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Winter 2013 - Volume 3 Edition 1

Transcript of Kennel Chronicles

  • News from Heartland Animal Shelter

    Kennel Chronicles Winter 2013 - Volume 3 - Edition 1


    for this fun upcoming event

    B O W W O W

    B O W L I N G

    Feeling lucky? Why not come out for the annual Bow Wow Bowling night?

    With plenty of great activities, including a raffle, this is possibly one of the most fun events of the year. Bowl against cat people; bowl against dog people, it doesnt matter because its all for fun! Meet volunteers youve never met and enjoy the company of those volunteers you do know! This is a great event where all of Heartland can come together, raise money and have a fun time! Terrible at bowling? It doesnt matter. There are many opportunities to win at other things throughout the night. Great raffle prizes have included gift cards to restaurants, pet supplies or even tickets to Chicago sporting events.


    When: Sunday, March 17th

    Time: 5:30 pm

    Cost: $25 (advanced registration Heartlands website)

    $30 (at the door)

    Where: River Rand Bowling

    191 S. River Rd., Des Plaines, IL

  • Table of contents


    WRITING: Paula Burgeson (V), Dog Care Committee (V & S) / PHOTOGRAPHY: Paula Burgeson (V), Microsoft Clip Art, and many other volunteers! INFORMATION AND STORY IDEAS: Dog Care Committee (V & S), Paula Burgeson (V) (Volunteers are labeled with a V, Staff labeled with an S)

    Dog Safe Ice Melt 2 Welcome New Staff! 3 Spay & Neuter 6 Thanks Comcast! 8


    GOING HOME Bills Going Home

    story is on Back


    Mark your Calendars Inside Cover

    Coming Soon 1 Whats New 1 Dog Care Committee

    Updates 5 Saying Goodbye 7 Around the Kennel 7 Pup Personals 8 Thank you! 8 Going Home Back Cover

    Letters from Home Back Cover


  • Whats New!

    Say goodbye to the kennels as we know them! Some artistic volunteers will be redecorating the kennels with a fresh coat of paint and some artwork! Some of our visitors have said that the kennels look dreary please let the dog care committee know if you have any ideas to cheer up the space. We want the dogs (and people) to feel at home in the space. Watch for new changes!

    Small dog signs now have a great look with pops of color! These mini cutting boards do a great job of not being destroyed by small dogs and hold up great to all the cleanings that go on in the cages. It took a few months to come up with a long term solution for presenting these signs, but this seems to work! Many thanks to volunteer Julie for coming up with this great idea!


  • 2

    We all know walking dogs on salted surfaces is dangerous, but did you know

    that it can hurt more than just their feet? Here are some quick facts you should know about dog safe ice melt and why its so important to your pets health: First of all, did you know that it can be dangerous if ingested? Most people dont even realize their pets are eating it! A dog simply licking its paws after a walk could be eating a dangerous amount of salt, especially if it got stuck between the pads of their feet. It has been said that for every four pounds a dog weighs, that eating just one to two ounces of salt could be fatal. Granted, a dog will probably never eat that much, especially if it was a very large dog, but if you see a dog licking its feet after a walk, gently clean the feet with soap and water to make sure all the ice melt residue is off. The most common signs of ingestion are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Keep

    in mind that many puddles during winter probably have ice melt in them and not to let the dog drink from them. The other most common complaint from regular ice melt is how quickly it can dry out the pads in a dogs feet. This can lead to cracking. There are many great lotions for dogs feet if you think this is a problem with your dog. It also has been said that you would know the toxicity of the salt based on its color. That is not true! Dont ever assume ice melt is pet friendly because it is an unusual color. You should always take precaution when walking your pet in icy weather.

    For more information about pet safe ice melt, please visit these websites: question/safe-ice-melt-for-dog-paws news/ice-melt-can-injury-dogs-1/59512

    Heartland and Preisers are proud to use pet-safe salt!

