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LhoriBy Jatin

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What is Lohri?Lohri is an harvest festival in India. At this time the fields are ready to harvest. The festival Lohri is meant to give the people a rest period before the harvest, and allow them to enjoy their years works.

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When is it Celebrated?Lohri is celebrated on January 13th, they celebrate it on this day because it is when the sun is farthest from the earth therefore causing the coldest month in India. Because of this it is a good time for crops to grow and not burn from the heat.

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Why is it Celebrated/Purpose?

Lohri has no religious purpose, however they celebrate it to allow people relax. They celebrate it on this day because it is the day before the winter solstice. As they celebrate this the people realize how important agriculture and harvest is.

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What is done during the festival?

In the Morning children go singing door to door and asking for money . In the evening they light bonfires in the fields. The children dance around the bonfire because the are paying repect to god for good harvest.

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OriginLohri came from the tale Dulla Bahtti, which is a man take the girls back that were sold to men. In the first week of January children would knock door to door and sing songs about him and would get food donation in return.

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Dulha BhattiHe is the Robin hood of India. Because he would take from the rich to help the poor. He also helped a girl who had been taken by a rich man from a poor family and abused. He took her as a daughter and even arranged a marriage for her. He is one of the main reasons why they celebrate Lohri.

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What my family does on Lohri.

Are family sont not do anything too special we just do pooja and eat sweets like gulab jamun. But if we were to do something special it would be making a huge bonfire because it would be awesome.

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