consolidated database for each player. Each contactable network contact will then get a communication on the players behalf explaining the competition and inviting them to participate themselves.