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WASSUP?HANI HEREA Simple and easy. Name the company he found

2BFill In The BlanksUrbane Irish nationalistRobert Wilson Lyndpublished an article, "A Defence of Superstition", in the 1 October 1921 edition of theNew Statesman, a British liberal political and cultural magazine. Lynd regarded the theatre as the second-most superstitious institution in England, after horse racing. In horse racing, Lynd asserted, to wish a man luck is considered unlucky, so "You should say something insulting such as,__________C

Name the company who said this?D

Name the Author.EAuctionWeb was founded inCalifornia, on September 3, 1995, by French-bornIranian-Americancomputer programmerPierre Omidyar(born June 21, 1967) as part of a larger personal site.One of the first items sold on AuctionWeb was a brokenlaser pointerfor $14.83.FMartin Frobisher returned to England from a voyage to find the North West Passage in 1576 with a cargo of this supposed 'gold mineral'.

The term has come to denote any apparent treasure trove that turns out to be worthless


Name the company he started. HThis sport is less commonly know as Equestrianism. Timed events ,Roping ,Rough Stock Are some of the competitions.


The original logo of what.J

Name the president?K

LLis accomplished by providing an upwardforcethat counteracts the downward force ofgravity, plus a smaller stabilizing force that pushes the object toward a home position whenever it is a small distance away from that home position. The force can be a fundamental force such as magnetic or electrostatic, or it can be a reactive force such as optical, buoyant, aerodynamic, or hydrodynamicMDuring the 18th century, a young boy playing in the garden hurts himself. A young girl helps him up and cleans the bruises. The boy falls in love with the girl and says Ill marry you when I grow upUnfortunately, the girl marries prince and becomes a queenThe boy dies due illness and the girl due to beheading.

Name the boy and the girl (both M)NName the console

OO is also called poppy tears andlachryma papaverisP#63NOTOUTTribute to which famous sportsman?

QAlcohol can currently be consumed legally in hotel bars and clubs by showing your passport for reporting and a special permit to attend the club. The question of whether alcohol was allowed to be consumed in additional areas and at the games themselves was asked, Hassan Abdulla al Thawadi, chief executive of the Q, said the Muslim state would also permit alcohol consumption during the Q. A few specific fan-zones will be set up during the event, that will provide alcohol for saleName the Event.(The Q is a place) R

Name the empire S

This game set a standard of first person shooter.It was the first FPS to be set in war time. It almost didnt get made. But S pushed it to be made and had wrote the story.Who is S T


VV was founded by fourIsraeli partners: Talmon Marco, Igor Megzinik, Sani Maroli and Ofer Smocha, withTalmon Marco as itsCEO. V was initially launched foriPhoneon December 2, 2010, in direct competition withSkype.W

Name the organizationXX was found in 1906In Rochester as The Haloid Photographic Company.It origanaly manufactured photographic paper and equipment . Name the companyYThe game was first launched by Konami in 1999. It was named the top selling trading card game in the world byGuinness World Recordson July 7, 2009, having sold over 22 billion cards worldwide as of March 31, 2011, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. Japan has sold over 25 billion cards globally since 1999. The game continues to gain popularity as it is played around the world, mostly in Japan, North America, Europe and Australia, and has been expanded with new rules and additions as the franchise grows.site.Name the gameZIn bothastrologyand historicalastronomy theZ(Greek: ,zidiakos) is a circle of twelve 30 divisions of celestial longitude that are centered upon theecliptic, the apparent path of theSunacross thecelestial sphereover the course of the year.Heres the answer A:- AmazonB:- Break A Leg C:- CNND:- Dr. sues E:- EBayF:- Fools GoldG:- Google H:- Horse Racing I:- Illuminati (confirmed) J:- JacobZumaK:- Kip ThorneL:- Levitation M:- Super ManN:- Nintendo Entertainment System O:- Opium P:- Chris PrattQ:- Qatar 2022 world cupR:- RomeS:- Steven Spielberg T:- Tasmanian devilU:- Ultimate Frisbee (If your answer is Frisbee that'll be correct)V:- ViberW:- Wiki Leaks X:- XeroxY:- Yu-Gi-OhZ:- Zodiac

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