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Transcript of Kubernetes kubecon-roundup

Cloud Orchestrators and Container Orchestrators, Any Difference ?

Kubecon Wrap-UpSebastien Goasguen@sebgoa@skippbox

BackgroundKubernetes Helm maintainer


OReilly author of the Docker cookbook


Kubernetes open sourced in June 2014Kubernetes is greek for helmsman

14,000 commits in a year~16,000 for docker300+ contributorsNow 1000+ contributorsGitHub project with the highest velocity

Borg, Eurosys April 2015



Getting started$ minikube start$ kubectl get pods$ kubectl get deployments$ kubectl get svc$ kubectl run ghost image=ghost$ kubectl expose deployments ghost port=2368 type=NodePort

Thoughts from Kubecon250 people in meetup the day before150 people in invite only dev summit1000 people (was 350 in March in London)Planning 1500 in Berlin in March 2017 (CFP open)Planning 3000 in Austin, Nov 2017

From evolution to an established ecosystem

Users, Users, UsersAll presentation will be on youtube shortly.

Cloud NativeK8s , Prometheus, OpenTracing are in the cloudnative computing foundationExpect moreJoin as a company for as little as ~$1700K8s certification coming soonTraining via Linux Foundation (written by us )

PartnersIncreasing list of partners for technology and services.

AnnouncementsK8s supported on Azure Container ServiceCabin on AndroidStackpoint adds Federation supportKismatic enterprise toolkitEtcd operatorsVmware k8s as a ServiceHelm rc.2


FeaturesMain repo being broken down in multiple onesE.g Go client moving to its own repoThere is now an incubator (github.com/kubernetes-incubator)KomposePython client

Real FeaturesV1.5 slated for early DecemberFeatures repo:https://github.com/kubernetes/featuresPetSets renamed to StatefulSetsMore resources in federationEasier RBAC bootstrap

kubeadmWill continue on being improved

kubeadm initkubeadm joinkubectl create f https://git.io/weave-kube

Biggest trendImprove the user experience (e.g kubeadm)Improve the contributor experienceImprove the docsScale the project (break up + incubator)

Federation is hugeThirdparty resources will be a revolutioncompile to kubernetes

Thank you @sebgoa@skippbox

Docker training Nov 24, ZurichKubernetes training Nov 25, Zurichhttp://skippbox.eventbrite.com