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November 2013 The Loddon Valley Link Church and Parish Magazine for Sherfield-on-Loddon, Stratfield Saye, Hartley Wespall with Stratfield Turgis and Bramley Issue 462


Loddon Valley Link, Church and Parish Magazine for Sherfield on Loddon, Stratfield Saye, Hartley Wespall and Stratfield Turgis. November 2013 edition

Transcript of Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

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November 2013

The Loddon Valley Link Church and Parish Magazine

for Sherfield-on-Loddon, Stratfield Saye,

Hartley Wespall with Stratfield Turgis and Bramley


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Services for November 2013

*Drive up close to the white gates, which will open automatically . Children are welcome at all our services. Services in italics are particularly geared to children and families. BCP = Book of Common Prayer.

Sunday 3rd November All Saints

10.00am Holy Communion St Leonard’s Sherfield 10.00am Family Service St Mary’s Stratfield Saye* 4.00pm Evensong with Holy Communion St Mary’s Hartley Wespall

Sunday 10th November 3rd before Advent

Remembrance Sunday 10.00am Remembrance Service St Mary’s Hartley Wespall 10.45am Remembrance Service, Village War Memorial, Sherfield

10.45am Church Parade St Mary’s Stratfield Saye Friday 4.15pm Messy Church, Sherfield Park Community Centre

Sunday 17th November 2nd before Advent

10.00am Holy Communion St Leonard’s Sherfield with Sunday Club 10.00am Matins with Communion by Ext St Mary’s Stratfield Saye*

4.00pm Evensong St Mary’s Hartley Wespall

Sunday 24th November Sunday Next before Advent

8.00am Holy Communion BCP St Mary’s Hartley Wespall 10.00am Family Toy Service St Leonard’s Sherfield

Sunday 1st December Advent Sunday

10.00am Holy Communion St Leonard’s Sherfield 10.00am Family Service St Mary’s Stratfield Saye* 4.00pm Evensong with Holy Communion St Mary’s Hartley Wespall

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Page 3

“I press on…”

It was only five months ago that I was cycling the Camino pilgrim path through France and across northern Spain. As I look back I remember how wonderful it was going down hill after those hard and painful moments climbing foothills and mountains. At the end of the day, whatever the weather or terrain we were on a journey and had to press on to reach our

goal, Santiago de Compostela.

Some see this life as nothing more than a momentary period of consciousness in a mysterious and unexplainable universe. I can certainly go along with the universe being mysterious but for me, indeed for all Christians, underlying the unexplainable is the presence of the Creator, the Author of Life, who gives meaning to our existence,

made known to us personally through Jesus Christ, His Son.

With this rich biblical understanding it is possible to picture life in the framework of a journey, a pilgrimage which leads to something beyond this life, for no one stays in this world forever. On this journey we experience the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, kindness and hardheartedness. Some are so hurt that they become depressed, disillusioned and give up. God is a God of hope and a phrase in one of St Paul’s many letters has given me helpful insight into coping with the changes and chances of this life: “...one thing I do, forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me

heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14

For the last 23 years Rody and I have travelled part of our journey with you, 8 years as School Chaplain at North Foreland Lodge (now Sherfield School) and 15 years as your parish priest. We shall miss

you as we retire to Cambridge to begin a new phase of our journey.

November for many is a time for remembrance and memories are like photographs of our experiences. My hope and prayer is that Rody and I may leave with you some good and encouraging memories of our

time together to help you on your journey.

May you be able to look forward expectantly to what God is going to do and where he will take you, and may you know His love and

presence with you as you continue your journey.

(...Von Trapp Politt’s sing Edelweiss and exit right... )

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BREACH LANE CHAPEL Sherfield on Loddon

Geoff Belsham 01256 882534


Church of St Bede, Popley


Contact Fr. Dominic Golding, Parish Office, Tues to Fri, 9.30am-1.00pm Tel:

01256 465214.

Sunday Mass 9.00 am, 11.00 am, and


Page 4

November 2013 Services

Friday 1st 10.30am Open Morning at Chapel – Persecuted Christians Week Exhibition

Sunday 3rd 10.30am Family Worship led by Neil Owen

11am Youth Group – “The Flock”

Sunday 10th 10.30am Family Worship led by Graham Locke

3pm Bible Study in Chapel

Tuesday 12th 2pm Church Walk starting at Chineham Shopping Centre

Saturday 16th 2.30pm Disabled Christian Fellowship at

Sunday 17th 10.30am Family Worship led by Alistair Sneddon plus Holy Communion

Thursday 21st 7.30pm Bible Study at 9 Coopers Lane, Bramley

Friday 22nd 10.30am Open Morning at Chapel

Sunday 24th 10.30am Family Worship led by Neil Owen

3pm Bible Study in Chapel

Wednesday 2.30pm Midweek Fellowship at Chapel

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Page 5


Saturday Open Days

November 2nd

A list of all the Open Day dates for the year is displayed in the lych gate at the church. Everyone is welcome to visit for

quiet reflection, a prayer, to study the architecture and history of the church or to

view with a wedding in mind.


Welcome to the November edition of the ‘Link’. Warm and wet pretty much sums autumn up at the moment. Lots to keep you entertained and informed in this edition

though and take care if you’re having a bonfire.

It’s Remembrance Sunday on the

10th and the services are on p7.

As our rector Bob, retires there's lots of thank-you’s for him and Rody from the whole community. We’ve also got details of what’s happening during the interregnum before a new priest is appointed (p8). This period also sees Bramley joining the United Benefice, hence the title change on the cover (see p8 too). The work on St Leonard’s extension is finally getting underway (p11). Some comments on planning from one of our borough councillors (p47). Even though the weather’s not great we haven’t forgotten gardens (p12, p27). There’s a lot going on in Sherfield

Park too (p49).

Please give generously to the Poppy Appeal and Gift Aid your

donation. Thanks.

