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Why UX Practitioners and Marketing Researchers need to take the lead in working together to enhance the user experience and what you can do about it New trends in marketing and marketing research will profoundly impact UX designers and researchers. This IGNITE presentation is an introduction to a series presented at the UPA 2012 international conference meant to start the conversation re: what you can do to get the two disciplines to play well together to better serve the customer, elevate the importance of UX within the organization, and ensure the success of your business.

Transcript of Let's get Together People: IGNITE UPA 2012

  • 1. Lets get Together, People:Why UX Practitioners and Marketing Researchers need tojoin forces NOW. David Kozatch, DIG @dkozatch
  • 2. Marketing/UX Marketing Sales Guys Research the floo
  • 3. Were different.
  • 4. Marketing Research Left brain Poke stick at: users Practical, measurable actions and responses Right brain Poke stick at: customers Emotional responsesUX Practitioners
  • 5. Marketing Research Achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency, a nd satisfaction in a specified context of use as defined by ISO 9241-11 Deliver a compelling brand message, or promise, that leads to a saleUX Practitioners
  • 6. Marketing ResearchHuman factors / HCIInformation design LogicComputer science Sociology Psychology Anthropology StatisticsUX Practitioners
  • 7. Marketing ResearchUX Practitioners
  • 8. Marketing Research How users relate to proprietary Technology Customer needs and desires as they relate to the BrandUX Practitioners
  • 9. WTF? UX
  • 10. TheBig 5. 1. Surveys(plus 1) 2. Focus Groups 3. Personal interviews 4. Observation/Ethnography 5. Field trials/test markets 6. Big Data/Analytics
  • 11. The heat is on.
  • 12. Customer Journey.Old1. Awareness2. Consideration3. Inquiry4. Purchase5. Retention
  • 13. Customer Journey. NewOld 1. Awareness1. Awareness 2. Consideration2. Consideration 3. Trial3. Inquiry 4. Conversion4. Purchase 5. Loyalty5. Retention 6. Advocacy
  • 14. Persuasive design. Convert to a user or the dog gets it!
  • 15. Trust = Loyalty?
  • 16. Net Promoter Score. % % Detractors (0-6) NPS Promoters (9-10)
  • 17. a.k.a TheBeyonce Score If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it
  • 18. Advocacy.
  • 19. (New) Customer Journey.. Advocacy Awareness Loyalty Consideration Conversion Trial
  • 20. Gamification, data mining, Web 2.0, Off- site web analytics, etc.UX MR