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Marcus Wright Enterprise Manager Kent Enterprise Hub University of Kent 19 th August 2014

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Marcus WrightEnterprise Manager

Kent Enterprise HubUniversity of Kent

19th August 2014

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• 1965 - Royal Charter granted – 2015 50th Anniversary

• Global outlook – UK’s European University

• World-leading research: Kent is 24th overall in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. Five subject areas have had 30% of their research rated 4* (world leading). Six of our subject areas are in the top ten nationwide.

• Inspirational teaching and enhanced career prospects

• Superb student experience: Kent was ranked 3rd in the UK for overall student satisfaction in NSS 2012, with Oxford and Cambridge joint second behind the Open University

• 2008 – The Queen’s anniversary Prize for Higher & Further Education for the work of the Kent Law Clinic

• 2013 & 2014 – Kent consistently ranked 20th in the Guardian University Guide;

• 2014 – The Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher & Further Education for the work of the Tizard Centre

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Canterbury: The Canterbury campus is built on 300 acres of park land half-an-hour’s walk from Canterbury city centre. Residential, teaching and administrative buildings are surrounded by green open spaces, fields and woods. It is a vibrant, friendly and cosmopolitan campus, with excellent sports and social facilities including a theatre, cinema and nightclub.

Medway: The Medway campus is a multimillion-pound campus, with state-of-the-art buildings and facilities. It is a vibrant and modern campus in a great riverside location, and only 30 miles from London.

Tonbridge: The University Centre Tonbridge is a small, friendly environment dedicated to part-time study.

Brussels: The University of Kent at Brussels is a specialist postgraduate school located in a world centre for international affairs. The only UK university with a postgraduate centre in Brussels

Paris: The University of Kent at Paris has a range of unique and innovative cross-disciplinary postgraduate programmes in the humanities

Athens: The MA in Heritage Management programme is taught through collaboration between the University of Kent and Athens University of Economics and Business.

Partnerships: long-standing partnerships with more than 100 higher education institutions on the continent.

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The University of Kent now to 2015 Page 4





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Faculties & Schools

There are three faculties at Kent, comprising 20 academic schools.


Kent School of Architecture; School of Arts; School of English; School of European Culture and Languages; School of History


School of Biosciences; School of Computing; School of Engineering and Digital Arts; School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science; Medway School of Pharmacy; School of Physical Sciences; School of Sport and Exercise Science

Social Sciences:

School of Anthropology and Conservation; Kent Business School; School of Economics; Centre for Journalism; Kent Law School; School of Politics and International Relations; School of Psychology; School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research

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Total number of students 19,665

Undergraduate full-time 14,030

Postgraduate full-time 1,860

Undergraduate part-time 2,795

Postgraduate part-time 980

Canterbury campus 15,885

Medway campus 2,525

European centres 180

Female to male ratio 53:47

Percentage of overseas students (outside EU) 12.2%

Number of countries Kent recruits from 125

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• The University and its students generated £0.6bn for the economy of the south east region

• We are a substantial, efficiently run business, with a total revenue of £173m earned from a variety of educational and related services. We are a major employer in the region.

• It is estimated that this generates an additional £218.66m for UK industries, £187.89m of which is in the south east.

• Over 27,000 graduates of the University of Kent have stayed in Kent

• We have a strong tradition of volunteering – our students dedicate over 46,000 hours to volunteering each year.


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Make Your Mark:

• Prepares students for employment or self-employment

• Offers a dynamic support package of innovative and creative extra-curricular activities

• Increases students skills, abilities, experience and confidence from first year to Masters level

• Continually refreshes and maximises the effectiveness of the programme by working closely with:

Santander, Coca Cola Enterprise, IBM and BAE Systems, as well as partners such as Virginia Tech.

Page 10: Kent Enterprise Hub, University of Kent

A range of innovative activities designed to enhance students' skills and

abilities whilst providing them with additional core skills required by a

fast-paced employment market.

These activities include:

• Enterprise competitions• Enterprise skills awards• Enterprise champions

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The Employability Points Scheme:

• a unique-to-the-sector, initiative has attracted the attention of BIS, other UK HEIs

and international HEIs.

• EPS awards students points for engaging in extracurricular activities, depending on

level of engagement and commitment.

• Points lead to prizes ranging from corporate activities to work experience, training

and internships.

• Rewards are carefully selected based on ability to incentivise students to reflect on

their experience and develop themselves.

• Students enhance their skills.

• Rewards themselves increase long term employability.

Page 12: Kent Enterprise Hub, University of Kent

• Established in 2006

• In January 2010, changed into a fully funded University of Kent facility

• Focus on UoK students, graduates, staff

• 10 x Fully Furnished Offices for lease

• Student enterprise activities & employability

• Skills development

Enterprise HubBackground

Page 13: Kent Enterprise Hub, University of Kent

• Supporting pre-start and start-up academic spin-outs from UoK

• KEH proactive in establishing the largest two business modules for KBS (CB612 ‘Business Planning module’ and CB613 ‘Entrepreneurship’) with over 600 students participating. KEH mentor involved in delivery.

• School of Psychology – Lean Start-up workshops launched and run for ‘FONDAZIONE’

• EU Interreg IV Seas funding received ‘FUSION’

• Academic Mentor Scheme

Academic Engagement

Page 14: Kent Enterprise Hub, University of Kent

66 student / graduate / staff companies created (over 130 members of staff, impact on local economy of approx. £3.9 million)

Over 500 business advice sessions held

Network of voluntary Hub mentors established

‘Geneform Technologies’ sold at £6million

‘Naneum’ – winner of the Institute of Physics Innovation Award 2012

‘Algaecytes’ received £2million investment including £500k East Kent Expansion Fund, relocated to Discovery Park

‘Cangenix’ sold to ‘Argenta’ for £2million

Venomtech winner of the Technology Prize 2012, featured in the British Medical Journal and on BBC4 TV, in top ten for ELRIG Drug Discovery

uTargeting – KEIBA 2013 Finalist as ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’

Highlights since Jan 2010

Page 15: Kent Enterprise Hub, University of Kent

• Employability Points scheme established – over 3,600 students and 110 employers engaged in 2013/14, over 410 prizes offered

• EP scheme shortlisted in the Times Higher Education Awards 2012 for ‘Outstanding Support to Students’

• EP scheme showcased by BIS as a best university-business collaboration

• Interest received from UK universities to replicate EP within their own institutions.

• KEH Network612 with KBS

• UoK ‘Big Ideas’ competition sponsored by Santander Bank (Santander Universities)

• ‘Lean Start-up’ course developed

• Student enterprise society established – ‘Enactus Kent’ part of a global brand

• Global Student University Challenge in Virginia, USA

Developing an Entrepreneurial Culture

Page 16: Kent Enterprise Hub, University of Kent

Building on the success of KEH:

• Since 2008 there has been a 46% jump in students considering self-employed(NCGE Impact Report)

• It is predicted that 32% of all UK students will be setting up a business at some point in their lives post university(NCGE Impact Report, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2012)

• 85 graduate applicants for one job – more and more graduates will consider setting up their own businesses in the future(The Independent 2013)

• Emphasis on skills development, support to pre-start-ups andstart-ups as a feeder for Innovation Centres and Discovery Park

The Future

Page 17: Kent Enterprise Hub, University of Kent

The Future - Chrysalis

A purpose built 2,500 sqm Incubator costing £8.5m.

The corner-stone of an innovative and creative environment providing facilities to incubate and generate business ideas, to nurture pre- and early stage start-ups and to help SMEs to survive, thrive and grow.

It will harness university creativity and expertise with business innovation to underpin economic growth in Kent and Medway creating new high value jobs and sustainable SMEs.

Page 18: Kent Enterprise Hub, University of Kent

The Future - Chrysalis

Three Constituent Parts:

1. Creative Incubator designed to nurture entrepreneurial ideas creating new jobs across Kent and Medway. Chrysalis will be open to all entrepreneurs in Kent, not just UoK students, staff and graduates.

2. An innovative & Creative Lab which will inspire fresh thinking and provide a stimulating environment where people feel motivated to get involved to share ideas, exchange knowledge and spark multi-disciplinary collaboration and networking.

3. Centre for Sustainable SME Growth – a multi-disciplinary SME business support team providing support for SME growth.

Page 19: Kent Enterprise Hub, University of Kent

The Future - Chrysalis

Businesses in Chrysalis will start from:

• idea generation

• Proof of concept

• developing a business model (plan)

• launching of business

• support for growth

• move on to the wider start-up locations within Kent and Medway (Canterbury and Medway Innovation Centres, Discovery Park etc).

• Kent Innovation and Enterprise will be located within the facility.

• Hopefully open in late 2017