Contents Church Services 2/4

Bob’s last bit 3

A New Benefice 8

St Leonard’s Extension 11

The Autumn Garden 12

Prayer for the Month 15

Garden Club 27

Sherfield History Booklet 29

Christmas Tree Festival 30/31

Village Hall matters 37

Sherfield Parish Council 38

NWR 40

LVL Tea Party 43

Beat Officer 45

Councillor’s Page 47

Sherfield Park 49

WI & Evergreens 53

Small Ads 56/57

Cover Photo Stratfield Turgis Autumn

Wildlife by N Rimmer

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Page 6

Renowned for delicious

food, great ales and a

warm welcome


White Hart, Reading Road, Sherfield on Loddon,

Hants, RG27 0BT

01256 882280


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Page 7

Parish Registers


Amelia Lynam 29.09.13 Sherfield

Freya Lynam 29.09.13 Sherfield

Services of Remembrance

Sunday 10th November

Family Remembrance Service, St Mary’s, Hartley Wespall, 10.00am

War Memorial Service, Sherfield on Loddon, 10.45am

Church Parade, St Mary’s, Stratfield Saye, 10.45am

Mid-week Advent Services for the whole Benefice, at St. Leonard’s Church

Sherfield on Loddon

Wed. 4th Dec. 11.00am - people of faith

Wed. 11th Dec.11.00am - people of vision

Wed. 18th Dec. 11.00am- people of God As we enter the darkest time of the year

join us for these short times of worship

celebrating the Light of Christ coming into our lives.

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Page 8

Congratulations! A new Benefice has been born + plans for the future

It has been some years in the making but became a reality on Thursday 10th October. Following no objections the Bramley and Sherfield church benefices joined to become the Joint Benefice of:

‘Sherfield-on-Loddon, Stratfield Saye, Hartley Wespall with Stratfield Turgis & Bramley.’

When you read this the new Benefice will be in a period of interregnum as the churchwardens and Parochial Church Councils (PCC’s) seek to appoint a new priest, following my retirement.

Important Information about the Next Appointment

PCCs and churchwardens will by now have been notified that it has been suggested to the Bishop, by the Deanery and Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committees, that the next person to be appointed to our Benefice will be a Priest-In-Charge (PIC) and not a Rector, for a temporary period only. This sounds as though the new benefice is being demoted in some way, which it is not. The reason for this is to allow the Odiham Deanery to pursue its proposed Deanery Plan to enable smaller country parishes (namely Stratfield Saye & Hartley Wespall + others) to form one unit, with their own specially appointed clergy to help support and sustain ministry in country parishes. If this

suggestion is adopted it would mean that all appointments, for the time being, would be as PIC until reorganisation takes place, which will be subject to the approval of all parishes concerned. Once everybody is happy with the new arrangements all PICs will be offered the chance to be instituted as rector/vicar of their parishes. This is a normal procedure when parishes are reorganised and it is being done in order to give PCCs and parishioners an opportunity to consider this suggestion and make known their views. Our Benefice is now in a period of consultation which ends on Friday 22nd November and by the time you read this article notices will have been

displayed on all church doors giving details of whom to contact with your views. You may send your views to Cathy Roberts, Head of DAC, Diocesan Office, Old Alresford Place, Alresford, Hants. SO24 9DH ([email protected]). If you would like to have more information about this proposal leaflets are available in all our churches or

from churchwardens. Christian greetings, Revd Bob Politt

In the interregnum our Parish Ministry continues as normal. Revd Sammie Armstrong will be helping with Pastoral matters, so please feel free to contact him. Be aware he is working on a voluntary basis so he is not available full time, therefore your patience would be much appreciated. Please contact the relevant Church Wardens if he is not available. For contact details please see

the Church Officers listed on the back page.

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Page 9


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Page 10


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Page 11

God’s Amazing Grace at St Leonard's Church

We are delighted to announce that St. Leonard’s Parochial Church Council has taken the historic step of instructing their architect to commence work on the extension of the church as soon as the

contractors have everything in place!

After four and a half years of hard work and fundraising by so many of you we found ourselves £25,000 short of the £285,000 required to

accept the tender for this project, any delay meaning increased costs. When a possible loan of £25,000 came to nothing our hopes were dashed but due to the efforts of one individual we have received

anonymous gifts amounting to £20,000 and a loan of £5,000, an amazing answer to our prayers, truly a work of the Holy Spirit and

further evidence of God’s amazing grace.

What a wonderful moment to be able to report this event as Rody and I are about to start our retirement. The congregation of St Leonard’s extends huge gratitude and thanks to all our anonymous

donors who have given so generously, for their love and kindness, and to God for His continued grace and encouragement. We still have to find funds to complete all the fixtures and fittings but we have

every confidence that our Lord will help us to finish this project as an expression of our love and service to him and the people of our

community. Bob Politt

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Page 12

Every Leaf a Flower,

The Autumn Garden

We all feel a sense of sadness as the days shorten and we start to lose our favourite plants to death and dormancy in the autumn garden. For me though, the sense of loss is accompanied by excitement and optimism at the change in seasons. Every season has something different to offer and personally I would find a world without seasons pretty dull.

In the autumn garden it is leaves and fruits that take over from flowers as stars of the show. There are plenty of good ideas for a small garden, including:-

Amelanchier lamarckii (Snowy Mespilus) A shrub or small tree, offering interest in each season, from star-shaped, white flowers in early spring, berries in June, to bronze leaves maturing to dark green and then orange and red in autumn. Height and spread: 10m x 12m in 20 years.

Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’ (Dwarf winged spindle/burning bush) A slow-growing shrub from China and Japan, fairly inconspicuous in summer, suddenly becoming a highlight in autumn when the foliage catches fire with brilliant crimson tints. These are most vivid in full sun, although it grows in shade too. Makes a good informal hedge. Particularly good in alkaline soil. 1mx3m

Prunus sargentii ‘Rancho’ (Sargent Cherry) A compact variety with abundant, single, pink flowers in March and April. One of the first to take on autumn tints of orange and crimson fading to yellow. Needs free-draining soil. Height and spread: 7m x 2m in 25 years.

Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ (Ornamental pear) An upright tree producing sprays of pure white flowers in April and May, followed by spherical brown fruit. The glossy, dark green leaves turn shades of purple and scarlet in autumn and stay on until winter, making it useful for screening. Happy in alkaline soil. Height and spread: 8m x 3m in 25 years.

