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    BECOME A SEEKER OF LIGHTPhotography is all about light: fi nding it, creating it, combining different

    types of light, working with its various colors. Bob Davis has achieved a unique

    relationship with light. In this beautifully illustrated volume and DVD,

    he shares secrets and techniques that will advance your

    photographic skills. Master the basics, then step outside

    your comfort zone and harness the full creative power of light.

    Understand the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and the effects of different lenses

    Learn how to deal with direct sunlight and how to take advantage of the golden hour

    Combine various types of light for different effects

    Know what external lighting equipment you need and how to use it

    Explore various fl ash modifi ers and the effects you can create with them

    Achieve studio-quality lighting outside the studio

    Discover what to take when you travel and how to take full advantage of available light sources

    Bonus DVD includes 60 minutes of video from Bob Daviss exclusive three-day lighting and photography workshop

    PHOTOGRAPHY/Techniques/Lighting$44.99 US/$53.99 CAN Includes Workshop DVD

    BOB DAVISVisual Storyteller


    CAPTURECreative Lighting Techniques for Digital Photographers

    Visual storyteller and celebrity photojournalist, Bob Davis has over 25 years of experience as a professional photographer. As a Canon Explorer of Light, Bob has been chosen as one of an elite group of 60 photographers representing Canon and united by a passion for photographic excellence. Bobs work has been featured in publications such as O Magazine, Time, People, OK, Rangefi nder, and a variety of other digital photography resources. His clients include Oprah Winfrey, Selma Hayek, and Eva Longoria Parker. More information on Bobs distinguished career as well as extensive examples of Bobs photography can be found at


    TS, CAM


    , CA



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    CAPTURECreative Lighting Techniques for Digital Photographers



    Controlling the light

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  • Lights, Camera, Capture: Creative Lighting Techniques for Digital Photographers

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    Lights, C a mer a , C a pt ur e

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  • About the Author

    Bob Davis isnt a newcomer to the photography industry. In fact,

    hes been a professional photographer for over 25 years. Bob has

    always been intrigued by photography and felt from an early age

    that being a photographer was what he wanted to do with his life.

    Bobs passion for photography began back in high school when

    he became the editor of the school newspaper. As he proceeded

    on to Columbia College, he was honored with the title of College

    Photographer of the Year. With this honor came a full time job at a

    daily newspaper in Chicago. This experience launched Bob on to

    a career at the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper for 14 years.

    Bob states, My cameras have always been like a passport allowing

    me a front seat to history. He feels continually honored when doors

    open and people invite him in to document their life. While at the

    paper, he covered countless amazing events, such as presidential

    elections, Michael Jordans entire career with the Chicago Bulls,

    many faiths celebrations and rituals. Hes traveled around the

    world to places such as El Salvador, Taiwan, Lithuania, Romania,

    Moldova, Kenya, Italy, Tanzania for human interest stories.

    Bob has since moved on from the newspaper industry. Today, he has the privilege of

    photographing the most important events in his clients lives and he couldnt be happier

    to have this honor. Additionally, he has the pleasure of traveling the world photographing

    weddings. Bob feels fortunate to have photographed the weddings of Eva Longoria and

    Tony Parker, Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds, and many others. He also photographs

    events for Oprah Winfrey.

    Bob is a member of Canons Explorers of Light, a recognized Pro by Westcott and a part of

    Apples Aperture Advisory Board.

    Photography... Its what hes passionate about.


    Controlling the light

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    Lights, C a mer a , C a pt ur e

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    Controlling the light

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    Lights, C a mer a , C a pt ur e

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  • Acknowledgments

    First, I want to thank my wife Dawn Davis for supporting me and encouraging me to follow

    my dreams and to share in my passion for life. She has blessed my life with 18 wonderful

    years of marriage and now I have the good fortune to be able to sleep with my business

    partner. We now share a passion for wedding photography, design, teaching and sharing.

    Dawn says, We are all blessed with certain gifts and once we know what those gifts are;

    they are no longer ours to keep, but pay it forward and share those gifts others. Thank you

    to our two beautiful children Bobby and Alli, you are the light in my heart. I love my family

    always and forever, Amen.

    I would like to dedicate this book to my father