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Transcript of Leaders of tomorrow - · PDF file 14 Sarah Baron 21 Ethan Myhre 22 Noah Myhre 23 Chase Airey...

  • July 25-29 • Brandon, ManitoBa

    official Show PrograM

    tomorrow Leaders of

  • [wedneSday, July 25] 8:00-12:00 Cattle Arrive/Weigh-in/Registration Canada Room 12:00-1:00 Lunch UCT Pavilion 1:00-3:30 Educational Seminars UCT Pavilion 4:00-5:00 Chores Canada Room 5:00-6:00 Supper JMB Charolais, Brookdale 6:15-8:00 Cook Off JMB Charolais, Brookdale

    [thurSday, July 27] 8:00-9:00 Breakfast/Morning Announcements UCT Pavilion 9:00-12:00 Individual Judging/Little Chars Canada Room 12:00-1:00 Lunch UCT Pavilion 1:00-4:00 Team Judging/Team Marketing Canada Room 4:00-4:30 Chores 5:00 Keep & Cull/Supper HTA Charolais, Rivers

    [friday, July 28] 8:00-9:00 Breakfast/Morning Announcements 9:00-9:15 Group Photo 9:30-12:30 Showmanship Canada Room 12:30-1:30 Lunch, UCT Pavilion 1:30-4:30 Team Grooming/Individual Marketing Junior Radio Ad, Canada Room 4:30-5:00 Chores 5:00-5:30 Provincial Meetings 5:30 Supper/Activity Bull Test Station, Douglas

    [Saturday, July 29] 8:30-9:30 Breakfast/Morning Announcements UCT Pavilion 10:30-11:30 CCYA AGM, UCT Pavilion 11:45-12:30 Lunch UCT Pavilion 12:30-1:00 Closing Ceremonies Canada Room 1:45-4:00 Conformation Canada Room 4:30-5:00 Chores/Cattle Released 6:30 Banquet/Awards UCT Pavilion

    [conforMation JudgeS] Carman & Donna Jackson

    Donna and Carman Jackson own and operate High Bluff Stock Farm at Inglis, Manitoba; a 200 head Charolais and Sim- mental cattle operation and registered seed grain farm. Next year the Jackson family will host their 16th annual bull sale in March at the farm. Donna and Carman have had the privi- lege of showing and judging at cattle shows across Western Canada and have sold their genetics worldwide. Carman and Donna have five adult daughters who grew up active in 4-H beef as well as the Canadian Charolais Youth program. Donna and Carman were honoured to receive the Canadian Cha- rolais Youth Association Honouree award in 2014 for their work with the youth in Charolais industry.

    [Barn BoSSeS] Scott Baron & Megan Kemp

    [Schedule of eventS]

    [national Board] President: Shelby Evans Vice President: Wyatt Ching Treasurer: Aidan Jamieson Secretary: Raelynne Rosso Directors: Bret Marshall, Keegan Blehm, Tyson Black, Bradley Fergus

    [ccya Show executiveS] President: Lindsay Verway Vice President: Keegan Blehm Treasurer: Randi Verway Secretary: Kiernan Olson Provincial Advisors: Karen Black, ON; Donna Jackson, MB; Suzanne Smyth, SK; Kasey Phillips, AB

    Youth Coordinator: Kirstin Sparrow

  • [welcoMe][ManitoBa] 6 Claire Ramsey 11 Madisyn Robertson 12 Lukas Cavers 13 Fischer Cavers 14 Sarah Baron 21 Ethan Myhre 22 Noah Myhre 23 Chase Airey 27 Brandon Allison 30 Zach Baron 31 Jaylin Hill 36 Kiernan Olson 37 Megan Perih 42 Randi Verwey 51 Keegan Blehm 59 Lindsay Verwey 75 Myra Ramsey 77 Blake Airey 78 Brynn Steppler 79 Brayden Steppler

    [SaSkatchewan] 1 Ava Wielgosz 2 Anna Wielgosz 7 Kaycee Buchanan 8 Saige Buchanan 10 Kira Dagg 15 Morgan Debenham 16 Haley Debenham 17 Matthew Howe 18 Jorja Beck 19 Cole Marcinkoski 26 Dakota Williams 28 Justin Harcourt 29 Christina Franks 33 Mason Beck 34 Kaden Beck 40 Hillary Sauder 41 Will Rosso 43 Cassidi Elder 45 Calina Evans 47 Wyatt Ching 48 Haley Rosso 49 Larissa Rutten 50 Dale Weinbender 53 Kylie Beck 54 Shelby Evans 57 Raelynne Rosso 58 Dylan Grieve 72 Carter Wielgosz 76 Elise Howe

    [alBerta] 3 Cade Wright 24 Braden Scott 25 Sarah Scott 44 Kord Phillips 55 Bret Marshall 73 Jack Wright

    [ontario] 4 Brett Tupling 5 Griffin Tupling 9 Brooklyn Cramp 32 Bryce Fergus 35 Halle Packer 39 Tyson Black 46 Tayler Aldcorn 52 Bradley Fergus 56 Zach Hammell 74 Bennett Tupling

