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Lets Play Who Wants to be a Millioniare. 10 $1,000,000 9 $500,000 8 $250,000 7 $125,000 6 $64,000 5 $32,000 4 $16,000 3 $8,000 2 $4,000 1 $2,000. Q1:What does representation acknowledge?. The innate truth in texts. Texts are devoid of context. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lets PlayWho Wants to be aMillioniare1

The innate truth in textsTexts are devoid of contextMeaning is not constructedThe social construction of textsQ1:What does representation acknowledge?

10 $1,000,0009 $500,0008 $250,0007 $125,0006 $64,0005 $32,0004 $16,0003 $8,0002 $4,0001 $2,000


Well Done!


WhiteYellowOrangeBlueQ2: Which above model best describes how history and memory are traditionally represented?

10 $1,000,0009 $500,0008 $250,0007 $125,0006 $64,0005 $32,0004 $16,0003 $8,0002 $4,0001 $2,000

History: document pastMemory: personal/collective experienceHistory: personal/collective experienceMemory: document pastHistory:Factual accounts Memory: devoid of emotionHistory:Devoid of emotionMemory:Objective4


represents the effectiveness of the warrepresents the destruction of innocence that war causesSymbolises the positive attributes of war Depicts the tough decisions generals must make Q3:What is the effect on the representation of the Vietnam War by describing the hospital, school, factory as being destroyed?

10 $1,000,0009 $500,0008 $250,0007 $125,0006 $64,0005 $32,0004 $16,0003 $8,0002 $4,0001 $2,000

In Thai Binh (Peace) Province Ive used up all my film on bombed hospitals, bombed village schools, the scatteredlemon-yellow cocoons at the bombed silk-factory, 6

Splendid!The poem depicts the Vietnam War through a negative representation. It achieves this by evoking images of destroyed places that strongly symbolise peace. The poem ironically discusses that the speaker wants to forget these memories however their attempts through juxtaposition only serve to cement them into the mind of the responder. Thus the feelings of repulsion that we feel when we imagine these images are transferred to the cause of the destruction; namely the Vietnam War 7

Personification, destruction life, negative tone

Personification, rebirth, positive toneMetaphor, destruction life, negative toneMetaphor, rebirth, positive tone Q4: What technique is used in the above quote and what tone does it have on the representation of the Vietnam War?

10 $1,000,0009 $500,0008 $250,0007 $125,0006 $64,0005 $32,0004 $16,0003 $8,0002 $4,0001 $2,000

The scattered lemon-yellow cocoons at the bombed silk-factory8

Youre a Clever Cookie!Lemon-yellow cocoon metaphorically alludes to the corpses surrounding the bombed out factory. Cocoons are empty shells and evokes images of death and decay. Cocoons also suggest the potential of life which the war has prevented. Lemon-yellow serves to show the sourness of war. The overall tone is negative conveying the Vietnam War as devoid of life.


Questions its reliabilityQuestions its objectivityQuestions its validityAll of the aboveQ5: The poem uses juxtaposition to cause an emotional response towards the destruction of the war. However the speaker admits that they will only select one memory to keep. What effect does this have on the concept of memory?

10 $1,000,0009 $500,0008 $250,0007 $125,0006 $64,0005 $32,0004 $16,0003 $8,0002 $4,0001 $2,000

Another child with its feet blown off, a girl, this one, eleven years old, patient and bewildered in her home, a fragile small house of mud bricks among rice fields. So Ill use my dry burning eyes to photograph within me dark sails of the river boats, warm slant of afternoon lightand a boy and small bird both perched, relaxed, on a quietly grazing buffalo. 10

Nice One!11

HumorousMelancholyHappiness AnguishThe wooden step acts as a metaphor for the speakers memory of a past love. What tone is created in the above extract through the word splinters?

10 $1,000,0009 $500,0008 $250,0007 $125,0006 $64,0005 $32,0004 $16,0003 $8,0002 $4,0001 $2,000

The old steps live only in me: my feet and thighs remember them, and my hands still feel their splinters. A Time Past12

You Aint Wrong!The speakers admission that memory is selected and that some memories are repressed calls into question the validity of memory. However it is interesting that despite this admission both memories are actually published and in fact give a fuller representation of Vietnam and the war. 13

represents her husbands change in love towards herThat the steps looks niceThat the steps represents her desire for changeThat her husbands love has increased overtimeQ7:What is the effect of the personification of the granite as handsome have on the meaning of the poem?

10 $1,000,0009 $500,0008 $250,0007 $125,0006 $64,0005 $32,0004 $16,0003 $8,0002 $4,0001 $2,000

those wooden stepsare gone now, decayed,replaced with granite,hard, gray, and handsome. 14

Amazing!The steps are also used to signify the historical significance of the event for the speaker. The ancient wooden stairs being replaced by granite steps is reminiscent of the change of historical periods. Levertov is thus representing personal experience (the domain of Memory) as important and valid as History. 15Viewer questionYour task is to write 200 words on the below question and bring it in by next lesson. Best answer will win a prize.

A Time Past is depicting the memory of a personal event (i.e. breakdown in marriage). Does Levertovs representation of the event increase the validity of the concept of memory? How does she achieve/not achieve this? (Make reference to at least two techniques and their effect)

That history isolates peopleThat he has a big familyHistory is a collective experienceThat family is more important than friends10 $1,000,0009 $500,0008 $250,0007 $125,0006 $64,0005 $32,0004 $16,0003 $8,0002 $4,0001 $2,000

What effect does the hyperbole have on the representation of history and memory in the above extract?In houses like these your family of millions, Polacks, Wops, Scotch-Irish, people shut now into projects, A Letter to Marek about a Photograph 17

Top of the Class!Levertov blurs the lines of what is history and what is memory. The hyperbole is used to create a shared identity amongst those that are marginalised. Moreover memories are validated as being able to produce the unwritten history of the oppressed.18

Traditional models of genre should be adhered toGenre is constructed and can be subvertedGenre should limit composers Composers should not subvert genreWhat effect does the Letter to Marek being written as a poem have on the concept of literary genre?10 $1,000,0009 $500,0008 $250,0007 $125,0006 $64,0005 $32,0004 $16,0003 $8,0002 $4,0001 $2,000


Magnificent !The purpose of Mareks poetry is depicted as being a tool to record a marginalised peoples history; blurring the lines between the supposed distinct constructs of history and memory. This is corroborated by the fact that this is supposed to be a letter to Marek however it does not adhere to the structural elements of a letter. Hence it serves to symbolise the blurring of genre/conceptual frameworks and the purpose of texts literary production.20

Suggests that poetry dilutes historical truthAlludes to the negative impact of povertySymbolises the empowerment that poetry provides when it records history Symbolises the speakers disillusionment of poetry to tell history10 $1,000,0009 $500,0008 $250,0007 $125,0006 $64,0005 $32,0004 $16,0003 $8,0002 $4,0001 $2,000

What effect does the metaphor of thermometer and the personification of human ideals have on the representation of history?

to lift griefs out of the blind pit of unknowing, placing glass and mercury under the tongue of dreams magical quicksilver that measures the fever it is to be human. 21

Congratulations!YOU WIN !!!!One Million Dollars!