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All That You Can Be


This is a general overview of how to develop your LinkedIn profile. It was developed for the science and medical community, to help encourage online engagement as social media becomes increasingly part of the health care and science community's everyday world.

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All That You Can Be

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What is

Wikipedia says: A social networking website for people in professional occupations.

Some facts and figures:

● Founded in 2002, launched in May 2003● In 2006, there were 20 million users● In June 2013 there are more than 259 million

users in over 200 countries and territories ● The site is available in 20 languages ● As of July 2013, it has 65.6 million monthly

unique US visits, and 178.4 million globally (and has increased to 184 million in October)

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Why are we talking about this?9 Reasons For Building Your Profile (according to Forbes):1. It’s popular and (so should be your profile)2. Your profile will show up at the top of Google searches3. People want to know about you4. Packed with invaluable resources, networks, opportunities,

references, and information5. Opportunities can be there even if you don’t see them6. Keeps you in the know7. Keeps you connected 8. Most efficient way to manage your contacts/network9. Brand yourself through a compelling, comprehensive narrative

A profile of the typical LinkedIn user:

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How will this workshop help you?

● Provide you an overview of LinkedIn and why it’s important for your professional lifestyle

● Give you tools to help you better represent your objective or story

● Learn how others are presenting themselves and to what ends

Professional Network Industry TrendsProfessional ConnectionConversationsEducationOpportunities...


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Crafting Your Story

Points:- Know your immediate objective- Understand your audience - Narrative - Representation

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Your Objective

What is your professional goal (right now)?

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Global Policy and AdvocacySummaryAccomplished professional with diverse experience in international policy, public affairs, and government relations, with particular expertise in Asia, global health, IT and innovation, trade, and energy policy research, coordination, and advocacy. Leveraging networks and strong research and analysis, project management, strategic planning, relationship-building, and communication skills to advance global policy agendas.

Specialties:government relations, public affairs, issues management, issues advocacy, negotiation, strategic planning, research, analysis, project management, Asia, Japan, China, Korea, India, communication, policy, academic relations, business intelligence, innovation, technology, global health, energy, trade, japanese, policy analysis, problem solving, project development, conference planning, public speaking, publicity, writing, communications, policy campaigns, coalition-building


Assistant Director for Outreach,


Specialties:US-Asia relations, Congressional relations, media relations, outreach, social media, public affairs, strategic communications, persuasive writing, relationship building


● Note lengths, tone, and language● What do the summaries, along with the

title, tell us about the person in terms of his or her professional endeavors and goals?

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Your Audience● How do you fit into the community you’

re connected with?● What is your role? ● What expertise do you hold that is an

asset to that community?● How can you amend your perceived

role?● How does this align with your


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Your Audience is Part of (LinkedIn)You

● Endorsements● Recommendations● Connections

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Endorsements● Make sure to include skills and experience

you want to be known for● A well-curated audience will know your

skills, and therefore will endorse you for them.

● Important, but less important than recommendations because of the nature of how LinkedIn promotes them - crowdsourcing pats on the back

● Like recommendations, the Who is significant

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● Recommendations provide dimension to your roles over the course of time

● Smartly request them from people who will help you attain your goal

● Depending on who recommends, you can heighten your assets - your credentials, your experience, your successes

● Giving recommendations can provide the same sort of affect as receiving them

● Recommendations are some of the strongest points of your profile

What they can bring to your profile (both in giving and in receiving)

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Your Representation

Your profile is modularized. You can shift parts around to highlight publications over education, or endorsements over experience. The order should enhance the overall narrative of you, and support your objective.

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Personal Marketing in Transparent Actions

The (Professional) Story of You includes these transparent actions:

● Article “Liking”● Updating Profile (skills, position, profile picture,

projects) Joining a group● Following a company● Endorsements and Recommendations

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Your NarrativeThis is the overall story of you.It includes all elements of your profile and should tie back into your Objective:

● Title● Summary● Experience ● Recommendations ● Endorsements● Honors and Rewards● Education● Projects● Pictures● Publications● Websites● Groups● Companies● Connections● Activity

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Strategically Build Your TribeOh yes. Tweeting and Facebook(ing)Employing additional social media will:

● digitally introduce you to others in your field;

● illustrate opportunities you might not have thought of before;

● enable you to follow, interact, and eventually connect with (on LinkedIn) the people you want in your professional community

● introduce you to companies, niches, cutting edge conversations

● provide content you can share on LinkedIn to engage your professional community

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Social Media Trends Not to be Ignored

● Fastest growing demographic on Twitter is 55-64 (79% growth since 2012)● 45-54 fastest growing on both Facebook and Google +● Content must be rich, diverse, ● 189 million of Facebook users are “Mobile only”, a 7% increase since 2012 already● YouTube reaches more US adults 18-34 than any other cable channel● Every second, two new members join LinkedIn, though participation (active) is lower than any other social media

platform● Social Media has overtaken porn as the number 1 thing done online

○ Carries more weight, not a fad, and is growing into a daily habit for many● 8.25% smartphone users 18-44 say then always have phone with them

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