Krasnoyarsk region

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Krasnoyarsk region Krasnoyarsk region

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  1. 1. Krasnoyarsk region
  2. 2. . We live in the centre of Siberia. Krasnoyarsk krai is about 4 000 kilometers far from Moscow. Krasnoyarsk is the largest business, industrial and cultural center of Eastern Siberia, the capital of Krasnoyarsk region. Moscow Krasnoyarsk krai about 4 000 kilometers
  3. 3. . In Krasnoyarsk region live about 3 000 000 people. There are Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Nenets, Dolgans, and other nationalities.
  4. 4. . The bear is the symbol of Krasnoyarsk region. The Yenisey river and the nature reserve Stolby are also the symbols and the sights of the krai. Stolby
  5. 5. . There are a lot of lakes in our territory. The largest one is Taimyr. The mighty river Yenisei, the Angara, the Mana and others. Taimyr Yenisei Angara Mana
  6. 6. . The rivers are the homes for about 30 species of fish such as sturgeon, sterlet, trout, grayling and others. The Northern area of the region is rich in about 60 species of fish. sturgeon sterlet grayling
  7. 7. . Krasnoyarsk territory is rich in flora and fauna. About 342 bird species and 89 species of mammals. The krai is famous for sable, squirrel, fox, ermine and wild reindeer. white Fox Fox sable squirrel wild deer ermine
  8. 8. . The climate of Krasnoyarsk region is sharply continental with cold winters and short warm summers.
  9. 9. . In the history of Krasnoyarsk territory there are a lot of prominent names. Krasnoyarsk region is the birthplace of the artist Surikov Vasily Ivanovich. In Krasnoyarsk Opera and ballet theatre began the career of an opera singer Dmitry Alexandrovich Hvorostovsky. Astaf'evViktor Petrovich, the Soviet and Russian writer, lived and worked here.