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    MEMBER SINCE: 2004


    MEMBER SINCE: 1998


    MEMBER SINCE: 2001

    ]Leverage CRM & Enterprise Apps withGenesys Business Process RoutingKarin Rittenberg


    Tom LeddyAndrew Corporation

    A Commscope Company

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    Current Enterprise Business ApplicationsHow Genesys Can HelpBusiness Process RoutingAndrew CorporationQ & A


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    Current Enterprise Business Applications





    Overcomes B/O and F/O separation



    ISV and Genesys to overcome Enterprise to Customer


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    Leverage our enterprise app investment

    Leverage customer access Gain margin Decrease operational cost Drive profit by cross selling

    And they want it to be Fast direct but customized Secure and reliable A product

    Customers told Genesys work with Oracle, Microsoft and SAP to:

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    Why Do Traditional Apps Fall Short?

    They often cover segments of processes, not end-to-end process (people, systems, geographies, departments.)

    Business processes within them are are implicit making it hard to identify the process problems, and change quickly

    Traditional applications are very IT and code-heavy, limiting the role of the business user in driving change

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    How Genesys Can Help-Its as Easy as ABC Analytics Business Process Management Communication and CRM

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    A: Analytics

    Analytics Contact center analytics into enterprise analytics

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    B: BPR

    Business Process Routing Route to the right person through the right communications

    channel Optimizing resources & work processing

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    Reduced Operational CostsN













    07:00 Time 18:00

    Daily traffic distribution

    Available Resources

    CustomersWaiting in


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    Better Visibility of Resource & Work QueuesN





















    Real-Time Interaction Volume

    Contact center Verification Branch 1Approval Branch 2

    Work Item

    Work Process

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    C: Communication and CRM

    Transform CRM with Advanced Communication Enable Enterprise Apps with Voice & Speech

    Eg. Benefit enrollment via voice 360 degree view of customer

    Eg. Front- & Back-office integration

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    C: Extending CRM with Gplus

    Gplus Adapter & Gplus work items option

    Genesys Customer Interaction Management

    SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Microsoft

    (work items, tasks)

    Pre-packaged Integration Routing Agent Desktop Interaction History Configuration Synch Statistics

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    Global Service and Support & Global IT

    Global Field Organization

    ConsultingBusiness Solution Groups

    Manufacturing Industries Solution

    Management Application


    ServiceIndustries Solution

    Management Application


    Financial & Public Services Solution

    Management Application


    Application Platform & Architecture

    Finance & Admini-stration

    Human Resources

    Office of the CEO

    Global Comm.Corp. Consulting

    Internal AuditGlobal IP

    Technology Platform*Solution Management

    Genesys impacts all of the Enterprise






    Genesys Genesys







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    A Few Examples Global Telecom Company:

    Streamlining BillingSaving $9 Million

    Leading Provider of Student Loans:Streamlined Loan ApprovalSaving $4.4 Million

    Global Financial Services Company: Managing Trade ExceptionsSaving $1 Million, 50% staff reassignment

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    Proven Success

    Genesys commitment to working with complementary application providers offers businesses a real-world approach that delivers more complete solutions.

    META Group

    600 G+ Customers Worldwide

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    Benefits Improve customer experience

    Personalize customer service. Automatically attach customer data with every call and transfer.

    Complete 360-degree view of the customer for better first contact resolution

    Intelligent voice self service for faster results; proactive customer notification for better responsiveness

    Real-time, integrated routing of all media types for consistent service delivery

    Increase business agility to respond to business needs and market opportunities Real-time, business process management integrated with

    mission critical applications for faster and smarter business decision making

    Open standard, Web-services enabled interoperability to dynamically optimize business processes and work flow across and outside the enterprise

    SOA-based foundation and composite applications leverage existing communication resources to create new business value

    Extend enterprise applications to any devices, anywhere,

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    Benefits (2) Increase information visibility for smarter business

    decisions Reporting and analytics integration for better management

    insights and improved collaboration Complete end-to-end, blended data and interactions

    activities reporting for critical analysis and better decision making across the enterprise

    Lower total cost of ownership Pre-packaged, out-of-the box integration boxes

    implementation risks and high costs Open standards solution leverages existing infrastructure, is

    hardware agnostics and eliminates vendor lock-in

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    Andrew CorporationA CommScope Company

    Tom Leddy Senior Developer Extended SAP Solutions Technical lead for CIC Project

    Responsible for BSP Development System Configuration Middleware Management CTI Integration BASIS work Security

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    A global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of communications equipment, services, and systems

    Total sales in 2007 over $4.3 Billion Operates in over 120 Countries No. of employees = 17,000 Sales done through direct sales to

    OEMs, Carriers, also through distribution channels.

    Customer service and support through six Contact Centers worldwide.

