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  1. 1. Unit 13 Planning and Pitching a Print based Media Product Photo-shoot Plan Project title: Project: Project Description: I am going to organize a photo shoot for my magazine of different groups of friends and different fashion looks that would be similar to my magazine of inspiration to appeal to my target audience. Photographer: I will be the photographer for the photo shoot. For my photos all the angles will have to be eyelevel and straight forward from the camera so that the readers can clearly see the models face and that there arent any shadows on half of their face because of the angles. I will also need full length shot for the double page spread of the main boy band and single shots of each for example of Lizzie for a cover line such as Get Lizzies Look! For the lighting of my photos I will use high key because I want my photos to be bright and happy to portray a positive effect towards the readers. - I will intend to use minimal effects on the models so that impurities are not hidden like most other magazines are. Also to show that no one is perfect and so the people in the magazine dont look fake, as young girls can be offended by this by wanting to be perfect like people in magazines. The word POP connotes that my magazine is a pop magazine and the word sound relates more to music.
  2. 2. Unit 13 Planning and Pitching a Print based Media Product Photo-shoot Plan Reference images and ideas: I would like to do a photo similar to this for my front cover but with one of the bands on my front cover. This would be suitable because it is fun and playful like a teenage magazine should be. I like the angle of this photo and the way theyre sitting. Its a bright sunny day which also has a positive outcome. I will try to use a photo similar to this for a cover line and display it as different fashion looks and styles that will be inside my magazine.
  3. 3. Unit 13 Planning and Pitching a Print based Media Product Photo-shoot Plan Casting: Because the people I have chosen dont look like a popular band that many girls will know, this group is a new band who happened to be an overnight sensation called: Undying Youth. Undying means never ending and youth means childhood or early stages. This suggests that childhood will never die. All of them are about 5ft 5 or 6. The three boys below the others will be the main band on my front cover. Again none of them look like a popular boy band so theyre called Forever Young whore a boy band that took a holiday for a year and are now back to make music again, so theyre asked some question based on their holiday.
  4. 4. Unit 13 Planning and Pitching a Print based Media Product Photo-shoot Plan Wardrobe and Look: Hair and Makeup: The models for my magazine wont have any make up on or have professional hair done as so many models on magazines look perfect and without a single fault, which makes so many girls try to be like those models and I dont to promote that look on my magazine. It will have effects on the main image and other images, but I wanted my models to look as natural as possible. Where: I will take the photos in the photography studio using the white wall as a backdrop or anywhere where there is a blank background e.g. I white wall. When: I will take the photos Thursday 13th November after school. I wanted one of the boys to wear casual clothes like hoodies and jeans, the girl of the group to wear a designer jumper e.g. hype, one of the boys to wear designer clothes e.g. levis jeans and le coopers t-shirt and the final boy to be quite sporty so for example a football kit. The other boys will wear a range of designer brands and just slightly colorful smart-casual tops and jeans.