Krishna Leela Series - Part 52 - The Killing of Satrajit and Satadhanva

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Krishna Leela Series - Part 52 - The Killing of Satrajit and Satadhanva

Transcript of Krishna Leela Series - Part 52 - The Killing of Satrajit and Satadhanva

  • 1.Krishna Leela Series 52
    Killing of Satrajit and Satadhanva

Om NamO Bhagavate VAsudevayA
SB: 1.2.4
SB: 1.2.18
nryanam namaskrtya
naram caiva narottamam
devm sarasvatm vysam
tato jayam udrayet
nasta-pryesv abhadresu
nityam bhgavata-sevay
bhagavaty uttama-loke
bhaktir bhavati naisthik
By regular attendance in classes on
the Bhgavatam and by rendering of
service to the pure devotee, all that is
troublesome to the heart is almost
completely destroyed, and loving
service unto the Personality of
Godhead, who is praised with
transcendental songs, is established
as an irrevocable fact.
Before reciting this rmad-Bhgavatam,
which is the very means of conquest,
one should offer respectful obeisances
unto the Personality of Godhead,
Nryana, unto Nara-nryana Rsi, the
supermost human being, unto mother
Sarasvat, the goddess of learning, and
unto rla Vysadeva, the author.
3. Recap
Krishna married Satyabhama
Krishna fought with his devotee Jambavan.
Krishna also married Jambavati
Wanted the Syamantaka Jewel to remain in the temple
4. Developments between Cousins
House of Lac
Was informed that everyone was killed including Queen Kunti
Krishna and Balaram did not believe the hearsay
Left to Hastinapura to participate in the bereavement
6. CONSPIRACY in Absence
Krishna and Balaram were both in Hastinapur
Conspiracy to take the Syamantaka Jewel by Satadhanva
Satadhanva wanted to marry Satyabhama
Akrura and Krtavarma joined in the conspiracy
7. Are Devotees Bad or Good?
8. 9. BG9.30Even if one commits the most abominableaction, if he is engaged in devotional service he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated in his determination.
samyagvyavasito hi sa
10. Why they joined?
Why did both of them join the conspiracy?
Akrura did hurt the feelings of Vrajavasis
Krtavarma associated with a sinful person
11. One night..
Satadhanva entered Satrajits house
Everyone was shouting but he still went and butchered Satrajit exactly as an animal being butchered in a slaughterhouse
Body was preserved while Satyabhama left for Hastinapura
12. Krishna heard the news
Started lamenting like a normal human being
Tears started flowing
Made plans to return to Mathura immediately
Plans to annihilate Satadhanva
Although a great villain and feared by everyone, he was fearing Krishna
Approached Krtavarma and Akrura
13. Satadhanvaruns
Delivered the Syamantaka to Akrura and fled
Krishna and Balaram understood and followed pursuit
Krishna was particularly angry and the act was againstSastra
One who attacks with deadly weapons
One who commits arson
One who poisons
One who usurps anothers property
One who kidnaps anothers wife
Satadhanvas horse died and he had to flee on foot
Krishna cut off his head using his Chakra
No Jewel found, so better to go back to Mathura
Balaram stayed in Mithila for few years
14. Lord returns to Mathura
Came back and did ceremonies for his late father in law
Akrura and Krtavarma left Dwaraka on hearing Krishnas arrival
Citizens felt threatened by Pestilence and natural Disturbances
Superstitious belief
Inheritance of Power from his father
Absence of Syamantaka
15. Krishna &Akrura
Krishna summoned him from Kasi
Received him well and enquired
Who will Inherit?
Kindly show the Jewel
Akrura brought the Jewel and Krishna kept his words
Anyone who hears this story will get the highest perfection of peace and will be free from sinful reactions
16. Chant Hare Krishna and be Happy!