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  • 1. + Lesson 4: Face-to-Face Contacts Mamas Subs

2. + Face-to-Face (F2F) Contacts Mastering F2F contacts is a process that involves three steps: 1. Greeting the customer 2. Helping the customer 3. Ending the interaction These steps outline the process of F2F interaction from the moment customers walk in the door (greeting the customer) through the ordering process (helping the customer) to the moment they complete their order (ending the interaction) 3. + F2F Contacts By the end of this lesson you should know: How to greet every customer while making a good impression How to show and tell when helping a customer How to effectively and efficiently help a customer How to leave a good last impression when ending an interaction with a customer 4. + Step 1: Greeting the Customer In lesson 1, you learned how to make a good impression However, there will be occasions where, no matter how hard you try to look professional, you cannot accomplish this E.g., a customer may not like the way you look for no rational reason When this happens, your first words will go a long way to begin building your customer service foundation 5. + Greeting the Customer Greet every customer A quick smile, and interested look, and a friendly greeting will show customers that you are genuinely happy they chose Mamas Subs A friendly greeting will help overcome any negative vibes the customer may pick up when they are forming their first impression Make sure to greet every customer when they walk through the door or walk up to the ordering station 6. + Greeting the Customer Make an impressionable opening statement What you say is important in presenting yourself and Mamas Subs to the customer Add something to let them know you are happy they walked through the door Hi! Welcome to Mamas Subs, where we make sub as good as mama does When you say more than hello, you send the message to the customers that you are interested in them and appreciate their choosing Mamas Subs 7. + Greeting the Customer Explain to them how you can help and give them your name After greeting customers and making an impressionable open statement, ask how you can help: Hi! Welcome to Mamas Subs, where we make subs as good as mama does. My name is Sue and Im here to take your order. What can I get started for you today? Tune into your customers Pay close attention to customers body language, make eye contact, and smile at customers If they are not responding positively, pick up on the emotional clues Respond accordingly to their attitude and mood When you are interested in the customers, you will be able to pick up on these cues and respond appropriately 8. + Step 2: Helping the Customer After greeting the customers, it is now time to help them during the ordering process During each interaction, pay attention to that one customer and nothing else Show that you are interested in helping by listening actively and making eye contact 9. + Helping the Customer Show and Tell Whether you are taking orders, making subs, ringing customers up, or delivering the subs to tables, it is important that you either show or tell them what they are looking for If a customer is asking where something is located (e.g., restrooms), show them rather than pointing in the direction If a customer is asking about the product (e.g., combo deals), tell them about it and offer a good description rather than simply pointing to it on the menu Make the most of your question and answer period Remember to ask the correct questions and give the correct answers Also remember how to identify customers needs If a customer asks for a specific sub, ask questions to make sure you make it exactly the way they want 10. + Helping the Customer Know when to back off Pick up on customers cues to determine whether you should up-sell Dont be overbearing; up-selling subs is one thing, but you can quickly cross the line into the realm of bothersome if you dont back off when the customer is set on their decision Effectiveness and efficiency are important Being effective means finding the right solution for your customers needs Knowing your products and services is key during this If you are unsure of your customers needs, ask a manager or coworker to help find the right solution Being efficient means finding the best solution quickly You can be knowledgeable, but if you take too long to come up with a solution, you are going to lose ground with your customer 11. + Step 3: Ending the Interaction Customers are going to remember something about their visit to Mamas Subs Whether they come in just the one time or whether they are repeat customers, it is your job to make their visit memorable by making them feel valued 12. + Ending the Interaction Find the right solution When you find the right solution, your customers will feel good about coming to you for help Sometimes you may not have any solution to offer, but even if you are unable to give them what they need, show them you tried your best Make sure the customer is satisfied After you have asked the right questions, identified customers needs, and have found the best solution, go one step further to make sure the customer is satisfied If you know they are happy, validate their decision (Youre going to love this sub. It is delicious.) If you feel the customer is unsure or hesitant, ask them if they need any more assistance (Do you have any questions about the menu items?) If you are unable to find the right solution, apologize (Im sorry we couldnt help you with ________ today) 13. + Ending the Interaction Acknowledge customers for coming to Mamas Subs Always let your customers know that you appreciate their business Thank you for choosing Mamas Subs today! We hope you enjoyed your visit! Please come again soon! This step is key to leaving a good last impression of Mamas Subs