Once the leaves start to fall, remember you can easily make leaf mould by composting them. Leaf mould makes one of the best soil improvers and you can’t buy it at the garden centre, so well worth making your own with only a little effort. For more

information, go to the RHS or BBC websites, which give guidance on what to do.

Jane Jordan Contact Jane for more information about autumn colour or any advice on

getting the best from your garden on 880852 or go to www.janejordangardens.co.uk

There is no season such delight can bring,

as summer, autumn, winter and the spring.

- William Browne, Variety, 1630

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Page 13

J Cook Landscapes


Decking & Fencing

Patios & Driveways

Garden Design & Build


Call now for a free quote: 01256 412723 / 0771 7214521

e: [email protected] www.jcooklandscapes.co.uk

For information call: 0118 932 6308 Brochure hotline: 0118 932 6480

www. wellington-riding.co.uk e-mail: [email protected]


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Page 14



Tree Surgery

Stump Grinding

Hedge Cutting



Power Washing


Garden Maintenance

Peter Elliott 01256 883743

Mobile: 07725 749 644



PHONE 01276 473118


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Page 15

Prayer and Reflection from Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you

wherever you go.”

Prayer for the Month

Loving God, we are reminded at this time how easy it is to speak of peace but how difficult it is to achieve it, how easy to talk of breaking down barriers, yet how demanding it is to live as a peacemaker. We confess there are things within us which make for conflict; our pride, our greed, our envy, our impatience, our unwillingness to forgive and most of all our selfishness. Almighty God, you call on us to shine like stars in the world, to shed light like a lamp set up on high. As we seek another leader to take over from Bob, teach us to work together to choose a new rector who will promote your gospel. Equip us and ena-ble us to respond to the challenges we will all face in the coming months and help us to reach out in love to the world

around us. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

Prayer Points for November

Pray for our soldiers striving for peace in Afghanistan and for the Afghan police taking over security in their own country. Pray for the families of those who suffered the loss of family members in the attack on the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi and for those who experienced dreadful sights and horrors that day. Pray for those who are facing the task of organizing the services and choosing a new rector and for the meeting at Cross House Bramley on November 9th from 10am to 1pm. Pray for those who you know to be unwell that they receive all the help and support they need.

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Page 16


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Page 17


10.00am Sunday 24th November

St Leonard’s Church

Each year we invite you to donate new (as good as new) toys, games, clothes or Christmas gifts for young people

aged from 0 to 16 years. All the gifts we receive are given to local

children who would otherwise not receive presents at Christmas.

If donating used toys they must be in ’as new’ condition. Because of

Health and Safety legislation each toy now has to be checked and for this reason we have been asked to leave gifts unwrapped but you are welcome to donate wrapping with your gift. With thanks for all your

support and generosity.

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Page 18


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Page 19

Goddard’s Lane, Sherfield-on-Loddon HOOK, Hants. RG27 0EZ

The Garage at Sherfield www.thegarageatsherfield.co.uk

Have a se



your MOT a

nd get

your MOT fo

r £30

MOT’s Cars and Motorcycles Service Diagnostics Repairs Air Conditioning Recovery Collection and Delivery service available.

90% of our work is repeat business

Tel: 01256 882271

Mobile: 07812 939 498


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Page 20

Friday 15th November at 4.15pm November’s theme for Messy Church is `Christmas is coming!’

‘Messy Church’ is a wonderful monthly opportunity for families to

get together, have some fun making things,

eating and celebrating God together.

Everyone welcome! The session will run something like this:-

4.15pm - arrive and register, have a drink and a biscuit

4.30pm—Worship, followed by Craft Activities and then Food (let

us know any dietary requirements or allergies when booking!)

If you would like a meal for your child it is now essential to

book, For more information about Messy Church please

contact: Amanda Prince on 01256 880733,

[email protected]. Or on Facebook: Messy Church -

Sherfield on Loddon.

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Page 21


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Page 22

Paul Allen Carpentry . Tiling .

General House Maintenance

Local Reliable Friendly Service

Established over 20yrs Tel. 0118 9702243

Email [email protected]

There’s never enough time to do … Garden Clearance, Seasonal Tidies, Grass Cutting, Turfing, Hedge

Trimming, Steam Cleaning (Patios, Paths, Walls), Creosoting.

We offer weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly visits or one-off tidy ups Tel: 01256 880333 or Mob: 07776 211211

www.masonsgardens.co.uk [email protected]

Will’s Garden Services

Tel: 07951917943/01256 881354

Email: [email protected]

A complete range of garden

services: Garden clearance, Mowing,

Hedgetrimming, Paving, Pruning,

Fencing, Turfing, Tree Care


Page 23: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013




Twenty four hour service.

Pre-paid funeral plans


1 Seal Road, Basingstoke,

RG21 7NQ

Tel: 01256 844663

Page 23

R. T. Mitchell & Sons

Local Building Contractors est. 1972




45 London Road, Old Basing

Tel: 01256 352225

Web-site – www.rtmitchellandsons.co.uk

e-mail – [email protected]


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Page 24


Every Tuesday 10.00am to 12 noon

Sherfield Park Community Centre

Climbing frame, toys, parachute games, singing,

juice and biscuits, tea and coffee. A great place to meet new people and

make new friends – everyone welcome! Come and join us!

designed to wear out your children!

Contacts: Louisa 01256 881229, Beccy 880894, Kerry 880167

For a Warm Friendly Welcome

THE SHOP IN SHERFIELD-ON-LODDON Selling a vast range of groceries including:

Local Bakery bread & Cakes Market fresh fruit & veg Quality fresh meat & poultry Excellent selection of Wine

Beer Spirits & Tobacco All at competitive prices

THE SHOP, Reading Road, Sherfield Telephone: 01256 882234

Open: Monday—Saturday 7.00 am to 7.00 pm Sundays 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Orders taken for Delivery


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Page 25


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Page 26

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Page 27

Sherfield and District Gardening Club

We have a packed schedule of speakers planned for the rest of 2013 and beyond. Anyone interested in gardening will be most welcome to join us at Sherfield Village Hall

at 7:45pm

Our November talk on Monday 18th will be given by

Jennifer Harmer. Jennifer, not only a practical gardener but also a garden historian, will be telling us all about ‘Look Who is in Our Garden’. Jennifer’s love of galanthus is her most recent development with previous passions in phlox and auriculas. Jennifer participated in the research for the Hampshire group of The Hardy Plant Society’s stand at Chelsea in 1998, and was heavily involved in the creation and running of The Dean Garnier Garden, within the close of Winchester

Cathedral. She is founder member of the Hampshire NCCPG.

