Literacy as Social Practice

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Defining Literacy as Social Practice: Implications for new literacies research and classroom practice

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Invited presentation to the Doctoral Students' Colloquium Series, Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC. April 16.

Transcript of Literacy as Social Practice

  • 1. Defining Literacy asSocial Practice:Implications for newliteracies researchand classroompractice

2. Framing anddesigning studies1.2.Understandinghow social order,human agencyand endeavor areaccomplished 3. SOCIALPRACTICETHEORY 4. [Practices are] forms ofbodily activities, forms ofmental activities, thingsand their use, a backgroundknowledge in the form ofunderstanding, know how,states of emotion andmotivational knowledge.- Reckwitz, 2002: 254 5. Literacyas socialpractice 6. Practice always refers to socially developedand patterned ways of using technology andknowledge to accomplish tasks.[Skills] refer to the coordinated sets of actionsinvolved in applying this knowledge inparticular settings.[T]asks that humans engage in constitute asocial practice when they are directed tosocially recognized goals and make use of ashared technology and knowledge system.- Scribner & Cole, 1981: 36 7. Literacy isa set of socially organizedpractices which make useof a symbol system and atechnology for producingand disseminating it .- Scribner & Cole, 1981: 236 8. Technology/ToolsSkillsKnowledge 9. Socially patternedways of doingmeaning work areinvolved in makingsense of the world. 10. Blogging is a social practiceBlogging isnt just blogging 11. Social practice& newliteraciesresearchTools Skills Knowledge 12. Im an average student, Cs,Bs and a couple of Ds inStatistics and Economics(tricky stuff >w