Lightinthebox at Mid-Year: 3 Things to Know

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Here's what investors in the company need to know for the rest of 2014.

Transcript of Lightinthebox at Mid-Year: 3 Things to Know

  • LightInTheBox in 2014: 3 Things to Know
  • 1. Disappointing While Others Impress Since beating estimates in its first earnings report as a public company last year, LightInTheBox has chronically underperformed expectations. The same hasnt been the case for Dangdang and VIPShop.
  • Rapidly Decelerating Revenue Growth
  • Dangdangs Growth: Strong and Sustainable
  • Vipshops Revenue Growth: Through the Roof LightInTheBox simply hasnt been putting up the same numbers as its Chinese peers.
  • 2. A Surprise Announcement LightInTheBox surprised Wall Street by announcing that it was revising its second-quarter revenue estimates upward. June 27, 2014
  • 2. A Surprise Announcement Previously, the company had predicted revenue growth of 18% to $85 million. The new estimate is for revenue growth of 20% to $87 million. In reality, this is a very small change. Wall Street was probably just happy for some good news. Long-term investors should see that growth is still slow compared to what was happening before the company went public.
  • 3. What to Watch Moving Forward I wouldnt worry much about reaching profitability at this point. Instead, continued revenue growth north of 20% is going to be the most important thing for investors to look for. Without this, any investments in infrastructure will be wasted.
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