Lexpro Conveyancing Management Written by Attorneys for Attorneys.

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Transcript of Lexpro Conveyancing Management Written by Attorneys for Attorneys.

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Lexpro Conveyancing Management Written by Attorneys for Attorneys Slide 2 Main functions Opening of files Import of files from Accounting Drafting of transfer documents Drafting of ante-nuptial contracts Drafting of settlement accounts FICA details of clients Links Lexpro Accounting with GhostConvey Slide 3 Opening of a file Slide 4 Sellers details Slide 5 Buyers details Slide 6 Estate agents details Slide 7 Export files to Accounting User exports files to Accounting program Filter on account number, date of opening of file, section (group), fee earner, client name Slide 8 Accounting import of files Bookkeeper imports conveyancing files in Accounting program Slide 9 Accounting import of Conveyancing files Bookkeeper selects user from a list Slide 10 Accounting import of Conveyancing files Details appear on the screen, not necessary for Accountant to re-type information Slide 11 Import of files already opened in Accounting Files are only opened in once program, can be imported from Accounting if opened in Accounting Slide 12 FICA details The user must complete the FICA details of the client Slide 13 Complete FICA details Slide 14 Drafting of documents Transfer documents land Transfer documents sectional title Ante-nuptial contracts Letters All documents available in Afrikaans and English Slide 15 Drafting of documents Various standard letters User can add own letters or add own letters Slide 16 Drafting of documents Complete details of Seller Slide 17 Drafting of documents Complete details of buyer Slide 18 Drafting of documents Complete property description Slide 19 Drafting of documents Slide 20 Documents in Word Processor Slide 21 Drafting of accounts Client files (including accounting transactions) Settlement accounts Slide 22 All Accounting transactions are imported to make drafting of statement easier Slide 23 Requesting transactions Receipts, cheques, journals can be requested and exported to Accounting Slide 24 Debit fees Fees are debited in Conveyancing and exported to Accounting Slide 25 Accounting transactions User has access to all transactions in accounting posted on client accounts User only accesses non-sensitive information, no access to business accounts (e.g. salaries) Slide 26 Four-column accounting enquiry Business debit, business credit, trust debit, trust credit Slide 27 Three column enquiry Debit (both trust and business), credit (both trust and business), balance Slide 28 Help is at hand Free manual Readme latest amendments and additions to the program Support via telephone, fax, Internet and e-mail Slide 29 Contact details Telephone (012) 341 1939 E-mail [email protected]@lexpro.co.za Web site www.lexpro.co.zawww.lexpro.co.za Route 21 - Pretoria Cell Chris 083 556 8520 Cell Louis 082 777 5517 Stellenbosch - Cape Town Cell Monique 082 363 6641 Hatfield - Pretoria Cell Nicolise 083 447 7931 Cell Stefan 072 417 0511