Latest Trends of Webdesign

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Latest Trends Of Web Design [email protected]
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Here are some interesting facts about latest trends of webdesign.

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2. [email protected] HTML5 Bot h HTML5 and CSS3 make websit eseasier t o build and link wit h social t ools. HTML5 enables t he designer anddeveloper t o creat e mor e readable codeand build layout s t hat ar e semant icallymeaningf ul.Itint r oduces advancedf eat ur es t hat help you st r uct ur e mar k- up. Some of t he int er est ing f eat ur es ar eAPI s, dr agging, dr awing gr aphics on scr een,canvas, keygen, out put and pr ogr ess. 3. [email protected] CSS3 CSS3 is t he lat est module of CSS, I t smuch more advanced set of f eat ur es makest his new version t he t ool of t he f ut ur e. Some dist inct ive aspect s of CSS3 aref eat ur es like " bor der r adius" , " boxshadow" , mult iple backgr ound images andt ext shadow. Animat ions wit h CSS3 ar e made easy,subt le and light weight . 4. [email protected] Minimalism helps easier t o navigat e andcomprehend. Minimalism st yle of designing a websit ecreat es a f eeling of space and light . By t he removal of super f luous element sand by ret aining only essent ial element s,minimalist designs enhance t he messageand dr aw in t he user . Minimalist ic appr oach is needed f orwebsit es t o be mobile- f riendly, compat ibleand accessible. 5. www.thenetresearcher.comfkhan[email protected] Designers have st ar t ed t o uset ypogr aphy an int egr al part of t heover all work r at her t han a liabilit y andt his t r end will be mor e clear ly seen in2011. Wit h HTML5, CSS3, and newt ypogr aphy pr ogr ams, t her e will bemany f ont s available t hat do not slowdown search engine opt imizat ion. A new trend has begun to gain strength and thats utilizing big and bold fonts with the exclusive intention of grab the surfers attention. 6. [email protected] Textured Backgrounds The grunge look t hat was so popular dur ing t he ninet ies hasbeen r eint erpret ed and adapt ed t o t he pr esent t ime, wit h anew st yle of combining gr ungy t ext ur es along wit h cleanint er f aces and bold t ypef aces. 7. [email protected] Page Websites One pay layout s our like business car ds and are becoming acommon medium f or users t o get st raight t o t he point- skills/ ser vices/ product s t hat t he sit e is of f er ing. The challenge f or designer s is t o put ever yt hing you need ina single page in a way t hat will get t he user at t ent ion andint er est . I t s a great way t o have a large impact wit h a small amountof cont ent . 8. [email protected] Logos / Headers To make an unf orget t able impr ession ont he visit or, t he t rend f or 2011 will beover sized logos on an equally over sizedheader . Since a header is t he f irst impression acust omer get s large and int er act iveheaders wit h special of f ers, pr omot ions,and calls t o act ion help incr ease t henumber of conversions a websit e cr eat es. 9. [email protected] Hand-drawn Designs Hand drawn element s will be seen innavigat ion bars, as backgrounds, asaccent ing element s, or as an ent ir e sit et heme. Hand drawn element s give websit esa ver y unique, out - of - t he- box, andor ganic/ realist ic look. Help t o set surreal scener ies andalso are more light weight t hancomplicat ed designs. 10. [email protected] Boxes (Lightboxes) Modal boxes are basically t he nextgenerat ion of pop- ups and a leading t rendin designing. Modal boxes are a cleaner , mor e user -f riendly alt er nat ive tot he basicJavaScr ipt pop up windows t hat have beenaround f or years. Modal boxes f ocuses t he user on t heinf ormat ion you are present ing, whet her itis a pict ure, t ext or a video. 11. [email protected] Enormous Images Lar ge phot os are an inst ant way t ogr ab your audience- t hey cannot helpbut t o see it and have an. Trends point t o sof t and slight lyt r ansparent imager y t hat does not overshadow your cont ent , but harmonizeswit h it . St unning visual ef f ect and add mor elif e t o a sit e design. 12. [email protected] Oversized Footer Foot ers are becoming more import antever y day as designer s r ealize t hatt heyr e a vit al part of every design andt hey must be ut ilized wit h t he sameimport ance t han t he header . Foot ers are now ar eas wher e you canplace t hings like social st r eam boxes,cont act f orms and t ons of inf or mat ion. 13. [email protected]