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  • 8/18/2019 List of LEGO Star Wars Figures _ LEGO Star Wars Minifigs


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    List of Every LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Ever MadeThis list is still be  added to. We are working to bring you a complete pictorial view  of all the LEGO Star Wars minifigs that have ever been released.

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    501st Clone Pilot2013 Design

    501st Legion Clone Trooper2013 Design

    A-Wing PilotOriginal Design, Yellow Flesh, 2000

    A-Wing PilotYellow Visor, Light Flesh

    A-Wing Pilot2013 A-Wing Version with



    Aayla SecuraOriginal Design, 2010

    Admiral AckbarOriginal Design, 2009

    Admiral PiettOriginal Design, 2011

    Agent KallusOriginal 2015 Release

    AhsokaOriginal Design, 2008


    Ahsoka2014 Variant

    Aldar BeedoOriginal Design, 2001

    Anakin SkywalkerClone Wars Design

    Anakin SkywalkerParka Design

    Anakin SkywalkerBoy, Yellow Flesh,



    Anakin SkywalkerShort Legs, Boy, Flesh Skin

    Anakin Skywalker2011 Redesign, Boy, Pordracing

    with Short Legs

    Anakin SkywalkerPadawan with Cape, Yellow Flesh

    Anakin SkywalkerClone Wars, 2nd Version


    ARC TrooperOriginal Design


    ARF Trooper

    Original Design, 2011

    ARF Trooper

    2012 Design, Dark Red Arms

    Asajj Ventress

    Original Design, 2008

    ASP Droid

    Original Design, 2005

    Assassin Droid



    Assassin DroidElite, Black

    AT-AT DriverBlue/Gray, 2007 Re-Design

    AT-AT DriverNew Helmet Design, 2010

    AT-AT DriverOriginal Design, 2003

    AT-DP PilotOriginal 2015 Release


    AT-ST PilotOriginal Design, 2007

    Aurra SingOriginal Design, 2011

    B'omarr Monk B-Wing PilotLight Flesh

    B-Wing PilotYellow Flesh


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  • 8/18/2019 List of LEGO Star Wars Figures _ LEGO Star Wars Minifigs


