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  • KCC Consultancy is an international agency based in London and New York providing

    services to the world of beauty


  • As key partners, we provide consultancy on short term and long term projects

    to build brands for our clients

    We assist with business planning and commercial strategies to

    deliver marketing and brand expansion

  • Our network of strategic partners are experts in every

    category of brand building

    This includes sales, marketing, creative services, product

    development, logistics

  • Our Clients:!

    European marketers ready to expandtheir distribution into


    North American marketplace

  • American and Canadian clients wishing to enter

    the European market

  • Our retailer experience is expansiveWe cover a broad spectrum

    We have an extensive network of contacts in the global beauty

    business, from major Retailers to

    Independents to International distributors

  • High End Prestige Marketplace w Independents! wHome Shopping Networks w Online!


  • Our expertise is in Sales and Marketing!

  • Sales Support w In-store Promotions w Training Programs

  • PowerPoint Presentations w Copy Writing!

    We provide Creative Services:!

  • Product Development w Product Design!

  • Logistics:!!!

    Custom Brokerage w Fulfillment!

  • Our team includes professionals experienced in:

    Public Relations w Social Media!

  • Retailers

    Bergdorf Goodman Saks Fifth Avenue Nordstrom Neiman Marcus Bloomingdales Barneys Lord & Taylor Henri Bendel Takashimaya Holt Renfrew Canada Murale Canada Space NK Fred Segal /Ron Robinson Bigelow New York

    Anthropologie QVC The Limited Group Joyus.com Beauty Habit Travel Beauty Dermstore Walmart Duane Reade NY Rite Aide Corporation Walgreens Target Corporation Target.com CVS

  • Clients

    Orla Kiely Beauty Range Ted Baker of London FISH Soho London Scott Cornwall Haircare Clayspray Timothy Dunn London Cane & Austin Skincare Twisted Sista Haircare Lee Stafford Haircare St. James Founders Reserve Urban Therapy

    Emma Hardie Lisa Simon Skincare Paris Evolve Beauty Elemental Herbology Vedapure For Mom and Baby This Works The Refinery Miller Harris Fragrance Korner Skin Care The Real Shaving Company

  • Being Ready to Break Into New MarketsBy: Kathy Connolly

    Posted: April 28, 2014, from the May 2014 Issue of GCI Magazine

    Part of nearly every beauty brands strategy is growth, but growth to where? When you know you want to grow your brand, you have to figure out the best ways to enter new markets before launching.

    As a London-based consultant to the global beauty industry, I meet with many new businesses from Eastern Europe, Russia, China and India, among others, all hoping to gain access to the dynamic retail arena in the U.S. and Canada. For these brands, North America is the pinnacle in terms of being positioned in a key marketplace, as they can showcase their products to the world in what is considered to be the top level of retail distribution worldwide.

    The ultimate goal is to place products on the store shelves of retail chains in these markets.

    In order to achieve this goal, careful planning of the actual execution of the product launch is critical. However, this key step is often forgotten or ignored because the focus in the beginning of a beauty brand launch is on product development, brand image, packaging, ingredients and efficacy of the product.

    The actual product launch, including the all-important backup support, is often not well planned, and this can impair the chances of success for the lucky few who do get accepted by North American retailers. There are lessons for all beauty brand hereespecially those looking to expand.


  • GCI MagazineContd.Product PlanningSome of the most common mistakes seen with newly emerging brands are often the simplest to resolve. A little extra upfront planning and effort can be the deciding factor for a buyer picking your product over another.

    The number of items in a brand line is the biggest and most frequent error I see. All too oftenparticularly in brands coming from Europe, where the retail market is still mostly that of mass chain pharmacy distribution or the independent beauty boutique retail environmentthe brand lineup has hundreds of products all falling under the same corporate name and ranging from hair care, body care and bath and shower to foot care, facial creams, balms and serumsand even fragrances and deodorants. This common error needs to be addressed even before beginning work on where the various product lines will fit.

    Each retail buyer has different category responsibilities, and you need to break your brand down into key categories in order to appeal to a particular buyer responsible for a particular area of the market.

    Starting out, less is best. Begin with your hero products or the category that your brand performs best in. For example, if hair care has been your strong point, focus on that, making it the best it can be. Highlight the products with a unique story to tell. Think about how many beauty brands, products and ranges this buyer has already had presented to her, and try to put yourself in her shoes. Look for the magic in your products, find that one product that will grab the attention of the buyer and run with it.Also, dont try to be all things to all people. New brands often only see the potential financial rewards that could be theirs without stopping to think of how many other brands and products there already are like themall vying to gain a foothold in the retail space. You will usually have just one opportunity.

  • Take a step back and analyze, analyze and analyze again. Then tighten your product range, putting forward only the best of the best.

    Next, break down your categories. You can always make more than one appointmentor better yet, streamline your offerings to make your selection only those products you feel strongly about

    Support SystemThe North American way of doing business, from a support point of view, often comes as a great surprise to companies attempting to launch in North America. Often, brands have done insufficient research when building their business plans. Gone are the days when buyers chose products based on packaging, name, design and the good looks of a new brand alone.

    In todays world, where the market is owned by a few giants, there is very little space left for newly emerging product lines. It requires a great deal of careful analyzing and decision making from the buyer or category manager to seek out the best of the best and find the next winning product or brand.And smaller brand owners need to be prepared to meet the challenges they will face with the huge corporate giants that dominate this space and also provide the spend to drive their businesses at retail. Though smaller emerging companies may not have the deep pockets of some of the corporate market leaders, brands of all sizes are expected to able to come to the party with a well-thought out marketing plan to support the products, as well as budgets for PR, advertising and social media.

    GCI Magazine Contd.

  • About Kathryn Connolly

    Kathy has worked in the beauty business for more than 25 years, in various levels of management, both in Canada and the United States.

    Her many experiences working with large and small companies have provided her with excellent contacts with the North American retailers, from such well known names as Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York, to the larger mass market drug retailers such as Duane Reade New York, Walgreen's, CVS, Rite Aid and Shoppers Drug Mart Canada.

    Her area of expertise is advising brands on how best to position and market themselves for acceptance into this very competitive environment. Her role is to guide and consult with her clients as to how to best approach specific retailers, with a view to gaining distribution and exposure for their brands across North America.

    Her background includes management positions with Unilever, Cosmair/Lancome, Estee Lauder, and LVMH/Guerlain Inc.

  • About Sandra Lang

    Sandra has enjoyed a diversified career in the beauty industry in New York. At Liz Claiborne Cosmetics as Director of Marketing Services and PR from 1998 until 2008, her responsibilities included Marketing Services, Training and Public Relations.

    Her passion for fragrance and her talents in this arena were instrumental in building a portfolio of iconic brands including Liz Claiborne, Realities, Curve, Lucky Brand, and Juicy Couture as well as several licensed brands for the company.Sandras diverse skills in the cosmetics industry led her to establish her own cosmetics consulting company, SLANG Communications in 2010. She has worked to launch several fragrance and cosmetic brands, in all categories of beauty, in prestige retail stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales and Lord & Taylor and Independents. She is a U.S. business consultant for KCC Consultancy, a London based consulting agency, working with clients on sales, marketing and copy writing projects. The companys focus is to introduce and expand distribution for emerging and established European brands in the U.S. marketplace.

  • KCC Consultancy Limited 43-44 Nevern Square Suite 6 SW5 9PF London England UK (44) 781 332 8415 US (1) 917 817 2524 kathy@kccconsultancy.com www.kccconsultancy.com