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The Autumn 2013 magazine from Kerith Community Church. Packed with news, reviews and info from the heart of the community.

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  • kerithcommunity church magazineissue 12

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  • simon benham senior pastor

    Hello and welcome to the12th edition of our Life inKerith (LinK) magazine.

    Our church has a history ofgrowth: more people of allages coming to our meetingson a Sunday; more nationsrepresented by the people inour church community; moreinitiatives which serve thelocal community; and morecountries where we'repartnering with otherchurches and organisations.

    Growth is great, but just as Ifound when my children wereyoung and they seemed toneed new shoes every sixmonths, growth needs roomto expand if its to continue.

    This is one of the reasonswhy in September, we'restarting a new site inSandhurst - to give us spaceto grow in both the Bracknelland Sandhurst areas.

    In this issue you'll read allabout our new site, as well ashear what God is doing in thelives of a whole host ofpeople in our community.I hope you find it interesting.


    Welcome to the 12th edition of linK.

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  • neW looK


    A Journey of Discovery 4-5

    Kerith Sandhurst 6-7

    Kerith Kids 8-9

    Interview: Andy Partington 10-11

    This is Ray Foley 12

    Serenje Bikers 13

    Its a Small World 14-15

    Gossip the Gospel 16-17

    Alpha: Gary Grant 18-19

    Precious Gem 20

    Coffee Break 21

    Review 22-23

    Diary Dates 24-25

    Kerith Contacts 26-27



    LINK Chief EditorBeccy Oliver

    Copy EditorSuzanne WhittonConsulting EditorsSimon Benham Penny Lander Colin BoyleMagazine CoordinatorKara ChallisEditorial ContributionSuzanne Whitton Penny LanderSimon Benham Helen Cottee Beccy Oliver Karen MehtaMatt CooperRuth PoveyNatalie JonesArt DirectorMike Charlton Head of PhotographyJohn MitchellPhotographiccontributionSarina Cooper Lorraine Hart Stephanie CroninProof CheckingRuth PoveyDiane BryanClive ChallisGlynis Challis

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  • Central line

    Group for the deaf and hard of hearing

    Womens book club

    Womens writing group

    Midweek small groups

    Midweek group for the retired

    Friday night youth event

    TMTL Deaf Hope

    Childrens Ministry

    Unique Womens Ministry

    United Mens Ministry

    Life Groups

    Bubblesunder 2s








    Freedom in Christ

    The Alpha Course

    The Marriage Course



    Wokingham Binfield

    Discovery Workshop

    Simply Events


    Football Club Golf Club Events

    ExpositionWomens dayretreat


    Youth ministry

    LifeLife Unleashed

    Schools Work

    Sunday youth meetings Yrs 7-9

    Networking within localsecondary schools




    Kerith Courses & Academies

    Midday bible study group

    Parent and toddlergroup

    Intermediate discipleship

    Introduction to the Christian faith

    Building great relationships

    Bereavement CourseCoping with the death of a loved one

    Evening theology study course

    Realise your spiritual gifting

    Money managementCAP Money

    Year training in theology and practical service

    Kerith Academy

    Life within Kerith


    Half term holiday club forprimary school children

    A JOuRNey Of DISCOveRy



    The Parenting Children CoursePractical skills to help with parenting

    SerenjeSupport for thecommunity of Serenje inZambia on the impact ofHIV/AIDS

    Womens annual Kerith event

    REAL conference

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  • International hub

    OakwoodYouth Challenge

    District lineKerith


    Partner organisation, outwardbound activity and leadershiptraining centre

    LithuaniaHelping establish firstLithuanian Willow CreekLeadership Summit

    AlbaniaDeveloping leaders andsupporting youth eventsin churches

    PolandSupporting leaders intwo churches

    EstoniaSupporting leaders andtheir ministries

    Sound, lighting,projection & recording

    Website, graphics,set designand literature

    Support for adults with learningdisabilities

    support and advice to help break the cycle ofpoverty in the local community

    Feeding local people in crisis in partnership with a national charity

    Free debt advice through a national charity

    Support groups for children with disabilities and their families

    Social Justice


    Bracknell Area FoodBank

    Social Justice Outreach

    advice and support through nationalcharity cap to those who are looking toget back into employment