There will be no talk on Monday 16th December. Instead we have our

Christmas party. Always a fun event with a light hearted quiz, nibbles

and possibly a glass of wine or two.

Contact: Linda on 882341 or Vanessa on 881760

Bramley & Romans Floral Society

September was a very busy month for our club, after our very successful Coral Anniversary , we ended the month with organising the Flower arrangements for the Cherry Blossom Manor care home`s Michaelmas Festival. Twenty three arrangements were created by 18 ladies and placed in strategic areas around the home. The arrangements depicted many aspects of

Michaelmas, such as Graduation, Law, and Harvest. The individual arrangers decided on names for their arrangements & brought along their own mechanics – the final effect was admired by everyone and gave great pleasure to many residents. On to our October meeting, Our demonstrator, Miranda, showed us how to create an Autumn wreath, which could also be adapted for Christmas. We then had to create our own, with Miranda walking round and giving a helping hand to some. The afternoon concluded with our usual , very popular Raffle. Our next meeting is 7th November, when

Mrs Alison Gillott will demonstrate `A Christmas Calendar`.

The meetings start at 1.30pm in Sherfield Village hall & visitors are

welcome – please contact Joyce Rawlinson on 01256 889040.

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Page 28

Bramley WI Lite celebrated its 6th birthday in style. With the mood set by dressing the room in red and black decorations ... it was time for the ‘sexy’ 6th birthday party to commence! Over 30 members and guests were joined on the night by massage

and beauty therapist, Catherine Hannan of Rejuvenate who demonstrated hand massage techniques; Rosie Ellis of Subtle Flame Candles demonstrated, her warm wax massage candles; the ladies from Ann Summers shared their wares; and there was the opportunity to make indulgent chocolate truffles!

All are welcome. For further information on the group or forthcoming meetings visit: www.bramleywilite.com Next meeting

Thursday 28th November 2012 how to look fantastic in 5 minutes

Concert in aid of RadCan at St Michaels Church, Basingstoke on November 2nd at 7.30 pm. featuring the Basingstoke Hospital

Male Voice Choir and Berkshire Brass A wonderful evening of music to raise funds for the radiotheraphy centre at Basingstoke Hospital Tickets £10 can be obtained from the Newbury Building Society 5-6 Chelsea House, Festival Place RadCan c/o The Ochard White Hart Lane Basingstoke RG21 4AF tel 01256 328702 [email protected]


Registered Charity No. 1140906

Page 29: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

For Your Copy Contact Sheena Archer.

Email: [email protected] or Tel: 01256 882099.

Please give your name, postal address and telephone number.

I will then arrange with you, payment, delivery, or posting


Payment is £5 either by cheque (payable to

S.Archer), postal order or cash.

Tour Guide for Sherfield on Loddon

in 1901 Following the successful walking tours

of Edwardian Sherfield, this is a 24 page touring booklet, with sketch

maps and photos, of the village.

Compiled from documents of the time, it tells who lived where and what they

were doing in the early 1900s.

It gives more information than was

possible to convey whilst walking.

Sold in aid of St Leonard’s Church

extension fund.

£5 (£3 to the fund. £2 production costs)

Page 29

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Page 30

In 2009, the First Christmas Tree Festival took place in St Leonard’s Church as an excuse to celebrate Christmas in a big, village-wide extravaganza. It lasted for three weekends and nearly finished us all off! However it was so popular we were asked to repeat the experience two years later but over just one weekend. We are now on our third biannual Festival and more businesses and organisations than ever

are joining in the fun.

Each Festival has a theme and each tree is

decorated to illustrate an element of that theme.

The 2009 Festival was called ‘Christmas Carols’ and Happy Faces made a tree from their hand prints and surrounded the tree with toys to illustrate ‘Girls& Boys, Leave your Toys’. Percy & Daisy got Gloria to get the tree out of the loft. It was covered in cotton wool and made a good illustration for ‘In

the Bleak Midwinter’.

In 2011 the theme was

‘Children’s Book Titles’ .

NWR did an amazing representation of Alice in Wonderland and the Bell ringers had fun illustrating ‘The Very

Hungry Caterpillar’.

This year we have the theme of ‘Christmas Around

the World’ and I’m looking forward to seeing what creations will be dreamt up

this time.

Rody Politt

To enter a tree, email Lisa Goodall on [email protected]


In the Bleak Midwinter

Happy Faces

Bell Ringers 2011


Page 31: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 31

‘Christmas Around the World’

Friday 6th December

Launch Evening 7.00 — 8.30pm

Carols, mince pies and drinks

All invited to preview the Festival

Christmas Hamper Raffle Tickets available through-out the Festival

Saturday 7th December

Christmas Market 10.30am—5.00pm

Tombola—Live Music—Tours of the Bell Tower

Refreshments all day

‘All Age Christmas Concert‘ with EVOC 7.00 — 8.30pm

Admission Free. Donations invited.

Interval refreshments.

Sunday 8th December

Morning Worship 10.00—11.30am

Refreshments available all day

Messy Church Activities 2.00—3.00pm

Children’s Competition: ‘Design a Christmas Card’

Prizes awarded 3.30pm

Raffle drawn at 3.45pm

Doors close at 4.00pm

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Page 32


Page 33: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 33

Have you lost a notebook?

I had a walk through the fields a couple of weeks ago and walked back into the village from St. Leonards Church and up the main road. Just before entering the village I found in one of the hedges a little note book labelled ‘M.P.H. Booklist’. This is a fascinating little book which someone has filled with each page having an Authors Name followed by a list of books by that author. Some of them have a tick next to them which I presume means they have

been read.

As this was found in Sherfield I wonder if a note could be put into the Loddon Link to ask if anyone has lost it, or knows of anyone who has. I can imagine a lot of work has gone into the book and

that the owner may miss it.

I am quite happy for anyone who thinks they know where it comes

from to call me at home on 01256 477917.

