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Lock & Lock Co., Ltd. (http://www.locknlock.com) Lock & Lock Product Catalogue inroduces its innovative Home & Living products manufactured with environment-friendly materials that not only simplify life, but also help preserve the environment. Currently exporting to over 100 countries worldwide, Lock&Lock will expand its international presence to more than 130 countries by 2013 by further developing its products from four-sided interlocking system and airtight plastic containers, to comprehensive functional kitchenware, tableware and home & storage products made from diverse raw materials including glass, porcelain, and stainless steel. -Our Products Originally especializing in plastic food storage airtight containers, Lock&Lock offers a wide variety of sophisticated kitchenware and storage solutions designed to simplify life. Some of our main products for your kitchen include: - Airtight Food Storage Plastic Containers - Porcelain Ceramic Tableware - Heat Resistant Glass & Ceramic Containers - Plastic & Glass Kitchen Canisters & Jars - Plastic and Glass Water Bottles - Plastic Tea Bottles - Vacuum Bottles - Lunchboxes - Cooler Bags - Seasoning Cases & Dispensers - Gravity Cast Aluminium Cookware - Stainless Steel Cookware - Cutlery Other Home & Living products - Decorative Storage Boxes - Airtight bags & Vacuum Pumps

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  • 1. Lock & LocksMain Products

2. Lock & lock food storage solutions
Excellent solutions for food storage
Lock & Lock provides scientifically designed food storage containers of the highest quality
- PlasticContainers
- Glass Containers
- Ceramic Containers
3. Lunchboxes & multi-containers
Lunchboxes for fresh and happy picnics
Multiple storage that can be easily stacked for maximizing space . Can be used for refrigeration, freezers and microwave ovens.
4. Water & Tea Bottles
Fresh drinks wherever you go
With Lock & Locks Water & Tea Bottles you can have clean and fresh water or any other kind of drink wherever you go.
- Water Bottles
- Tea Bottles
- Vacuum Bottles
5. Cookware
COOKPLUS: 7mm for Perfection
Lock & Looks Cookplus series have a 7 mm 3 layer bottom with high- tech process for excellent heat conservation, keeping the original taste of your ingredients.
GOLDSUN: Elegance for your kitchen
Goldsun series are made of aluminum and have a 3 layer coating that creates quick and equal heat distribution.
6. Dispensers & Cutlery
Modern and Elegant Cutlery
Lock & Lock Cutlery is made of high quality stainless steel which maintains constant brilliance and superior quality.
Well-Being Life
Lock and Lock Dispensers are made from silicone and special material packing that improve air tightness.
7. Home solutions
Stylish and Practical Storage
Lock & Lock Storage boxes are easy to assemble and easy to stack (can withstand up to 60 kg),helping you keep your home neat.
Lock & Lock Smartbags can help you save up to 4 times more space and protect your bedding and clothing at the same time.