Lessons in Enabling Effective Procurement Change

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Transcript of Lessons in Enabling Effective Procurement Change

  • Lessons in Enabling Effective

    Procurement Change

  • Improving Procurement is Not Easy

    Most procurement initiatives aim to reduce costs and improve quality

    Yet many of them fail to deliver on these promises

    Neglecting change management is the most important cause of failure

  • Drive the Change from the Top

    1. Ensure the initiative is led by the senior management

    3. Determine what is to be achieved and how the change will be managed and measured

    2. Create a map of the existing purchasing processes and a blueprint for the future

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    Consult Your People

    Stakeholders may resist the change by arguing that it lacks an understanding of frontline priorities

    Identify and address their concerns as it may reveal risks that were ignored previously


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    Come to a Consensus

    Stakeholders need to understand the reasons for the change and approve of the end results

    People may be unclear about what they should expect if the initiatives seem like a never-ending list


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    Take Steps to Change the Mindset

    Employees invested in the existing practices might believe that they are protecting the company from a mistake

    Build a more attractive and transparent approach for people to accept change and become enthusiastic advocates


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    Communicate Effectively

    Use effective communication channels and reach out to your stakeholders

    Customize all communications to understand and manage the perceptions of your audience

    Keep communication two-way: listen to and understand the concerns of your stakeholders


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    Train Your Staff

    Employees often worry about whether or Not they possess the required skills to continue with their jobs

    Take an early lead to help the staff adapt to their new roles


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    Keep Your Eye on the Prize

    Discard the old processes when you adopt new ones

    Avoid demonstrating a lack of organizational support by using both new and old processes simultaneously

    Always focus on the bigger objective


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    Make Your Change a Success

    Manage stakeholders and assess the impact of the change

    Train your staff and showcase the benefits of the program

    Push for cultural and behavioral change

    Engage those affected By the change


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    Lessons in Enabling

    Effective Procurement


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