Lascaux Cave Art6th Grade Lms

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Transcript of Lascaux Cave Art6th Grade Lms

  • A Journey into Prehistoric Art of the Lascaux and Chauvet Caves of Southern France, and others Paleolithic Picassos?
  • Where are the caves? How were they discovered and when?
    • Andthere are other places in the world where painted caves exist!
    • Like Spain, South America, Australia, etc
  • Discovery! Chauvet Caves
  • The Artists
    • Lived approx. 17,000 to 30,000 years ago during the Stone age and the Ice age
  • How did they create the images?
    • Using bone, sticks, brush made with animal hair, hands/fingers, and sharpened rocks
    • Paints came from the earth - crushed and mixed with cave water to create color
    • Dark caverns were lit with torches and prehistoric lamps: made with animal fat, etc etc
    • In Lascaux, scaffolds and ladders were built to get to the high points.
  • What did the artists paint?
    • Why did they paint and carve on the cave walls?
    • Did they live in the caves also?
    • What evidence of human life do we see in the caves?
  • What is the significance?
    • What is represented in these paintings?
    • Why are there so few images of humans?
    • How does this artwork reflect life of prehistoric peoples?
  • Map of the Lascaux Caves - Southern France
  • Lascaux - Chinese Horses & Bulls
  • Lascaux - Shaft of the dead man
  • Reindeer - Lascaux
  • Lascaux - horse and harpoons, or plants?
  • Chauvet, horses
  • Chauvet
  • Chauvet
  • Chauvet
  • Chauvet - Ibex
  • Chauvet - bear
  • Chauvet - herd of rhinos
  • Chauvet
  • Chauvet
  • Chauvet
  • Chauvet
  • Hand Stencil - Chauvet
  • Horse with handprints at Pech-Merle
  • Bison from Altamira Caves - Spain
  • How do these cave drawings compare
  • to these animals of today?