    CAP Job Club

    partnering with national charities working in prisons and supporting ex- offenders

    Prison Ministry

    charity shop supporting Kerith social Justice projects



    Debt and Money Advice (CAP)

    partnering with a national charityto support struggling primaryaged children

    Early Intervention

    Creative Arts


    Car Parking

    Welcome Team


    Tech teamPhotography and illustrativemedia

    ImagingVideo editing and animatedproduction

    Media team Graphics Team

    Sunday meetings and productionsDrama


    Keriths outreachwork




    Resound Adult worship bands

    WorshipRevolutionYouth worship band



    Support for thoseparenting alone


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  • When I was a child I was always fascinated bybonsai trees - the ones where you take a treeseed, such as an acorn, and put it in a tiny pot sothat what grows is not a majestic oak tree, but aperfectly formed miniature oak tree instead. Thesize of the pot determines the size of the tree.

    One of the things God has been teaching us isthat the same principle applies to churches - if achurch wants to reach its full potential then itneeds to keep making space or the growth willbe stunted.

    That was what we did as a church, when wemoved from our original town centre location toour current site in 1964. We have done it manytimes since: building the Kerith Centre in 1989;K2 in 1999; going to three meetings on a Sundayin 2010; and moving all the staff off-site to makemore space for children's work, at the start ofthis year.

    each time we've made space, God has filled itand that's what we're going to do again with ournew site in Sandhurst - make space to grow inboth locations.

    Making space is part of our history and willalways be part of our future

    If you're not currently part of Kerith, then knowthat we've made space for you to come. There isspace on a Sunday, space in our small groups andspace on our courses. you can then become partof the adventure - creating space for the next setof people wanting to join us.

    Why Kerith Sandhurst?by Simon Benham, Senior Pastor

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  • Ben and Heather, please tell us somethingabout yourselves.

    We have been married for two years and live inBracknell. I (Ben) grew up in Kerith andHeather has been coming for 7 years. We are both on the the staff team here atKerith - Ben heads up Kerith Academy and I(Heather) work with the Operations andCreative Teams.

    You are going to be heading up the new sitein Sandhurst. What is your vision for thisnew venture?The vision for Sandhurst and Bracknell are thesame - one church, one vision - to love Godand love people. Above all we want to impactmore people through our Sunday meetings andSocial Justice Projects, but we also want tomake it easier for those who live in the area toinvite people to a local church. We aim to bring together the best aspects ofbig church such as quality meetings and avariety of ministries, with the best bits ofsmall church including deep community. Therewill also be more opportunities for volunteersto get trained up and grow in areas that theyreinterested in but ultimately, were passionateabout sharing the gospel and showing the loveand grace that Jesus offers, to as many peopleas we can.

    Can you explain a little about what isactually going to happen in September?We will launch on Sunday 15th September at10am in Sandhurst School and the format willbe exactly the same as our meetings inBracknell, including the same message. Wewill worship, hear vision for whats ahead inthe Reveal video and provide kids church forthe under 14s. Other ministry areas and mid-week activities will begin to start in Septemberand will grow as we do. We have exciting plansfor a CAP centre, life groups and social justiceoutreach happening very soon!

    How are you feeling about overseeing thenew site?excited and a little daunted! At Kerith we havenever done multi-site church before so werestepping into the unknown but weve got agreat team who are committed to Sandhurstand are deeply passionate about the new site.

    Exciting timEs arE ahEad

    for KErith as wE launch

    our multi-sitE church in sEptEmbEr.

    hElEn cottEE caught up with thE

    nEw lEadErs of KErith sandhurst ,

    bEn and hEathEr pococK.

    If youd like to get involved and join the adventure,please contact either Ben at [email protected] or Heather at [email protected] 7

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  • Lydia has an inspiring vision for thechildren, sparked from Psalm 1:3.Mydream is that they wou