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Questions from the April 2014 K-Circle Quiz of the Month. Conducted by Sachin Ravi at Lamakaan, Hyderabad on 12 April 2014.

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K-Circle April 2014

Quiz of the Month12 April 2014

Conducted by Sachin Ravifirst k-circle quiz, so be nice!32 questions.16 clockwise and 16 anticlockwise.written round after 16 clockwise questions.infinite pounce+10/-5 on pounce10 points per question.no part points, unless QM decides otherwise.1.Sometime in the 18th century in Europe, cultivars (a group of plants suitable for cultivation) were consisted of things that were apparently yellow or white and resembled the offering of a goose or a hen and hence X got its name.

Give me the name X.Its probably all the more relevant in Hyderabad.Answer follows.Eggplant2.When X was on the verge of exiting a floundering career, he imagined a number of ideas and circulated them amongst the syndicates. One of them, Y, was intended to be a parody of the Star Wars space fantasy genre. Later however, X told the Dallas Morning News in 1987, It (Y) was so bad that I make fun of it in Z.Give me X, Y and Z.

Answer follows.X Bill WattersonY Spaceman SpiffZ Calvin and Hobbes

3.The Mexican-Spanish word potiguaya is an abbreviated form of potacin de guaya.Potacin de guaya which is said to either be a wine or brandy literally translates to drink of grief and is steeped with something.This is supposed to be why this something is also referred to as _____.What is this something and fill in the blank?Answer follows.The something here is marijuana and marijuana being referred to as pot.Another plausible origin:John Sutherland in his Curiosities of Literature tries to make a case for pots origin in Lord Dunsanys The Hashish Man, in which the smoking of hashish is described as partaking in the pot of dreams.4.In a Bundesliga match played in March 2012 between Bayern Munich FC and Hertha Berlin, Bayern crushed Hertha 6-0.In the 25th minute or so, a free-kick was awarded to Bayern. Toni Kroos, Arjen Robben and Franck Ribry lined up to take the kick, but Ribry went onto to take it.How did Ribry prevail over Kroos and Robben?

Answer follows.

Unable to decide which player should take the set-play, a game of Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck (Rock, Paper and Scissors) was used to settle the dispute.5.Situate in Prague, the Rudolfinum is the seat of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and also host to the famous Prague Spring festival.Along the roof's perimeter are found sculptures of prominent composers such as Hndel, Beethoven, Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Mendelssohn and Wagner, among others.During the Nazi occupation in 1940s, the Rudolfinum was restored for the German Philharmonic Orchestra. [Continued on next slide]

The Reichsprotector Reinhard Heydrich in a bid to appease Hitler ordered to have the statue of Felix Mendelssohn removed because of his non-Aryan origin.However, the SS officers who were under instruction did not know their Bach from their Beethoven, let alone Mendelssohn from anyone else. So instead of dismantling Mendelssohn, they ended up pulling down the statue of Richard Wagner. Upon realizing this grave error, the statue of Wagner was quickly put back while Mendelssohns was sent to the attic.What logic or rationale did the SS officers use to pull down the statue of Wagner and what was the reason for Wagners statue to be put back immediately?

[Image on next slide]

Answer follows.As stated in the question, Mendelssohn while raised Christian was "tainted" in the eyes of the Nazis due to a Jewish bloodline.They believed that the statue displaying the most prominent nose would be Jewish. Richard Wagner was Hitler's favourite composer.This anecdote formed the premise for writer JiWeil in his 1960 novellaMendelssohn Is on the Roof.

Weber, Haydn, Mendelssohn, and Schumann

Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Handel enjoy the southern view at the front of the building.

6.Based on the design of the book, give me the title and author.

Image on next slide.

Answer follows.

7.When the 3D version of Titanic was released in 2012, apart from the 3D conversion, surprisingly there was only 1 re-edit in the entire movie.In an interview with UK magazine Culture, Cameron explained why he decided one scene could use revision:

Just tell me who X is.

Answer follows.Neil deGrasse Tyson

Patrick Wensink, author of Broken Piano For President, received a surprisingly pleasant cease-and-desist letter from X, because of the design of the cover of the book.[Image on next slide]

8.Just give me X (the brand).

Answer follows.

