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  1. 1. SPACE By Katrina
  2. 2. PLANETS Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune (Pluto)
  3. 3. This is a satellite. SATELLITES Satellites are sent into space by humans to take photos.
  4. 4. nf Moons are rocks that move around & around a certain planet. MOONS This is earths moon.
  5. 5. THE SUN The sun is a very big, hot star that gives light & heat to earth. No human could get to the sun because they would sizzle up way before they reached it. This is the sun.
  6. 6. STARS Stars are hot balls of gas. The hotest are coloured blue & white, and the coldest are orange & yellow. These are stars.
  7. 7. METEORS Meteors are big, hot bits of rock that zoom around space banging into things. They could smash your spaceship to pieces. These are meteors.
  8. 8. SHOOTING STARS Shooting stars are another name for a meteorite shooting across space. This is a shooting star.