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Page 1: Lesson Plan Template - Palm Beach State College · PDF fileLesson Plan Template I. Lesson ... In order to plan an effective lesson this section must include a detailed ... receiving

Lesson Plan Template

I. Lesson Data:

First & Last Name:

Lesson Title: Provide a name to distinguish and identify this lesson content.

Subject/Content Area and Grade Level:

Group Size (individual, small group, whole class):

Setting of Lesson: Classroom factors (physical features, scheduling, classroom management)

Estimated Length of Lesson: minutes/hours/days

Standards: FEAP (a) 1. a. List the standards that will be followed and taught during the lesson. Simply notate which standard it is by letter and number and indicate whether it is a state or national standard. http://www.floridastandards.org/Standards/FLStandardSearch.aspx

II. Instructional Data

Objectives/Learning Outcomes: FEAP (a) 1. c.; (a) 2. c.

The lesson plan includes statements that describe desired learning outcomes in Precise, Measurable, and

Achievable terms. (See Appendix A) These are specific statements of what regular education students should

be able to demonstrate following a lesson. Objectives can be: (1) behavioral which state specific measurable and

observable behaviors; (2) problem solving- which state a problem to be solved, but allow for individual, unique

solutions within the stated parameters; or (3) expressive _ which allow for individual, creative responses.

Furthermore, because all children have different strengths and limitations, teachers must adapt the instructional

goals to meet every child’s learning needs.

III. Instructional Process

Prerequisite: FEAP (a) 1. b.

List or explain information/ background knowledge students will need in order to understand the lesson.

Vocabulary/Word Bank: Identify and define comprehensible to the audience the words, term, or key concepts

that will be needed to facilitate understanding.

Materials/Resources/Technology: FEAP (a) 2. g.

Include a list of materials necessary for the effective planning, instruction and implementation of the entire

lesson plan. Any item that is written in the lesson plan must be listed in the materials. Materials may include

websites, PowerPoint, text books, curriculum manuals, worksheets, visual aids, manipulative, references,

supplies, etc. *Copies of reading materials, homework assignments, and handouts should be attached to this


Anticipatory Set: FEAP (a) 2. a.; (a) 2. b.

State how you will gain student attention, what the purpose of the lesson is and why. This introduction must be

motivational. The opening of the lesson grabs the attention, motivates and engages students and builds and/or

activates background knowledge. Include teacher and student actions. The anticipatory set should not be listed

in the main body/procedure.

Main Activity/Presentation: FEAP (a) 1. f.; (a) 2. e. ;(a) 2. d.

Page 2: Lesson Plan Template - Palm Beach State College · PDF fileLesson Plan Template I. Lesson ... In order to plan an effective lesson this section must include a detailed ... receiving

(Include time estimates and all factors-content, skills-strategies-methods, grouping, if applicable, step-by-step

activities for both teacher and students-and time estimates.) Hierarchically outline each step in a logical order

as a script with detail. Each step must be objective oriented and include behaviors that model and demonstrate

interactive methods, different types of practice, and a variety of teaching strategies. Include ways to check for

understanding. This section includes all steps that would be taken when teaching the lesson including all

activities, discussions, worksheets, readings, questions, etc. In order to plan an effective lesson this section must

include a detailed sequential description of every component of the lesson. The lesson plan should be clearly

written such that a substitute/supply teacher is able to implement your lesson plan.

Instructional Strategies

Questioning Techniques

Teacher/Student Talk

Teacher Guided Practice

Checking for understanding throughout the Lesson

Reinforcement/Student Practice


Closure/Ending: Summarize and review key points of the lesson. Describe to students how this lesson is

oriented to unit goals and explain extension activities. The lesson plan includes closure that wraps up the

lesson and helps organize the information into a meaningful context in their minds. A brief teacher’s summary

or overview is often appropriate. Another helpful activity is to engage students in a quick discussion about what

exactly they learned and what it means to them now. Recognize student accomplishments. These questions

may be helpful examples:

What did you learn today?

Why did you learn it?

Assessment Plan/Evaluation: FEAP (a) 1. d.; (a) 4. a.-f.

(Include tests, quizzes, worksheets, graphic organizers, and/or rubrics.) The lesson plan includes assessments

that are directly tied to the objectives of the lesson. The assessment plan fully measures and evaluates the

objectives using formative and summative assessments. The assessment plan includes guided practice and

reinforcement/independent work. Examples: graphic organizers, discussions, learning centers, experiments,

tests/exams, quizzes, journal writing, portfolio, anecdotal records, observations, report writing, reflections,

rubrics, rating scales, projects.

Accommodations/ Modifications: FEAP (a) 2. h.; (a) 2. i.

The lesson plan gives examples of how the teacher will adapt the lesson to meet the needs of diverse learners

(e.g. ELL, students with learning delays, special needs, gifted, remedial, IEP’s, etc.). (See Appendix B)

Extension/Follow-up Activities/Connections: FEAP (b) 1. c. List any homework assigned as an extension of this lesson. Also list any ideas for parents or caregivers to be

able to extend the learning of this concept at home.

Management Techniques: FEAP (a) 2. b. ; (a) 2. f.

In brief, describe your classroom management system that you will be utilizing during the lesson. Example:

Students will be required to follow all classroom rules that are clearly displayed in the classroom environment.

In addition, any student that does not follow rules will receive a maximum of two warnings before consequences

for behavior are implemented. At this school, positive behavior is encouraged and rewarded through students

receiving additional free computer time, positive notes home to parents as well as coupons they can use to

purchase healthy snacks in the cafeteria.

Page 3: Lesson Plan Template - Palm Beach State College · PDF fileLesson Plan Template I. Lesson ... In order to plan an effective lesson this section must include a detailed ... receiving

IV. Process Analysis

Reflection and Self- Evaluation: FEAP (a) 1. e.; (b) 1. a.; (b) 1. b.; (b) 1. d.

After teaching the lesson, assess student achievement with the intended goals and objectives. Describe the

evidence. Explain the strengths and weaknesses including how to improve the lesson. Include your goals

for improvement.

Attention Students

It is mandatory that a self-evaluation be completed for each lesson plan immediately following the teaching of

the lesson. The self-evaluation should address the the following areas:

(1) Did the students accomplish the objectives? Explain in detail how you know whether they either did or did not. Did you evaluate your formative and summative assessments? Did you assign homework? Did they make a visible product? Did you have to keep explaining the assignment? Why?

(2)What were the strengths of the lesson? What did you do well?

(3) What areas of the lesson need to be improved? What would you do differently when you taught this lesson again?

(4) What additional professional development would help you plan and teach this lesson more effectively?

The self-evaluations can be hand-written on the plan or typed (this may vary with each supervisor) and attached

to the plan. Please date the self-evaluation.

Students must complete the three-part lesson plan evaluation following the teaching of every lesson. This is

mandatory! Failure to evaluate the lesson plans by the next day may result in the student’s final score being



See Appendix A & B