    Types of customer service and support issues quotes, order management complaints

    Andrew CorporationA CommScope Company

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    Technology Environment

    Avaya S8700 SAP

    ERP R/3 Version 4.6c CRM 5.0 Mobile Sales Interaction Center Web Client BW

    Microsoft Exchange Lotus Domino RightFax

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    CRM Implementation

    Began with version 4.0 in 2004 Initially we used Mobile Sales for forecasting, opportunity

    and contact management. We upgraded to version 5.0 and implemented Interaction

    Center Web Client in Q1 2008 Were planning to upgrade to CRM 2007 by the end of Q1


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    Business Challenges

    Information Sharing users need better access to information about other agents interactions with customers

    Need to optimize customer service and support to meet company metrics

    Voice E-mailFax

    First call resolution. Route all interactions, including faxes from RightFax and Microsoft Exchange Server emails to the right resource.

    Provide improved visibility to agent activities.

    Provide more reliable data for resource allocation metrics, based on measured workload on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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    Solution Overview

    Genesys Customer Interaction

    Management platform Inbound Voice Gplus adapter and

    Gplus Work Items Option for SAP

    Gplus adapter for SAP data access

    R/3 CRM


    Mobile Client

    CIC Web Client




    Exchange Server (email)

    RightFax (fax





    Mobile App Studio



    Legend MW = SAP Middleware BW = Business Warehouse ITS = Internet Transaction

    Server BSP/ABAP/JAVA =

    Programming Platforms R/3 = SAP ERP System CRM = Customer Relationship

    Management CIC = Customer Interaction


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    Implementation No impact on existing operations

    (transparent to customers) Implementation took about 12 months

    overall 4 Months for the Genesys / CTI

    portion to be set up. Genesys partner onsite throughout

    implementation Better solution design Effective knowledge transfer

    Change Management Customer Service

    Representatives now have to process all interactions including emails through IC Web Client

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    Fax and Email Routing

    Fax number is put into the subject line of an email Genesys passes fax number or email address to a

    custom function module in SAP SAP returns username of customers agent for routing Routed to generic group if no record found

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    Push scenario (for now) We didnt want agents to be cherry picking the easy emails After we went live, we determined that this wasnt the best

    solution As part of our CRM 2007 upgrade well be switching to a pull

    scenario Multiple Logins

    IC web client only allows one interaction at a time. This is not acceptable for the way our business runs (agents need

    to be able to answer the phone while replying to an email). We solved this by creating a second login for users thats

    specifically for emails The issue with this is that we now have to pay for two Genesys

    licenses Outgoing Emails

    Extensive work with SAP support to resolve issues involving

  • [Real Experience. Real Advantage. 27

    Order and Quote management

    Still handled in R/3 Because were on version 4.6c, we use the BOR object to

    pass data back and forth Orders and Quotes are entered in the ERP system and

    then linked to the activity clipboard in an interaction record.

  • [Real Experience. Real Advantage. 28

    Customizations Custom Inbox Searches By PO Number And Sales Number Sub-reason field on Interaction Records Business Partner notes in Identify Account screen Ability to copy Interaction Record notes to the Windows clipboard End Complete button added to the toolbar to automatically close interactions

  • [Real Experience. Real Advantage. 29


    Application was rolled out to the users on 4/14/2008 The rollout went very smooth. Most issues were minimal

    and got resolved within the first 48 hours. Issues that have come up since the initial rollout

    Functional issues Call routing issues Genesys services needing to be restarted Outbound email issues

  • [Real Experience. Real Advantage. 30

    Benefits Efficiency Blended Agents (Media)

    Unified routing of all interactions voice, email, fax

    Better resource allocation First Call Resolution

    Improved by routing customers to their assigned agents,regardless of interaction type

    Fewer transfers, quicker resolution

    Efficiency/Reduced CostsCustomer Experience


  • [Real Experience. Real Advantage. 31

    Benefits (contd)

    Customer Experience Always routed to assigned agent,

    regardless of interaction type

    Customers do not have to remember assigned agent

    system automatically routes Management & Visibility

    Measurement of all activities Workload by day, week, month

    Agent Satisfaction Improved as work is measured

    accurately and workloadis appropriately assigned and balanced

    Efficiency/Reduced CostsCustomer Experience


  • [Real Experience. Real Advantage. 32

    Genesys Solutions Used

    Inbound Voice CIM Multimedia Routing For Emails And Faxes Sap G+ Multichannel Adapter SAP Data Access G+ Adapter

  • [Real Experience. Real Advantage. 33

    Why Genesys

    Business Process Routing capabilities Thorough detailed response to RFP Ease of integration with SAP Certifications with SAP

    Ecosystem partner Mediu

  • [Real Experience. Real Advantage. 34

    Lessons Learned

    Having a third party (Mediu) was very useful when it came to dealing with issues between Genesys and SAP Issues resolved quickly Amount of finger pointing was reduced

    Do not wait until the last minute to start work on reporting Push scenario for emails eliminates cherry picking but

    creates other issues for users that are less desirable

  • [Real Experience. Real Advantage. 35

    Future Plans

    CRM 2007 upgrade is currently underway Spain Rollout of IC Webclient set to begin after the

    upgrade is complete Evaluation of additional functionality within the existing

    application is underway by our field services group.

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