Page 34: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 34


Page 35: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 35

Happy Faces Playgroup


“Bring your happy face to our happy place”

A small, friendly playgroup for

children aged 2 years 6 months to school age

Flexible Sessions including all day

Further information: 01256 880903

Prospectus/application form: 07791 141176

[email protected] www.happyfacesplaygroup.co.uk

Est. 1982. Charity No. 1029688


Page 36: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 36

M.W (Building Contractors)


General Builders maintenance & repairs painting & decorating

electrical incl. appliance testing plumbing & heating

purpose made joinery

stockist of rockery stone

Tel: 01256 882736 / 882368 /

0836 626323

Struggling with your Relationships?

We’re here to help.

Relationship counselling – for couples and individuals

Young People’s Counselling – free for ages 11-25

Family counselling – supporting the whole family

Sex Therapy – specialist help with sexual issues

Call us today on: 0845-070-4327 or Email: [email protected] Visit Our Website: www.relatenehab.org.uk


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Page 37

60s / 70s EVENING

The management committee is very grateful to Derek Tarrant for providing

his superb DJ services for the disco evening on Saturday October 12th. It

was a wonderful trip down memory lane with classic tunes from the 60's &

70's. It proved a highly successful fundraiser for the Hall and an evening

enjoyed by all ages. We shall definitely be holding this again next year.


We hosted the annual Beer Festival on 28th September, raising funds for

both St. Michael's Hospice and Sherfield Village Hall charities. There was

a tasty range of ales, beers and ciders, and delicious food was served in

the garden. The live bands are always a major attraction and this year

included Lex Rose, 45RPM, No Way Out and Whiskey Bottom Road. The

sun came out and it was, as always, a fabulous family day, helped along by

the team of volunteers who worked hard to make sure everyone enjoyed

themselves. Don’t miss the next Festival in September 2014!!


This year, something different. Singbramley choir is holding a “Christmas

Sing-Along” in aid of RadCan and invites you to an evening of festive

singing. Plenty of opportunities for the audience to join in with traditional

Christmas Carols plus a whole host of seasonal selections to get the

Christmas spirit flowing! Ideal for families – under 5s free. More

information in next month’s magazine.


Fri 8th November – The Baker Boys (Swing & Folk Musicians)

Sat 9th November – Village Coffee Morning

Thurs 28th, Fri 29th & Sat 30th November – Loddon Players

For more information on clubs and groups, events & booking the

hall, visit: www.sherfieldvillagehall.co.uk

Sherfield on Loddon Village Hall Reg. Charity No. 272385 Tel: 01256 883624


[email protected]

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Page 38

Update from Sherfield-on-Loddon Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan meetings will take place on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. The Parish Council is looking to expand the membership of this group to interested local residents in both the Village and Taylor’s Farm, so if you would like to have a say in the future of your community please feel free to attend the meeting or if you want to know more about what

is involved then please contact the clerk.

Meeting dates

Full Parish Council meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every

month at 7.30pm in the Liddell Room

Planning meetings will be held on 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm in the Garden Room and every 4th Wednesday of every month at 7pm. Please note planning meetings will only go ahead if the Parish

Council has received applications for discussion.

Meetings of the Leisure Committee will take place on 4 th Wednesday of every other month –starting in November at 7.30pm in the Liddell


Meetings of the Finance committee will take place on 4 th Wednesday of every other month –starting in November at 8.00pm in the Liddell


Local Plan

The Parish Council has responded to the Local Plan consultation. The

response can be found on the Parish Council website

Allotment holders Meeting

The Allotment holders meeting will take place on Wednesday 30 th

October at 7.30pm in the Liddell Room.

Parish Council Meetings

All minutes of Parish Council meetings which include Planning, can be found on the Parish Council website- www.sherfieldonloddon-pc.gov.uk or if you require paper copies please contact the Clerk. All members of the Parish are welcome to


Karen Ross - Clerk to the Parish Council, Sherfield-on-Loddon, PO Box 6862, Basingstoke, RG24 4QZ Telephone: 01256 842662

Email: [email protected]

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Page 39

A Candlelit Carol Service with reading

starting at 6.30 pm ALL WELCOME

Sunday, 15th


at St. Leonard’s


Christmas Carol Singing around Sherfield village

on Tues 17th December meeting at 7.15pm

outside The White Hart.

In aid of The Church of England Children's

Society as usual and all are welcome.

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NWR Report – November 2013 Some of us enjoyed an evening spent with members of other local groups recently, organised by Bramley NWR . We were introduced to Christabel Pankhurst who gave speeches from three different stages of her life. We already knew of her leading role in the Suffragette movement, including violence against property which led to imprisonment. We were interested to discover that she supported the handing out of white feathers to men who appeared to be avoiding service at the front in WW1. We didn’t know that she later moved to the USA and became a prominent member of Second Adventist Movement. Christabel lectured and wrote books on the Second Coming. More recently we held our annual music evening, where we all choose two or three pieces of music with possibly a memory or story attached to it. We also try to have a theme and this time it was music from the British Isles. Choosing classical music was perhaps a bit limited, but we enjoyed listening to ’Nimrod’ by Elgar, ‘Ave Maria’ by Katherine Jenkins (who is of course Welsh!), ‘The Lark Ascending’ by Vaughn Williams and the ‘Trumpet Tune and Air’ by Purcell, the latter being played at a daughter’s wedding. Military music was a popular choice, especially with one member’s military connection, who chose the ‘British Grenadiers’ by the Coldstream Guards. Traditional music featured such as the ‘Eton Boating Song’, ‘Land of My Fathers’, ‘Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer’, ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Greensleeves’. Some chose folk music and it was very nostalgic to listen to ‘Didn’t We Have a Lovely Time The Day We Went to Bangor’ by Fiddlers Dram. We also enjoyed Steeleye Span and King Creosote. Childhood memories featured quite a bit and we all sang the words to ‘Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do’, and ‘My Old Man’s a Dustman’ by Lonnie Donnegan. On the rock/pop front, choices included ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay, ‘We Are The Champions’ by Queen and ‘Waterloo Sunset’ by The Kinks. To complete the range of music there were some ballads such as ‘Something Inside So Strong’ by Labi Siffre and ‘Morning Has Broken’ by Cat Stevens. This is just a sample of music we listened to, but it demonstrates the huge variety and differences in taste. It was an extremely enjoyable evening! November will be busy with our annual nationally organised telephone quiz and a talk/discussion on the history of underwear. Gill Fearon

