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Introduction History

Hybrid Theory Meteora Side projects Minutes to Midnight

Members Curiosities

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Is an American rock band, from Agoura Hills, California

It was formed in 1996 Linkin Park has collaborated with several

artists. This group has sold over 50 million

albums worldwide.

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History (Hybrid Theory, 2000-2002)

This band sold more than 4.8Million records. This album won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance. The MTV awarded the album’s song “In

the End”.

Award: To give a price

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History (Meteora, 2002-2004)

This album is inspired in the region of Meteora in Greece.

Meteora sold over 800.000

copies during the first week.

It sold about 3 million copies.

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History (Side projects, 2004-2006)

In this years the group began to work with Jay-Z.

Linkin Park helped raise money to benefit the victims of the Hurricanes Charley and Katrina.

One example of song of this

album is Numb.

Numb: Without feeling or sensation, unable to move

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History (Minutes to Midnight, 2006-2008)

This album sold over 600.000 copies in its first week.

One of the songs of this album, “What I’ve Done” is the soundtrack of Transformers.

The band also produce other singles such as: “Bleed It Out”,

“Shadow of the Day”,

“Given Up”,

“Leave Out”,

“All the Rest”, etc

Linkin Park in a concert in Prague

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Chester Bennignton Mike Shinoda Brad Delson Rob Bourdon Mr. Hahn Dave “Phoenix” Farrell

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Members (Chester Benignton)

He began in 1999 till present.

He is the principal vocal of the


He also plays the rhythm guitar.

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Members (Mike Shinoda)

Mike began in 1996 and has continued until nowadays.

His principal job is the rapper of the group.

He also plays the keyboard, guitar,


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Members (Brad Delson)

He is in active, (1996 – present).

He plays the lead guitar, the bass and is a backing vocal.

Backing Vocal: Person who is not the principal vocal, he is a secondary one.

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Members (Rob Bourdon)

He started in 1996 (when

the group began) and

continues now.

He is the only person that plays the drums in the group.

He’s also a backing vocal.

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Members (Mr. Hahn)

He began at the same time than Chester, in 1996, and has continue til now.

He is the one in charge of the

turntables programming.

Turntables Programming: The objects a DJ use.

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Members (Dave Farrell “Phoenix”)

He has had a strange history: 1996 – 1998 1999 2001 - present

He plays the bass guitar and is also a backing vocal.

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Linkin Park won 2 Grammy Awards

The MTV2 named Linkin Park as the 6th greatest band

of the music video and the 3rd best of the new


Chester Bennignton’s hairstyles

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