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Listening and Speaking

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Date: 30th September 2015

Subject: English Language

Class: 5 MDay: Wednesday

Time: 9.50am 10.20am

Enrolment: /16

Level: Mixed ability

Theme: World of Stories

Topic: Unit 13: Lost and Found

Focused skill: Listening and SpeakingIntegrated skill: ReadingContent standards: 1.3 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to understand and respond to oral texts in a variety of contexts.

Learning standards: 1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral texts by: (a) asking and answering questions

Learning objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to 1. Describe the item accurately 2. Guess orally based on the description they have heard

Educational Emphasis: Contextual learning, Constructivism and Thinking Skills

Thinking skills: Generating ideas, Analysing, making associations, Creating mental pictures, Generating ideas, Collecting and Classifying information, Application

Multiple intelligences: Interpersonal, Kinaesthetic, Verbal Linguistic

Moral Values: Respect each other

Teaching Aids: Textbook and picture cards

Steps/ TimeContentTeaching and Learning StrategiesRemarks

Set induction(5 minutes)Mr. Detective:

The car is made in Malaysia The brand is Perodua A small car The colour is blue

1. Teacher will greet the pupils2. Teacher will ask pupils to help him locate his car3. Teacher will paste 2 pictures on the board and gives description about his car4. Pupils need to choose the correct car based on the descriptionThinking skill:Making association

Multiple intelligences

Teaching aids:

Value:Cooperative, Brave

Rationale:To grab pupils attention

Presentation(20 minutes) Listen, Look around and Answer

It has four legs (chair) It is rectangle in shape (table) It has four colour (flag)

1. Teacher will divide the pupils into 4 group and each groups will be awarded 100 points as a starting point2. Groups who cannot guess correctly, marks will be deducted3. Teacher will describe items in the classroom Chair Table Flag4. Pupils will listen to the description, discuss and guess the answerThinking skill:Generating ideas, Making associations, Creating mental pictures

Multiple intelligences

Teaching aids:-


Rationale:To enable pupils to understand better

Practice(15 minutes)Listen, Discuss and Answer

1. Each group will choose a representative to come forward and he need to describe a picture card that is provided2. Everyone will listen and the fastest representative from that group to answer will maintain their marks and groups which cannot answer marks will be deducted.3. The lowest mark will receive a punishmentThinking skill:Application

Multiple intelligences

Teaching aids: picture cards

Value: Cooperation

Rationale: To let pupils involved in group activities and be cooperative.

Production(15 minutes)Worksheet

1. Teacher will provide worksheet2. Pupils are given time to complete worksheet3. Teacher will discuss the answer with the pupils

Thinking skill:Generating ideas, Collecting and classifying information

Multiple intelligences

Teaching aids: Worksheet

Rationale: To test on pupils comprehension

Closure(5 Minutes) Guess me1. Teacher will call four volunteer2. The volunteer will face the whiteboard3. Teacher will show a picture to the whole class and each group will be given one chance to describe the picture4. The first representative to guess correctly will receive prize.5. Teacher will recap the lesson with moral value respect each otherThinking skill:Generating ideas

Multiple intelligences

Teaching aids:Picture cards

Value:Respect each other

Rationale: To recap the lesson.


A superhero/maleHe wears a suit which is red and blue in colour

(Gunung Kinabalu)Located in MalaysiaThe highest mountain in Southeast Asia

A musical instrumentUse strings to produce sounds

An animalA carnivoreIn Sarawak it is called Bujang Senang