Page 40

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01256880853 07770851598

Bramley Plumbing

Services Ltd. Trading Standa rds

App roved since 2 005

We install beautiful bath

and shower rooms with

care and attention by

time served, qualified

tradesmen. We replace

radiator repairs and

undertake many smaller

plumbing jobs such as

leaking taps, toilets that

won’t flush outside tap

servicing. All aspects of

domestic and small

commercial non gas



Contact us online

about your project

or problem -




Page 41

Page 42: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013


Page 42

Page 43: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

The Annual Loddon Valley Link Tea Party

This event is where we thank everyone, who gives freely of their time to get the magazine delivered to you every month. This year there's been even more issues and even more colour.

Last months party gave us the opportunity to thank Bob and Rody for all their

involvement in the magazine.

Rody was presented with a bouquet and Bob with the

picture to remind him of his time as

deputy chairman of the link committee.

About 35 people attended, and Valerie Wilson won the


Page 43

Page 44: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 44

West Green Road, Hartley

Wintney RG27 8LP Open June to late September for Pick Your Own & Ready Picked

fruit, vegetables and flowers including Strawberries, Tayberries, Currants,

Gooseberries, Raspberries, New Potatoes, Asparagus and

Flowers. We also sell local Honey, Free Range Eggs and

Homemade Jams CALL 01252 845772 from May

1st For information, & to place

orders. Or visit www.westgreenfruits.com


Independent family Funeral


Day or night we provide a complete personal, caring & professional service for all your

funeral requirements

Dignified funeral service £895

plus disbursements

Please call Terina on 01256 881002 Ash Lane, Silchester, RG7 2NL www.ashbrookfunerals.co.uk





01256 371847 or

07786 546002

Email: [email protected]


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Page 45

Beat Officer’s Report

Speed enforcement:

Vehicle crime: There was only one incident of vehicle crime in September – paintwork scratched.

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB): the statistics for September were 29 calls, with neighbour disputes being the main issue. The beat team liaise with housing associations & other agencies to try and resolve the issue.

As always I request that any incidents are reported to 101.

The number of incidents in September, for the beat area was 100, compared to 99 in 2012; along with 29 incidents of ASB, compared to 28 in 2012. There were 22 crimes, compared to 21 in 2012. The number of incidents across the other beat areas ranged from 39 to 73.. the number of ASB incidents ranged from 3 to 12.

The beat team were asked to provide information on unauthorised encampments. Two internet sites/ publications that may be of interest are:

‘Guidance on unauthorised encampments’, click on ACPO link. 18 pages published in 2011. www.gypsy-traveller.org/your-rights/evictions/unauthorised-encampments/ (friends, family & travellers page)

The beat panel met on 01 October & the priorities for the final quarter of 2013 will be:

Speed enforcement, ASB (inc. travellers), Burglaries – to concentrate on crime prevention in relation to non dwelling burglaries

Heating oil thefts will continue to be monitored & residents updated if the situation changes.

WPC 504 Mandy Jewell

Beat Mobile:07554 775617

[email protected]



Wespall Sherfield





Sherfield Park

PC Jim Charlton 21015 and PCSO Richard Strauss 14735 Tel. 101. Email - [email protected]

[email protected]

Page 46: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 46


Page 47: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 47

Councillor Chris Tomblin’s page

Firstly I must report that we have had another successful Beer Festival in Sherfield – once again with good weather. Well done to the organising team and I look forward to next year’s event! I hope that you were all able to complete the Local Plan consultation forms and submit your comments to the Borough Council. I have had reports that the forms were confusing and hard to complete – whether on or off line. I would welcome your comments on how you found the process so that I can feed this back to the council. I hope to have received some feedback on comments by the time that you read this article. The breaking news this month is that the developers, Croudace, have appealed against the Razor’s Farm planning application ( in the south of the parish) on the grounds that the Borough Council have not made a decision within the allocated time frame allowed for planning matters. This means that the application will now be determined by a planning inspector. The application will still go to Development Control for the Council to make a decision (leaving the issue of appeal to one side), so that the inspector will have the Council’s position laid out. I find the actions by Croudace rather disappointing as it is they that have been working with officers to amend their application – still in the process of submitting their changes and addressing issues that had been raised by the officers. We are facing this challenge by developers as the delay to the local plan due to the Manydown fiasco has meant that we are open to such attack. If we had planned to use Manydown, as its purchase intended, for a greater number of homes then the north east of this borough would not be faced with such major problems. Developers are using the current government’s policy of favouring development over the local community needs, such that we risk each potential development being done in isolation – only funding the infrastructure required of each individual site and missing the whole greater picture – just what the Local Plan was for! Some good news is that the money that the government gives authorities for building homes ( New Homes Bonus) was agreed by full council in October, to be used for community projects on a pro rata basis – based on the number of homes each community has had within the last few years. So Sherfield on Loddon will now have an extra source of funds available for future community projects.

Until next time....Chris

Contact me on 880558 or [email protected]

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Page 48

Carl Fanning The Village Decorator

Decorating the Loddon Valley Area

Painter and Decorator

Local Tradesman with 25 years experience

Decorating local properties since 1980

A “Dulux” Trade Member

Good quality Trade Paints used - Internal and external decorating

Free estimates - advice on colour and paints

Full liability cover - all work is guaranteed

Telephone: Carl on 01189 424 883

or 0795 266 1965


Page 49: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 49

All activities must be booked in advance visit www.sherfieldparkcommunity.co.uk

Tel: 01256 883967 or email [email protected]


Monday 28th Oct 10 –12pm or 12—2pm

Soft Play, Bouncy castles, didi cars, quiet corner, giant games

Suitable for Under 10s Under 8s with adult only

£3.50 per child & £2.50 siblings Kids lunch boxes & refreshments on

sale. Book in advance

Check out our website for details of other upcoming activities & events

Tues 29th & Wed 30th Oct—Halloween Streetz, Fun for ages 8-17 Fri 1st Nov—Movie afternoon for under 8s and Over 8s Sun 8th Dec—Panto, ALADDIN, suitable for all the family, Sat 14th Dec—Christmas Fair 2pm—5pm with Santa, Stalls & games