    [QueBec] 20 Tiffany Frost 38 Samantha Frost

    [international] 60 George Hollinshead, UK 61 Alizah Fogden, Australia 62 Heidi Nicholls, Australia 63 Emil Martensson, Sweden 64 Patrik Gustafsson, Sweden 65 Vladimir Chytka, Czech 66 Marko Kruusimagi, Estonia 67 Dirgis Joemaa, Estonia 68 Lucy Collin, New Zealand 69 Mark Whelan, Ireland 70 Michael Carey, Ireland 71 Teanna Simpson, USA

    My name is Lindsay Verwey, President of the Manitoba Junior Charolais Association, on behalf of this year’s conference planning committee I’d like to welcome you to the CCYA 2018 Manitoba conference! This year we have chosen Brandon’s Keystone Centre as our venue for this awesome event and it has already proven to be a hit with 79 juniors registered. We are all so excited to have you all here in the Wheat City and have a busy four days planned for everyone. Brandon has so much to offer from The Daly House Museum dating back to the late 1800’s to the Riverbank Discovery Centre that has beautiful walking paths down by the Assiniboine River. Not to mention it has countless of activities such as Thunderbird Bowling, Ambush Outdoor Paintball and Kickin’ Axe Throwing to name a few! We hope you will take some time to explore this great city. Joining us as well this year are twelve international participants! These seniors are from the United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Estonia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United States, we hope they will find Canada to be as friendly and welcoming as we are known for being! I would also like to encourage parents to volunteer, this is an event for juniors to teach juniors, but there is always a need for a hand such as holding a steer for the judging classes or handing out snacks throughout the day! Lastly, thank you all so much for taking the time to register and come out for this event, these conferences are a great learning experience for everyone and always a good time spending time with so many young people who are all equally as passionate about the beef industry. Don’t feel intimidated to approach any member as this is a fun and friendly event created to connect the youth of our industry and the friendships made here are worth much more than any of the competitions!

    Sincerely, Lindsay Verwey

    Manitoba Junior Charolais Association President

  • [herdSMan] All participants with or without cattle will be split into groups The idea of the herdsman group is to challenge all competitors to work as a team and to help each other with the daily tasks of having cattle at a show. This means all competitors will lend a helping hand with morning and evening chores, keeping their area clean and to help one another out. This is also a competition and secret judges will be around the barn to see how well your team works together, how clean you stall and animals are, and may be looking for creativity of your stall display. Most of all this is to create a unique experience to make lifelong friendships and learn important skills for the future.

    Champion Group: _____________________ Reserve Group: _______________________

    [PhotograPhy] Judge: candace By The photography competition looks for clarity, quality, originality and relationship to the Charolais industry. Take your camera out when the flowers are blooming in the pasture or during calving season, during sunset or sunrise, use different effects and contrast to make your picture stand out! Presentation and/or framing is not permitted. When printing your picture out, remember that it can’t be any bigger than 8 x 10. Pictures entered in past competitions will not be accepted.

    JR Champion: _______________________ Reserve JR: _______________________ INT Champion: _______________________ Reserve INT: _______________________ SR Champion: _______________________ Reserve SR: _______________________

    [art] Judge: candace By All artwork must be done by the youth submitting it. The artwork must depict something directly related to the Charolais industry. It cannot contain photographs. Any medium may be used: pencil, crayon, pastel, paint, fabric, wood, clay, etc. Originality is the key. Presentation and/or framing are encouraged but no points are awarded on this basis. Artwork must be brought to the conference and entered when you register. Only one entry per exhibitor will be accepted. The highest placing between photography and artwork competitions will be used in aggregate and scholarship points. Artwork entered in past competitions will not be accepted.

    JR Champion: _______________________ Reserve JR: _______________________ INT Champion: _______________________ Reserve INT: _______________________ SR Champion: _______________________ Reserve SR: _______________________

    grouP 1 Bret Marshall Larissa Rutten Noah Myhre Ethan Myhre Blake Airey Sarah Scott Megan Perih George Hollinshead

    grouP 6 Shelby Evans Calina Evans Elise Howe Matthew Howe Brynn Steppler Brayden Steppler Randi Verwey Lucy Collin

    grouP 2 Raelynne Rosso Hillary Sauder Haley Rosso Will Rosso Fischer Cavers Samantha Frost Tiffany Frost Zach Baron Alizah Fogden

    grouP 7 Wyatt Ching Tyson Black Haley Debenham Kylie Beck Christina Franks Chase Airey Braden Scott Brandon Allison Mark Whelan

    grouP 3 Dale Weinbender Cassidi Elder Lukas Cavers Sarah Baron Brooklyn Cramp Cole Marcinkoski Dakota Williams Heidi Nicholls

    grouP 9 Bradley Fergus Jaylin Hill Kaycee Buchanan Sage Buchanan Kaden Beck Myra Ramsey Anna Wielgosz Teanna Simpson

    grouP 4 Dylan Grieve Justin Harcourt Bryce Fergus Tayler Aldcorn Zach Hammell Brett Tupling Griffin Tupling Bennett Tupling Emil Martensson

    grouP 5 Lindsay Verwey Kiernan Olson Morgan Debenham Mason Beck Claire Ramsey Cart