  • Chris Nor ris

    I started at Heartland back in 2010 as a Cat room Volunteer. I had previous animal care experience at several other rescue groups but never worked in a "brick and mortar" facility before. I immediately fell in love with Heartland and started volunteering on a pretty much daily basis. I quickly started to learn everything I could about the day to day operations at the shelter exposing myself to many different areas of the shelter. I have made many friends and met some incredible people who I now don't know what I would do without. I am currently the Administrative Assistant in which I assist the Shelter Manager and Director with daily tasks that need completion. I also fill in where needed in other areas of the shelter such as Dog Kennel, Cat Room,

    Adoption Counselor, and Reception. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to learn more about the daily operation of the shelter and to be part of such a wonderful and talented team.

    Renee Jereb

    I am not really "new staff". I have been the part time accountant at Heartland for over 4 years. As of January 1, I stepped up to the full time Shelter Manager position. Prior to working at Heartland I worked as a hospital manager in veterinary medicine for over 15 years. I live with a husband, two teenage daughters and (most importantly) three dogs, one is a

    Heartland alum, and three cats, two are Heartland Alums!

    Shelter Manager

    Administrative Assistant


    Meet the

  • New Staff! Deana Schar rer

    Cat Care Coordinator

    Brandon Brandon is a new kennel attendant at Heartland Animal Shelter! Related to Tom, you can trust that Brandon has the same great dog-handling skills! Its great to have another Tom join our Heartland family!

    Dog Care Coordinator

    Be sure to say Hi to all our new staff! Thank you for your commitment to all

    of our animals here at Heartland!


    My name is Deana and I'm the new Cat Care Coordinator. I have been married for 21 years and have 3 children, Keith 20, Justin 19, and Cailey 15. I have 2 Gordon Setters, Cinnamin (he's a recessive red) and Storm (both 8 years old) that were born and raised in my home. I also have 2 shelter cats, Rhaine a tortie and white Maine Coon mix and Sky a Russian Blue mix. I was a stay at home mom until I started working at Heartland in Sept 2012. I

    learned much of what I know from fostering. I started fostering for Animal House Shelter in October of 2009 and absolutely loved it! In those 3 years I fostered over 160 kittens, 50 of them being feral! Sounds crazy, I know. Sometimes I had 2 litters at a time, with up to 12 kittens at a time! As you can see, I'm quite passionate about cats!

  • 5

    Dog Care Committee updates:

    Dog volunteer training Heartland prides itself on having GREAT volunteers! We want to continue to have the best volunteers, so after thoughtful consideration the staff of Heartland and the dog Committee decided that it will be required for volunteers to attend one orientation a year as policies and signs

    change. This will keep everyone up to date on current procedures. Look for more information soon as we work on creating a database so we can make sure everyone who attends is counted for the year!

    Dog profile summaries It can be hard to write a profile for a new dog on Petpoint/Petfinder, but we want to make sure every dog gets a great write-up. If you know something special about a dog that youd like included in their profile, please send that to Renee and she will forward that to the Dog Care

    Committee. If you know a dog loves tennis balls, or their favorite place to be petted, let us know! This helps the dog have a unique biography on the website and helps them get adopted. Thanks for your help!

    Showing dogs to adopters Winter gets so dark so fast! If you think

    that it is getting to be dark outside, please only show dogs in the training hall. If Tom is in with another adopter, let him know that someone else is waiting. Do not take the dog out to show it to a potential adopter in the dark. This could lead to unfortunate situations and accidents that could easily be prevented. If you need help killing time before you can bring a dog

    in the training hall, you can always ask the adopter questions about their lifestyle or other pets. Thanks!

    Secret talent search!! Everyone has a secret talent and no were not talking about how far you can bend your elbow. Were talking about If youre handy around a hammer and other useful skills. If you havent shown us what you can do yet, what are you waiting for? Heartland is always in need of things from creative to hardware projects and we could use you! Let Renee know what your secret talent is

    because it may just be something we really need at the moment! And remember: dont be shy!

  • February is Spay & Neuter Month! February contains some great holidays like Presidents Day and Valentines Day, but did you know that February 26th is National Spay and Neuter day? Here are some quick facts about why we fix our animals at the shelter: