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About UsKemuncak Facilities Management Sdn Bhd (KFM) is an emerging Asset Management company that synergises solutions for built environment.

Our strength is premised on the integration of capabilities in Operational Expertise, Technical Knowledge and Technology which is manifested by our people, processes and systems.

Our vision is to create a world class Asset Management company that is driven by entrepreneurial leadership, professional management and personal integrity.

Our Services

Capacity & Strength

Over 200 Professional and Technical resources deployed in buildings worth over RM2.0 Billion from various discipline and background, managing more than 3.0 Million square feet of assets.

n Architects

n Quantity Surveyors

n Mechanical Engineers

n Electrical Engineers

n Biomedical Engineers

n IEQ Engineers

n Approximately 90 Technicians

n Approximately 50 Support and Management Team managing over 400 non technical staff

n Asset Management

n Facility Management & Services

n Facility Information System

n Smart and High Performance Building

n Green Technology

n Lifecycle Design & Management

n Indoor Environmental Quality

n Document Digitisation & Management Services

n Renovations, Retrofits and Upgrades

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Asset Management

Asset Management is the process of acquisition, use and disposal of assets over the entire asset life cycle.

We offer innovative and effective asset management methods and systems to our clients through our in-house expertise and strategic partnerships with experienced and internationally renowned organisations.

Our Services Include:

Integrating service and design using a whole-life approach

Ensure optimum combination of whole life costs and quality of the facility and services to meet users requirements

Integration of facility design, construction and service delivery

Construction to maximise the efficiency of long-term maintenance and value of the facility

Optimising operating costs and quality over the whole life, and life cycle costing to guarantee maintenance is sustained

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Facility Management is a multi-disciplinary activity to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

We have in-house expertise in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and General Services.

Our Services Include:

Call Center Services

Air Conditioning and Ventilation System Services

Hygiene, Cleaning and Housekeeping Services

Electrical Installation and Maintenance Services

Landscaping Services

Pest Control

Solid Waste Management

Building Management Systems

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)

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Facility Information System (FIS)

Facility Information System (FIS) empowers any facility by integrating critical systems and software into time saving, money-saving and even life-saving environment.

Key Features:

Fully Web-based

Secure, Encrypted Environment

Intuitive, CAD-like Interface

Spatial Presentation of Asset Location on CAD Background

Ability to Track Broad Amounts of Information about Specific Assets

Ability to Store and Access Codes/Standards

CAD : Computer Aided Design

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Intelligent Building Systems (IBS)

Our Intelligent Building Systems (IBS) solution provides the platform to create smart and high performance buildings by providing real time and web-enabled control and automation system.

Key Features:

Complete Full Cycle BOS

Monitoring of All Costs

Consumption Data on Real Time

Surveillance Network

Power Usage

HVAC Systems Monitoring

Security Systems

Follow Through Cam Features

Data Storage and Recording

BOS : Building Operations SystemHVAC : Heat Ventilation Air ConditioningEMS : Energy Management System

Fire & Life Safety – Faster Response and Voice Instructions; Quicker and Safer Egress from Building

Security/Access/Video – Enhanced Control of Secure Entrances and Exits; Control of Tenants Spaces and Visitors to Building

Elevators – Self Monitoring Maintenance Systems; Reduction in Energy Costs via Car Control Management

Lighting – Energy Conservation; Adjusts to Meet True Demand and Reduce Costs

HVAC – System Equipment Designed to Run at Peak Operating Conditions; Automatic Notification to EMS Prior to Equipment Failure

EMS Monitoring – Reduced Energy Costs; Smart Commissioning Keeps Building at Optimum Performance

Key Benefits of Integration:

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High Performance Green Building

Multi-national corporations and global investment firms are establishing greener real estate business practices worldwide through MNC’s tenancy and investment criteria. Greener facilities in order to attract and retain workers, differentiate their products, improve their image to consumers, and satisfy shareholder demands.

Benefits of Green Building:

Minimal Consumption of Energy

Minimal Atmospheric Emissions Having Negative Environmental Impacts

Minimal Discharge of Harmful Liquid Effluents and Solid Wastes

Minimal Negative Impacts on Site Ecosystems

Maximise Quality of Indoor Environment

GREEN is not just a concept, it’s the Future of Building Technology. Together with our partners’ experience and our in-house capability we are offering value added services in Green Technology.

Our Services:

n Energy Efficiency

n Smart Building

n High Performance Design

n High Performance Architecture

n High Performance Engineering

n Renewable Energy

n LEED Projects

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Allen & Shariff Corporation

FacilityONEFacilityONE is an innovative company that provides an advanced Facility Information System (FIS).

FacilityONE transforms any facility into the ultimate facility. It enables integrated control of management and operation to maximise uptime and efficiency.

FacilityONE clients includes government, military, manufacturing, transportation commercial and health care.

Consortio International

Consortio International is an engineering consultancy firm specialised in architecture, structure, mechanical electrical, planning, quantity surveying and project management.

Consortio provides broad range of disciplines including LEED consultancy and services.

Consortio has an impresive track record in key projects in the Middle East and Gulf Region which includes high profile projects such as Porto Dubai, The Blue City of Oman, The Grand Fort Hotel Dubai, etc.

Our Partners

Washington based Allen & Shariff Corporation is a customer-oriented design engineering firm that offers:

n Mechanical

n Electrical

Allen & Shariff has completed many engineering projects in the US throughout its offices in Columbia, Maryland; Salisbury, Maryland; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

n Plumbing

n Technology

n Construction Management services

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Project Showcase

n Hospital Ampang

n Hospital Sg. Buloh

n Hospital Serdang

n Hospital Alor Setar

n Hospital Sg. Petani

n Hospital Cameron Highlands

n Hospital Pekan

n Hospital Temerloh

n Hospital Jempol


Defect Management

Planned Preventive Maintenance of all Installations

Document Management: Digitisation and Storage

Indoor Environmental Quality

Warranty Management for 9 Government Hospitals

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n Kompleks Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur

n Kompleks Mahkamah Alor Setar, Kedah


Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance

Civil Works

Landscape Services

Cleaning Services

Waste Management

Hygiene Services

Project Showcase

Comprehensive Facilities Management Contracts for 4 Court houses

n Kompleks Mahkamah Pulau Pinang, Pulau Pinang

n Kompleks Mahkamah Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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Kemuncak Facilities Management Sdn Bhd (634787-U)

1401-1 Level 14, Tower 1, Kelana Brem Tower, Jalan SS7/15 (Jalan Stadium)

47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603 7806 3388 Fax: +603 7806 3332