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Lesson 4 Day 4

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  • 1. Lesson 4Day 4

2. Question of the Day What is your special talent? What talent would you most like tohave? Why would you like to have thistalent more than any other?T336 3. Read Aloud Why might we want to read the storyJumping for Joy? To learn or enjoyT337 4. Read Aloud 5. Read Aloud What did Kiana wish for? Why did she wish for summer?t337 6. There are three different ways toform plurals.Adding s dog; dogsAdding es fox; foxesChanging y to an i and adding esbaby; babiesT339 7. Tell whether each plural noun wasformed by adding s, es, or changing they to an i and adding es.clockspartiescatsfoxesdimesspiesbenchesprizesadd schange y to i, add esadd sadd esadd schange y to i, add esadd esadd sT338 8. How many syllables do you hear?clockclockspartypartiesT338 9. Some nouns add a syllablewhen they are made plural.placeplacesfoxfoxesbenchbenchesfacefacesT338 10. ants, toys, flies, things, boxes, games, lines, rocks, wishes, ladies,dishes, babies, bushes, glasses, puppies, families, libraries, brothers,packages, melodiesSort the words into the correct column.Noun + s Noun + es Change y to iantsboxesfliestoyswishesladiesthingsdishesbabiesgamesbushespuppieslinesglassesfamiliesrockslibrariesbrothersmelodiespackagesT338 11. Good readers read at acomfortable, steady pace and donot stumble over words.Good readers: pronounce words clearly listen to themselves read to checktheir reading pace.T340 12. As I read a passage from Ellen Ochoa,Astronaut, I am going to read at aneven speed so that I do not stumblewhen I get to a harder word. I amgoing to listen to myself read to hearif I am getting slower or speeding upwhen I should not be.Turn to page 124-125.Turn and read page 124 with yourpartner.Listen as I read.T340 13. Ellen Ochoa waited for another chanceto become an astronaut. While shewaited, she joined a space researchcenter. There she helped astronautslearn more about space. She learned tofly a plane and found that she loved tofly. Read the passage with me. Read the passage with a partner. 14. Locate Information Remember when you use information from a book,they need to list the title, author, publisher, andcopyright dates.Index: An index is an alphabetical list found in theback of a book. An index lists topics, people, andplaces mentioned in the book and their pagenumbers. An index is helpful when searching for acertain word or topic in a book. 15. Locate InformationAldrin, Buzz, 13, 15 Dunbar, Bonnie, 25, 28, 30Armstrong, Neil, 13, 14, 15 Endeavour, 44, 47, 48Collins, Eileen, 35, 38 Foale, Michael, 55, 57Collins, Michael, 23, 26 Glenn, John, 5, 7, 9Columbia, 44, 45, 46 Jemison, Mae, 45, 67, 70Discovery, 55, 56 Ride, Sally, 23, 25, 47As you noticed the index is categorized alphabetically. If youwere trying to find out about Sally Ride, you would look for thewords Ride, Sally. On what pages would you find Sally Ride? 16. Use a Dictionary A dictionary provides information about manywords. Remember that dictionaries list wordsin alphabetical order to make words easy tofind. Guide words at the tops of the pageshelp you find the correct page on which anentry word is listed. The information in anentry includes: How the word is spelled What the word means How the word is pronounced Whether the word is a noun, a verb, oranother part of speech 17. Use a Dictionary Doctor (doc ter) Noun .1 a person who treats people whenthey are sick verb 2. to change something, to change howsomething looks. Im not sure how to say the word or what it means as I read.I find the entry word for mound on a page in the dictionary.To see how its pronounced, I look at the word inparentheses. I say mound. I then notice that mound is anoun. I see that it has two meanings numbered 1 and 2. Ithink about how the word is used in the sentence and checkmy idea with the two definitions in the dictionary entry. Mound (maund) Noun 1. a heap of something such as dirt orpotatoes. 2 the raised area in the middle of a baseballdiamond, from which the pitcher throws the ball. 18. What information can be found on atitle or copyright page? title, author, publisher, publicationdateWhen will you need this information? When you need to cite where you gotinformation.T341 19. The glossary is like a mini-dictionarylocated at the back of manynonfiction books. A glossary contains definitions forwords that are used in that book. As you are reading and come across aword you do not know, one place youcan look for information about thewords meaning is the glossary.T341 20. Use your Reading book tolook up the following words: persevere Do you have to persevere through ahard math problem?T341-343 21. confidence Tell about a moment when you havehad confidence.T341-343 22. ambitious Raise your hand if you are ambitious.T341-343 23. attain Name a goal you would like to attain.T341-343 24. inventiondisappointed Thumbs up if you think a person whocreated an invention would bedisappointed in these situations. The invention breaks when it is firstused. The invention is a hit. The invention does not work.T341-343 25. talentedapply Why would an employer be glad tohave a talented person apply for ajob?T341-343 26. research Raise your hand if what I name issomething you would have toresearch before you write about it. a biography of an astronaut a newsletter about a trip a story about a prince a report about spaceT341-343 27. 1. Puppys and Kittens are often goodfriends.2. dont drop those bowl and spoon.3. How many box can you carry!T344Puppies kD bowls spoonsboxes?^ 28. Compound Subjects &Predicates The subject is who or what asentence is about. A compound subject has more thanone subject. For example: Dolphins and whales live in theocean. Dolphins and whales is a compoundsubject. 29. Compound Subjects &Predicates A predicate is what the suject does. A compound predicate has more thanone verb. For example: The twin girls sang and rode bicycles. sang and rode is the compoundpredicate. 30. Compound Subjects andPredicates Find the compound subject in this sentence. Jeffrey and Anna wash the dishes. Jeffrey and Anna Find the compound predicate in this sentence. Louise sweeps and mops the floor. sweeps and mops the floor. Write 2 sentences about chores. One needs to have a compoundsubject and the other one needs a compound predicate.T344 31. Writing:A Biography Is the story of a real persons life astold by another person. Begins when the person is born or isvery young. Is usually told in time order. Gives dates and place names. Includes facts about what the personhas done. Uses he or she, his or her.T345 32. Writing:A Biography Remember that the organization of abiography is very important. Presenting events in the order inwhich they happened and includingdates or ages guides the reader as heor she reads a persons life story.T345