    Barriss OffeeOriginal Design, 2010

    Barriss Offee2012 Clone Wars (TV) Design

    B attle Dr oid B attle Dr oid (G eonos ia n)Original Design, Maroon


    Battle Droid CommanderYellow Torso


    Battle Droid CommanderOriginal Version

    Ba ttle Droid Pilot Ba ttle Droid Se curityOriginal Design

    Bespin GuardOriginal Release

    Bespin Guard2014 Variant


    Bib Fortuna Biggs DarklighterOriginal Design, 1999

    Boba FettCloud City - Printed Arms & Legs

    Boba FettAll White Armor,

    Promotional Figure, 2010

    Boba FettYoung Boy, 2002


    Boba FettOriginal Classic Gray Design,


    Boba Fett2014 Variant

    Bomb Squad TrooperOriginal Design, 2011

    BosskOriginal Design, 2010

    C-3POPearl Gold with Pearl Gold



    C-3POPearl Light Gold

    Cad BaneOriginal Design, 2010

    Captain RexOriginal Design, 2008

    Chancellor PalpatineOriginal Design, 2009

    ChewbaccaReddish Brown


    ChewbaccaBrown Version

    Chief ChirpaOriginal Design, 2009

    Clone CommanderSand Green Markings

    Clone GunnerOriginal Design, 2009

    Clone PilotClone Wars Design with

    Yellow + Orange Helmet


    Clone TrooperClone Wars Design

    Clone TrooperWith Jet Pack

    Clone TrooperWith Black Antenna

    Clone TrooperEpisode 3 Design

    Clone TrooperEpisode 2 Design


    Commander Cody

    Original Design, 2008

    Commander Fox

    Original Design, 2008

    Commander Gree

    Original Design

    Commando Droid

    Original Design

    Count Dooku

    Clone Wars Design, 2009 

    Count DookuOriginal Design, 2002, Yellow


    Crix MadineOriginal Design, 2009

    Dack RalterRebel Pilot, Yellow Flesh

    Dack RalterGray Hips, Flesh Head

    Dack Ralter2004 Design, Rebel Pilot


    Darth MalgusOriginal Design, 2012

    Darth MaulOriginal Design, 1999

    Darth Maul2012 NY Toy Fair

    Darth VaderDeath Star

    Darth VaderBattle Damaged


  • 8/18/2019 List of LEGO Star Wars Figures _ LEGO Star Wars Minifigs


    Darth VaderWhite Pupils on Head

    Darth VaderOriginal Design 1999-2007

    Darth Vader's ApprenticeOriginal Design, 2008

    DengarRedesign, 2011



    Dutch Vander2007 Redesign, Y-Wing Rebel


    Dutch VanderOriginal Version, 1999

    EmboOriginal Design, 2011

    Emperor PalpatineDeath Star

    Emperor PalpatineOriginal Design, 2001,

    Yellow Flesh


    EV-9D9Original Design, 2003

    Even PiellOriginal Design, 2012

    Ezra Bridger2015 Release, Without Helmet

    Gamorrean GuardOriginal Design, Grey


    Gamorrean Guard2013 Re-Design


    GasganoOriginal Design, 1999

    General GrievousAll White, No Cape, 2007 Design

    General Grievous2010 Clone Wars Re-Design

    General GrievousOriginal Design, All

    White, Cape

    General VeersOriginal Design, 2007


    General VeersRedesign without Goggles, 2010

    Geonosian PilotOriginal Design without Wings,


    Geonosian WarriorOriginal Design with Wings, 2003

    Geonosian Warrior2012 Design with Wings

    Geonosian Zombie2012 Design w/ Wings


    Gonk Droid Grand Moff Tarkin GreedoOriginal Design, 2004

    Gungan SoldierRedesign, 2011

    Gungan SoldierOriginal Design, 2000,

    Green Clothing


    Han SoloStormtrooper Outfit

    Han SoloBlack Vest, Light Flesh

    Han SoloHoth Outfit, 2009 Design

    Han SoloSkiff Version, 2000

    Han Solo2010 Hoth Design


    Han SoloYellow Flesh, Blue Legs, 2000

    Han SoloYellow Flesh, Cloud City 2003


    Han Solo2004 Hoth Design w/ Parka

    Han Solo2013 A-Wing Version

    Han Solo2014 Variant (Carbonite



    Hera SyndullaOriginal Release

    Hondo OhnakaOriginal Design, 2009

    Hoth RebelTan Vest, Gray Arms, 2007

    Hoth RebelTrooper, 2010 Redesign

    Hoth RebelWhite Helmet, Dark Visor


    Hoth Rebel2004 Design, Hoth Rebel Trooper

    IG-88Dark Gray, Printed Head

    Imperial OfficerOriginal Version, Yellow Flesh

    Imperial PilotImperial Shuttle Pilot,

    Yellow Flesh

    Imperial Trooper2008 Original Design

  • 8/18/2019 List of LEGO Star Wars Figures _ LEGO Star Wars Minifigs



    Imperial V-Wing PilotOriginal Design, 2011

    Interrogation Droid Jabba The HutOriginal Design

    Jango FettOriginal Design, 2002

    Jar Jar BinksOriginal Design, 1999


    Jar Jar BinksRedesign, 2011

    JawaOriginal Design, 2005

    Jedi KnightYellow Flesh, Green Lightsaber

    Juno EclipseOriginal Design, 2008

    K-3POOriginal Design, 2007


    Kanan JarrusOriginal Release

    Kit FistoOriginal Design, 2010

    Lando CalrissianGeneral Outfit

    Lando CalrissianSkiff Guard Outfit

    Lando CalrissianCloud City, 2003 Design


    LobotOriginal Design, 2002

    Luke SkywalkerStormtrooper Outfit

    Luke SkywalkerEndor, Yellow Flesh

    Luke SkywalkerRebel Pilot, Yellow Flesh

    Luke SkywalkerJedi Knight


    Luke SkywalkerTatooine, Light Flesh

    Luke SkywalkerHoth Design

