Letter to FERC Regarding Crown Hydro from Sara Durhman

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Transcript of Letter to FERC Regarding Crown Hydro from Sara Durhman

  • 20110912-0002 FERC PDF (Unofficial) 09/12/2011 Posted by http://MillCityTimes.com Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 888 First Street, NE Washington, O.C. 20426 Iam a resident of the RiverWest Condominium Association in Minneapolis, MN and am writing to you to express my concern about the Crown Mill Hydroelectric Project, Project No. 11175-024- Minnesota. As stated in s letter from the President of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, "there is one central fact relevant to FERCs proceedings: despite numerous attempts over the last decade to obtain controi over public park land for its project, Crown Hydro has not secured MPRBs permission to do so. Most recently, at Crown Hydros request, the MPRB did attempt to reach an understanding on the conditions under which the project could proceed snd could possibly be acceptable to the MPRB. When presented with the conditions under which the MPRB could consider the project, Crown Hydro would not accept the ter~s. C~ow~ Hydro apparently believes that it is entitled to controi of pu!blic park land on terms they alone propose and no others. Neithe~ the MPRB nor any other local unit of government should agree to such sn expropriation of public park lang. At the outset, it is impertant to understand the context of the new location Crown Hydro is pro posing for use as a power generating site. The site is st the tep of the Falls of St. Anthonya place that once was the milling capitol of this country. New, nearly ail of the shore land of the Mississippi river in this area is owned by the MPRB. Along with adjacent land the MPRB hss crested a park of statewide significance in the very heart of the Gty of Minneapolis. The Mississippi Central Riverfront Perk is s statewide resource and attracts over 1,000,000 user visits each year. it is one of the top ten perks sites by visitation in the state snd is the home to nationally designated historic districts and sites. The historic 3sme!s 1. Hill Bridge connects the east and west banks of the park and acts ss a focal point along with theSt. Anthony Fails, The parks neighbors inciude thousands of homeownershundreds of businesses, the nationally renewned Gut!hrie Theater snd the second largest facility owned by t he Minnesota Historical Society. This area is truly unique because of its history and geography. " i teo sglee that the area a!round the proposed Crown Hydro site has dramatically changed since FERC granted the license for another adjacent site to the current proposed Crewn Hydro iocstion. Thirty three million dollars of local and state investment has resulted in over one billion dollars in new development in the area. There are over 7r, 060 new residents in the surrounding ares. The St. Anthony Fa8s (adj!scen!t to the propesed Crown Hydro site) is central te that development. MPRB wishes to protect that public and private investment. We believe that had this development been in place at the time of the originai evaluation of impacts, that FERC msy not have granted the [email protected] Ihave supported hydroelectric power generation, but also have a responsibiiity to myseifmy community and my city 40 protect our gfeat parks,