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The KITE Kommunikation agency is established by a group of young PR specialists from Russia. We have helped a various number of international and local companies to gain publicity on the Russian market before we became a part of the Agency. Now we apply our ideas, skills and efforts to strengthen and develop relations between Russia and Sweden. Our work is based on three main statements: 1. We love Russia. Russia is a country with a rich history, incredible cultural heritage, national diversity and vast geographical expanses. Russia is a place of opportunities, it grows day by day and opens new horizons for those who decide make a first step towards it. 2. We love Sweden. Sweden has become our next staging point few years ago, and we are happy to get to know life and business here from the inside. We absolutely admire Swedish traditions, lifestyle, creativity and, of course, the high quality of everything produced here. 3. We want more Swedish in Russia. Russia needs Sweden and trusts Swedish trademarks. Sweden needs Russia, and a growing number of Swedish companies that open their offices there speaks for itself. Therefore, our mission is to help our Swedish clients in discovering all the potential business opportunities of Russia. We want to introduce you to Russia (and introduce Russia to you) step by step, and we will be happy to see how you successfully start, develop and win on the Russian market. Kommunikite with Russia!

Transcript of KITE Kommunikation

  • Our Mission

    Mission of KITE Kommunikation is to help our clients in discovering all the potential business opportunities of Russia.

    Our services are based on an insider knowledge and understanding of issues and differences of the Russian market that can affect a foreign business.

    Thus, with the highest level of professionalism and experience we provide customized and result-oriented marketing, public relations and consulting solutions to help clients successfully launch, increase their business and reach sales targets in Russia.

  • Before becoming a part of KITE Kommunikation, our team took the opportunity to work on different projects within communication with passion and curiosity. Now, brought together in KITE Kommunikation, our sharp solution-seekers are ready to offer you:

    7+ years of hands-on experience in marketing and PR on the Russian market

    Significant network of local partners Established connections with media,

    marketing and trade representatives and governmental authorities

    Expertise in various branches of business. Among them: Healthcare, machinery, tourism, It, etc.

    Our Team

  • Russia: Advantages for business

    Fast urbanization: by 2010, 72.8 percent of the total population in Russia lived in cities.

    Income and consumer demands fast growth New member of the World Trade Organization. Joined in

    August, 2012

    Economic stability: Russia is the the tenth largest economy in the world, with a GDP of $1.2 trillion.

  • Data taken from the US Commercial Service report*BRIC Brazil, Russia, India, China

    11th by nominal Gross Domestic Product

    The highest per capital Gross Domestic Product of BRIC*

    6th by Purchasing power parity

    And still

    Russia: Advantages for business

  • A lot of new opportunities to


  • Russia Today

    Rapid development of the distribution channels

    Increase in Internet marketing audience

    Permanent growth of Swedish export (exports increased

    by 49% 2010. Important export products are automobiles,

    equipment for the telecommunications industry, and

    pharmaceutical products)*

    Rising needs of infrastructure

    Decrease in local manufacturing*data from

  • Development of the Russian imports









    2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

    Billion US dollars

    *ocial sta4s4cs by Central Bank of Russia, accumulated by KITE Kommunika4on

  • Grow in Russia with us!

  • Our Services

    I. Local Market Research Providing quantitative and qualitative data about

    the current situation in the specified branch in

    Russia: demand, main companies in the niche and

    market dynamics

    Examining potential distribution channels

  • II. Strategic Planning Shaping a profile of potential customer Identifying exact geographic locations for entering Russian

    market Choosing the best distribution partner Shaping the main message to be delivered to potential

    customers (or adjusting a current one to the Russian market) Defining optimal media channels for audience acquisition Developing the stages of introduction of a product/service to

    the Russian market Establishing connections with state authorities and branch


    Our Services

  • III. Marketing Communication


    Promotion offline and online activities


    Media planning

    Social media marketing

    Inbound marketing

    Our Services

  • III. Media relations Formation of the full list of branch/trade/local/federal/online/

    offline media in Russia Introducing company, its board, goods and services, mission

    and plans to the Russian media Preparing a full primary press package of the company in

    Russian language Case Study placement Work with press comments Complex arrangement of media events Copywriting Newsletters Media monitoring

    Our Services

  • Thank you!

    [email protected]

    Uppsala, Sweden: +46-737-871709, +46-700-246429

    Moscow, Russia: +7-926-556-3803Saint-Petersburg, Russia: +7-953-169-32-53