As seen in the image, abathroomwith two doors, usually accessible from twobedrooms is called a ___________ bathroom. Such bathrooms are creative and affordable options for two bedrooms to comfortably share a bathroom. In realty parlance, what is the name given to these bathrooms?Also, a village called Kilmersdonsituate

inSomerset, England which translates to Cynemaer's Hill bears a connect with the name.9.

Answer follows.A Jack and Jill bathroom.Kilmersdon is said to be the "home" of the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme.

10.In a bid to increase profits, radio stations in the 1920s convinced businesses that sold household goods to sponsor their radio shows. With the advent of the daytime serial drama format, the motive was to appeal to the main consumers of household goods, being female homemakers.A product of Proctor & Gamble called Oxydol was one of the sponsors of a popular daytime serial drama in 1933. This is the supposed origin of a commonly used term. What term?Answer follows.Soap OperasIn 1939, these daytime serial dramas became, "Soap Operas."11. Question follows:

Comedian is a 2002 documentary focusing on X that explores the other side of stand-up comedy; that is, the preparation, politics, nerves, creativity, and so on. The person Y who appeared in the unusual trailer is known for another reason.Give me X, Y and what Y is known for.

Answer follows.Hal Douglas; voice over artist.

12.This sportsperson is supposed to be a piano enthusiast.Probably keeping that as a premise, a recent advertisement features the personality creating a piano.This piano also features the logo of the sportsperson.Who is the sportsperson?[Image on next slide]

Answer follows.

The cause of death of Tyco Brahe in 1601 at the age of 54 has always been a point of contention with reasons either being attributed to health complications or murder due to mercury poisoning.Johannes Kepler who was his assistant at the time was believed to be a suspect. But according to Kepler's first hand account, while attending a banquet in Prague, Tycho had refused to leave the banquet in order to do something as it would have been a breach of etiquette. Later, a research team stated that the mercury poisoning angle was unlikely and concluded was that "it is impossible that Tycho Brahe could have been murdered"and that he "most likely died of a _____________". The blank which is indicative of his cause of death also happens to find mention in a few drinking joints.What was Brahe unsuccessful in doing and fill in the blank in that context? 13.Answer follows.Brahe refused to breach court etiquette during a reception even to relieve himself.

Thus, his death has been attributed to a bladder infection.

The team concluded was that "it is impossible that Tycho Brahe could have been murdered"and that he "most likely died of a bladder burst".

Monument of Tycho Brahe andJohannes KeplerinPrague 14.British gunners in WWII were able to locate and shoot down German planes at night due to the invention of radar, which the Germans knew nothing about. To cover up the invention of radar, the British spread about an urban legend which suggested that the massive increase in night vision of their pilots was due to _________________.This rationale was further popularized by the British Royal Air Force through a a story about the night vision flying prowess of their skilled fighter pilot John "Cats' Eyes" Cunningham.In response to the story, many British people began to ___________as they wanted to improve their vision so that they could see better during the compulsory blackouts that were common during World War II.This alleged legend not only convinced the Germans, but also persists even to this day.What is the legend/rationale?

Answer follows.

The Royal Air Force in order to keep their on-board Airborne Interception Radar (AI) under wraps, according to research pulled from the files of theImperial War Museum, the Mass Observation Archive, and the UK National Archives, the Ministry provided another reason for their success: carrots. 15. Question follows:

Clip from the show Brooklyn Nine Nine.

What according to Jack Peralta is the worst wedding ever?Answer follows.

16.Pete Harman is best known for having struck a deal with someone to open the first franchise of this establishment. Among other things, Harman is said to have invented the famous to-go paper bucket, developed training manuals and product guides for other franchisees, and for also capitalizing on the motto of the establishment.Give me the name of the establishment and the motto it uses even today.Answer follows."Had the Colonel not met Pete, he'd have probably died a poor man.

Salt Lake City, Utah: The World's First Kentucky Fried ChickenFinger Lickin Good

Written Round.

Anticlockwise 16 follows.17.The dominance of the Old Firm in Scottish football is well known.In fact, the last team to have won the Scottish League Premier Division/Scottish Premier League, other than Rangers or Celtic was in 1985, when X won the league and was managed by Y.Identify X and Y.Answer follows.

18.Nuclear detonations all experience a characteristic double flash. The double flash enabled an ingenious instrument to be built to measure the yield of nuclear w