New groups: FABRICS & THREADS Starts 6th Nov 10-12, share your craft talent with other people. LADIES ONLY BEGINNERS SPIN CLASS Mon 11.45-12.30pm starts 11th Nov


Saturday 30th November 7.30pm until late

Roulette Table Licensed Bar & Cocktails Live Entertainment, Canapés Disco Ticket price inc. cocktail on arrival, canapés & all entertainment


Wednesday 30th Oct 11am—1pm

This activity is FREE but MUST be booked in advance

Suitable for over 8s only

Lunch Boxes on sale Tuck shop with snacks, drinks &

sweets available

Page 50: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 50

The Cafe Project in Basingstoke

Young people with Learning Disabilities often struggle to

enter the world of work but they want to make a contribution,

be successful and feel that they are achieving goals that help them grow as people.

The gap that exists for these young people can seem an impossible one to

bridge and that’s why the Café Project charity was set up with the aim of

providing a work and learning environment for people with Learning Disabilities. We run a community café in Brighton Hill which is open to all

and is where our students train.

This October we are starting our third year’s training for new students and some who are doing a second year. We are looking for volunteers who can

support the students in their training either in the classroom or in the

cafe. If you have a catering background or have the skills to work with our young people we would love to hear from you. You will be given training by

our staff who run the cafe.

We are a small Board of trustees who have worked on the project from the

start but we are lacking certain skill sets. If you have a legal background, HR

or Marketing experience, could you consider joining our trustee board?

This could be an opportunity to get involved with an exciting project which is

still developing. Whoever you are come and see us at the Cafe Dome and have a cup of tea or

one of our delicious meals. We are open Tuesday - Friday 9am - 3pm The cafe

is behind Gillies Health Centre near Asda or ring us on 01256 816375. For more information see our website: www.thecafeproject.co.uk

Christine Fisher

Chair of the Board of Trustees

November Nights

Hold a fun evening and at the same time raise money for St Michael’s Hospice. We are launching a new campaign

called ‘November Nights’ and we would love you to be involved. Have a cheese & wine evening, a games evening, Bonfire Night Party, or a girl’s night in being pampered. The list is endless of

the different things you could do to be involved.

If you have an idea please let us know, or if you need supporting material to help promote your event, please give Lynne Grimshaw a call on 01256 848845 or email: [email protected]

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Page 51


Page 52: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013


Page 52




TEL: 01256 880044 MOBILE: 07754 554554

Email: [email protected] www.pscservices.co.uk


Bathrooms & shower installations

Solar thermal installations and energy-friendly controls

Gas Safe and Oftec registered for peace of mind with gas and oil installations


Serving the local community for 30 years

Telephone: 01256 882309

Email: [email protected]


Page 53: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 53

The Women’s Institute Reported by Ilene Iles

Dee Bulpitt, our President, opened the October Meeting and welcomed everyone with a special mention to Connie, Lois Batting’s sister from Canada and Vivien Blake, a former Member visiting from South Africa. Jerusalem was sung, the Treasurer’s and Secretary’s reports were given and Val Denny reminded those going on the Mary Rose Museum Trip to be at the White Hart next Tuesday (15 th October) at 9.30 a.m. Dee encouraged those present to enter the November Cookery Competition and mentioned that Kath Morris would be bringing her beaded jewellery to the Meeting – bring your

cheque books!

Several other matters were discussed and the Business Meeting

closed at 2.50 p.m.

Dee then introduced Mrs Linda Connell from The Old Chapel Textile Centre near Newbury who gave us a very interesting talk about the National Needlework Archive which is housed at the Centre. Ilene gave the vote of thanks and this was followed by a lovely tea and

the raffle was drawn.



Evergreen's Club report by May MacQueen

The meeting was opened by our chairperson who welcomed everyone to our Harvest Festival service, The service was conducted by the Reverend Politt accompanied on the organ by his wife. Everyone enjoyed the service and the singing of the hymns. The business part of the meeting included a discussion about our Christmas lunch and entertainment for the Christmas party. We had our harvest auction of home made cakes, fresh fruit, vegetables, jam and other goodies, The next meeting on the 4th November is a general knowledge quiz. We are always looking for new members and if you are interested contact Jean Berntsen on 01256882798 or come along as a visitor. We meet from 1.30pm-3.45pm on the 1st Monday of the month in the village hall Sherfield on Loddon.

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Page 54


Wow flowers

and gifts

New shop now open at house

twenty8 next to the post office .

Wreath making course


December 7pm -9pm (see

details in store)

Orders for bouquets, weddings,

events and funerals taken

Coming soon Christmas table

decoration & Christmas trees

to order

07926 841053



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Page 55

Basingstoke Window Cleaning Services

We use a pure water, reach and wash system for a perfect

smear-free finish

Windows Cleaned Inside

Conservatory Roofs Cleaned

Guttering Cleared & Cleaned

Soffits & Fascias Cleaned For a free, no obligation quote call

Simon: 07852 117 361 Dan: 07712 885 345


Page 56: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013










Page 56

HOUSE CLEANING BY MARIA. Reliable & affordable service. Friendly, easy-going & experienced lady who cleans every corner. References. Sunday morning clean after Saturday party also available . Tel 07933

316989. Email [email protected]

LOCAL DRIVING INSTRUCTOR Experienced (20 years) now living in Sherfield Park. Good results, patient with learners, also Pass Plus and

refresher lesson. Graham Ling 01256 882584


First class job guaranteed. Over 30 years experience. No job too small.

For a free estimate ring Ian on 01256 882132 or mobile 07876021772


Arrears, Claims, Payroll, Self Employed, VAT Returns. Initial consultation free. Call: 07920 112533 or email:

[email protected]


Watergardens at the Sherfield Garden Centre. Bespoke dressmaking, clothing alterations, repairs, curtains & blinds and soft furnishings. Call

Diana on 07796 045944.

