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  • 1. 27% 36% Industry and Commercial Domestic Road Transport 37%LEWES EMISSIONS YEARS 2005 TO2009

2. Lewes CO2 emissions years 2005 to 20099 7008 60076 500t CO25 Road TransportLewesKT CO2 4004 South East Total Domestic 3 300 England Total2 200 Industry and 1 Commercial0 100 Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 0Yr 2005 Yr 2006 Yr 2007 Yr 2008 Yr 2009 How does this compare to UKLewes wide data in 2009? The number of tonnes per43 per cent of end-user emissions 1 person per year to stabiliseassigned to local authority areas27% climate change36% were attributed to the industry and commercial sector, The number of tonnes 30 per cent to the domestic sector5.5per person per year emitted by Lewes 37% 27 per cent to road transport.There are wide local variations on this mainly residentsbecause of the economy and geography ofdifferent local areas. 3. Lewes per capita emissions3.0Industry and CommercialDomestic2.5Road Transport2.0t CO21.5The number of tonnes per1 person per year to stabiliseclimate change1.0 The number of tonnes per0.55.5person per year emitted by Lewes residents (2009) -Yr 2005 Yr 2006 Yr 2007 Yr 2008 Yr 2009 4. Road transport LewesPer capita emissionsRoad transport emissions include both t CO2freight and passenger transport, bothprivate and for business purposes. The0 0.5 1 1.522.5 3estimates are made on the basis of thedistribution of traffic. This means that someYr 2005of the emissions within an authorityrepresent through traffic, or part of tripsYr 2006 into or out of the area whether by residentsor non-residents.Yr 2007Yr 2008yr 2009England Total LewesSouth East Total 5. Lewes Domestic CO2 emissionsper capita emissionsNational picture: In 2009, about 47 3per cent of domestic end-useremissions arose from gas use, 42 per2.5 cent from electricity, and 10 per centfrom consumption of other fuels. 2Between 2005 and 2009, there was at CO21.5decrease in domestic gasconsumption of 16%. 10.5 0Yr 2005Yr 2006Yr 2007Yr 2008yr 2009England TotalLewes South East Total 6. Lewes Industry and Commercial CO2 emissionsPer capita emissions 4 National picture: the industry and3.5 commercial sector had the highest share of end-user emissions in 43 per cent of 3 authorities. The domestic sector thet 2.5highest share in 32 per cent, and the roadEngland Totaltransport sector had the highest share inC2O Lewes25 per cent of authorities.2 1.5 South East Total 10.5 0Yr 2005 Yr 2006 Yr 2007 Yr 2008 yr 2009 7. Slideshow by Gavin Barker KEY SOURCESClick to access sourceDept of Energy and ClimateChangeLocal authority subset dataYOU ARE WELCOME TO USE THIS SLIDESHOW TO EMBED INYOUR OWN BLOG OR WEBSITEIf you choose to amend or add to this presentation, please delete my name and delete thebackground picture for this slideshow (go to View>Slidemaster on the toolbar to replaceslide background with your own image )