    Luke SkywalkerRebel Pilot, Light Flesh, Single Stripe on


    Luke SkywalkerTatooine, Yellow Flesh

    Luke SkywalkerRebel Pilot, Flesh Skin with



    Luke SkywalkerSkiff Version, 2000

    Luke SkywalkerJedi Knight, Yellow Flesh, No Cape,

    Black Hand

    Luke SkywalkerJedi, Yellow Flesh, No Cape

    Luke SkywalkerYellow Flesh, Cloud City

    2003 Design

    Luke Skywalker2004 Design, Rebel Pilot


    Luke Skywalker2013 Redesign, New Face

    Luminara UnduliWithout Cape

    Mace WinduClone Wars Design, 2009

    MagnaGuardOriginal Design, 2008

    Malakili2013 Original Design


    MandalorianOriginal Design, 2011

    Mon Calamari OfficerOriginal Design, 2009

    Mon MothmaWhite Clothing, 2009 Design

    Mo use Droi d Nabo o Fi gh ter Pil otTan Jacket


    Naboo Fighter Pilot2011 Redesign

    Naboo GuardOriginal Design, 2000

    Nute GunrayOriginal Design, 2009

    Obi Wan KenobiOlder, Light Flesh, Cape

    Obi-Wan KenobiClone Wars Design


    Obi-Wan KenobiYoung, Yellow Flesh, Braid on

    Torso, 2002

    Obi-Wan KenobiYoung, Yellow Flesh, Orange Hair

    with Headset

    Obi-Wan KenobiRedesign, Younger, 2011

    Obi-Wan KenobiRedesign, 2007, Episode


    Obi-Wan KenobiYoung with Hood and

    Cape, Yellow Flesh, 1999


  • 8/18/2019 List of LEGO Star Wars Figures _ LEGO Star Wars Minifigs


    Obi-Wan KenobiOld, Episode 4, Yellow Flesh

    Obi-Wan KenobiOld, Light Flesh, 2010 Design

    Obi-Wan Kenobi2012 Gungan Design with Aquata Breathers

    Onaconda FarrOriginal Design, 2009

    Owen LarsOriginal Design, 2005


    Padme NaberrieOriginal Design, Yellow Flesh

    PaplooRedesign, 2009

    PaplooOriginal Design, 2002

    Pilot DroidOriginal Design, 2009

    Plo KoonBrown Torso, Pants


    Pong KrellOriginal Version

    Princess LeiaSlave Girl, Yellow Flesh

    Princess LeiaSlave Girl, Regular Flesh

    Princess LeiaCloud City Clothing

    Princess LeiaWhite Dress, Light Flesh


    Princess LeiaEndor Outfit, 2009

    Princess LeiaHoth Outfit, Bun Hair

    Princess LeiaWhite Dress, Yellow Flesh

    P ro to co l Dr oid Q ue en A mi da laOriginal Design, 2012


    Qui-Gon JinnYellow Flesh

    Qui-Gon JinnLight Flesh, 2007 Redesign

    Qui-Gon Jinn2012 Gungan Design with Aquata Breathers

    R2-D2Original Design, 1999

    R2-D2Clone Wars Design, 2009


    R2-D22008 Re-Design

    R2-Q2Original Design, 2011

    R2-Q5 R2-R7Original Design, 2007

    R3-D5Original Design, 2012


    R5-D4Original Design

    R7-A7Original Design, 2009

    R7-D4 R8-B7 Rebel CommandoWith Beard


    Rebel CommandoNo Beard, Frown

    Rebel Commando2012 Design, No Beard

    Rebel Commando2012 Design, With Beard

    Rebel MechanicOriginal Design, 1999

    Rebel MechanicNew Face, Clean Shaven,



    Rebel Scout TrooperOriginal Design, 2009

    Republic CaptainOriginal Design, 2007

    Republic PilotOriginal Design, 2007

    Rocket Battle DroidOriginal Design, 2009

    Rotta HuttOriginal Design, 2008


    Royal GuardBlack Hands

    Royal GuardRed Hands

    Sabine WrenOriginal 2015 Release

    Saesee TiinOriginal Design, 2011

    SandtrooperOrange Pauldron


  • 8/18/2019 List of LEGO Star Wars Figures _ LEGO Star Wars Minifigs


    SandtrooperBlack Pauldron

    Scout TrooperOriginal Design, 1999

    SebulbaOriginal Design, 1999

    SebulbaRe-Design, Colored,


    Security DroidOriginal Design, 2010


    Senate CommandoOriginal Design, 2009

    Senate Commando2015 Variant

    Senate Commando CaptainOriginal Design, 2010

    Senate CommandoCaptain

    2015 Variant

    Shaak TiOriginal Design, 2011


    Shadow TrooperOriginal Design, 2007

    Shahan AlamaOriginal Design, 2010

    Shock TrooperRed Markings, Black Hips

    Shock TrooperClone Wars 2014 Variant

    Sith TrooperOriginal Design, 2012


    Skeleton SnowtrooperWhite Hands

    Snowtrooper2004 Design, Black Hands

    Star Corps TrooperYellow Markings, No


    StormtrooperBlack Head, Dotted Mouth



    StormtrooperChrome Design, Special

    StormtrooperPrinted Legs

    StormtrooperOriginal Design, 2001

    Stormtrooper2014 Variant

    StormtrooperRebels Variant


    SugiOriginal Design, 2011

    Super Battle DroidWith Blaster Arm

    Super Battle DroidPearl Dark Gray

    Super Battle DroidMetallic Blue Design

    T-16 Skyhopper PilotOriginal Design, 2003


    Ten NumbOriginal Design, 2006

    Thi-Sen TIE Interceptor PilotOriginal Design, 2006

    Turk FalsoOriginal Design, 2009

    Tusken Raider


    TX-20 Tactical Droid WaldOriginal Design, 2011

    Watto2011 Redesign

    WattoOriginal Design, 2001

    Wicket2009 Redesign


    WicketOriginal Design, 2002

    YodaOriginal Design, 2002

    YodaClone Wars Version

    Zam WesellOriginal Design, 2002

    Zeb OrreliosOriginal Release


    Zev SenescaOriginal Design, 2010

  • 8/18/2019 List of LEGO Star Wars Figures _ LEGO Star Wars Minifigs