P C SUPORT. For technical help with PCs, Macs, Tablets, Internet,

Wi-Fi: Repairs, Upgrades and Installation: Call Ian on 07977 143310.

INSIDE/OUT. Garden maintenance, mowing, planting. Alterations,

everything considered. Home maintenance, carpentry, tiling, flooring.

Tel: 01256 882696 or 077134 70223. email: [email protected].

LET THEM EAT CAKE. Celebration cakes for all occasions, including weddings, christenings and birthdays. Please call Sarah on 01256

882666/ 07906174621 for more information.

FOR SALE Total Trainer Pilates Machine Model No TT2500P Hardly Used £90 ONO. Tel 01256- 841893 ALSO Brenda Dygraf Lateral Thigh

Trainer Hardly Used £40 ONO. Tel 01256-084189

PERSONALISED BUNTING. Made to order. Ideal gift for babies,

birthdays, weddings, Christmas etc. Wide range of fabrics to choose from. Also greetings cards and wedding invitations. Contact Liz on 01256


HOUSE WANTED IN SHERFIELD. Preferably 3 bedroom, detached. No

onward chain. Quick sale. Contact 02380 455740.


Page 57: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013

Page 57










LADY DECORATOR. Professional interior painter and decorator. Qualified and fully insured. 20 years experience. No job too small.

Phone La-Rain on 01256 760643 or 07939 924347

BLOOMING CUPCAKES offers you the most beautiful Cupcake Bouquets, free local delivery. For more information take a look on

www.bloomingcupcakes.co.uk or call 01189 326394

WINDOW CLEANER. Windows cleaned or gutters cleared - one off or regularly. Local, reliable Window Cleaner (testimonials available). For

a quote call Pete Owen on 07762 616600 [email protected]

SINGING AND PIANO LESSONS. All ages, abilities and confidence levels welcome.Liz Scott Hall MA, LTCL (Member ISM and ISME, CRB checked) For further information call 01256 882562, or Mob

07811197761. Email: [email protected]

FUNKY FUN & FORMAL PLANTERS. Wooden planters of all sizes

and designs made to order, troughs, towers wall mounted or hanging. Also interior planters. Reclaimed materials used on some designs. tel:

01256 882696 or 077134 70223. email: [email protected]

BLOSSOMING BUTTERCUPS. Baby Massage with the IAIM and

Baby Messy Play. Small affordable groups at Sherfield Park. One to one private tuition available for baby massage. Go to

www.blossoming-buttercups.co.uk or Christine on 07557133606

FRENCH/GERMAN COACHING – Keen to improve your grades at

GCSE or A-level? Experienced local teacher offering effective individual lessons including Coursework and Speaking Assessment

preparation. Tel: 01256 882559 Email: [email protected]

DOMICILIARY CARER. 47 year old female, fully trained, experienced

Carer. CRB cleared and Carer Public.Liability Insurance. Friendly and understanding, offering personal care especially to the

elderly. Michelle 07776 255688

BABYSITTER. Available covering local area. Qualified nurse, now a

school matron, available for evening babysitting for children of all

ages. GSOH, reliable, CRB checked. Contact Nicky on 07896827904.

LOCAL INDEPENDENT CLEANER; Every penny counts towards a cleaner home, why pay agency fees ? Excellent service and rates.

Honest and trustworthy. References available. Tel: 07407543891.

AFTER SCHOOL NANNY wanted-term time only, own car driver essential to collect 2 boys from school and return to Stratfield Saye for

tea and homework etc., please ring Anna Hare 01256 880577.

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Loddon Valley Link Management Committee

Editor for the December edition – Simon Boase

Email: [email protected]

Hartley Rep.: Dr. John Williams Tel. 01256 882705

email: [email protected]

Sherfield Park Rep: Eileen Leivesley Tel: 01256 882938

email: [email protected]

Stratfield Saye Rep: Germano Giugovaz Tel: 01189 332166

Editor: Claire Osborne Tel. 01256 324458

email: [email protected]

Editor: Simon Boase Tel: 01256 881250

email: [email protected]

Editor: Brian Archer Tel. 01256 882099

email: [email protected]

Editor: Jane Abrams Tel. 01256 881188

email: [email protected]

Advertising enquiries to: Pip Iles Tel. 01256 880559 [email protected]

Deadline for ads. for next edition is 10th of the month

Deadline for copy is the 16th of the month

Chairman: Dr. Donald Dawson Tel. 01256 882379

[email protected]

Deputy Chairman: Vacant

Treasurer: Pip Iles Tel.01256 880559

Secretary: Ilene Iles [email protected]

Page 58

ADVERTISING IN THIS MAGAZINE AND ONLINE Small ads are £5 monthly for a maximum of 30 words, space

permitting. Requests are dealt with in order. Display Ads, please contact the treasurer below.

Page 59: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013


Priest in Charge Vacancy Assistant Priest: Rev. Sammie Armstrong Tel: 01189 816593 Curate: Rev. John Lenton Tel: 01256 880570

Priest responsible for Bramley & Little London Licensed Readers: Richard Elphick Tel. 01256 882860

Dr. John Williams Tel. 01256 882705

Andrew Doggart Tel: 01256 880092

ST. LEONARD’S CHURCH, SHERFIELD ON LODDON Churchwardens: Peter Gould Tel. 01256 882538

Richard Elphick Tel. 01256 882860 Treasurer: Dan Farrow Tel. 01256 882680 Organists: Mike Abrams Tel. 01256 881188

Brian Archer Tel. 01256 882099 ST. MARY’S CHURCH, STRATFIELD SAYE Churchwarden: Dr. John Williams Tel. 01256 882705 Treasurer: Charles Atkinson Tel: 01256 882459 Organist Dr. Gill Williams Tel. 01256 882705 ST. MARY’S CHURCH, HARTLEY WESPALL Churchwarden: Pip Iles Tel. 01256 880559 Treasurer: Michael Webster Tel. 01256 882413 Organists: Dr. Gill Williams Tel. 01256 882705

Andrew Doggart Tel: 01256 880092

Page 59

Please note: the Loddon Valley Link Management

Committee cannot be held responsible for the reliability or quality of any goods, work or services in this publication.

Page 60: Loddon Valley Link 201311 - November 2013