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A presentation to West Island School Council on Monday 5th December 2011

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  • 1. Learning TechnologiesReport to West Island School Council05th December 2011

2. Laptops Learning Future 3. Laptop Induction TueWedThur FriLaptops IssuedMovie maker Presentation Parental FinaleWISDOMFeedbackHome 4. Laptop Induction - FeedbackHome 5. ePortfolios Wisdom Secondee Learning TechnologyStaff PD Learning Tech Coaches CollaborationWisdom Home 6. Wisdom ePortfolio View Learning 7. Learning 8. Words of WisdomLearning 9. JohnJohnJonny ScienceTracy LanguagesFiona EnglishTonyPerforming ArtsKelly Individual NeedsLukeDesign TechnologyLearning 10. Top 10 Tech ToolsLearning 11. http://youtu.be/TIv2R3Ci-ecLearning 12. The FutureTechnicalLearning Tech ThemeLaptop Roll Out Capturing PerformanceExtend Staff CPD Opportunities The TempestTech Audit Dart FishKeep up to Date Home