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    Jesus Youth Austra

    lia Newsletter October 2015

    Pope Francis V O C A T I O N P R A Y E RLORD OF THE HARVEST,BLESS young people with the gift of courage to respond to your call. Open their heartsto great ideals, to great things.

    INSPIRE all of your disciples to mutual love and givingfor vocations blossom in the good soil of faithful people.

    INSTIL those in religious life, parish ministries, and families with the confidence and grace to invite others to embrace the bold and noble path of a life consecrated to you.

    UNITE us to Jesus through prayer and sacrament, so that we may cooperate with you in building your reign of mercyand truth, of justice and peace. Amen.

    Adapted from the Message on the 51st World Day of Prayer for Vocations

    Jesus Youth Australia

    acknowledges the traditional owners and

    custodians in all Australian


    Thank you for the ongoing support

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    Cover Story




    Mercy: The Key to Ones Heart, is the word that echoes in the Catholic Church these days, thanks to the frequent use of

    it, both in words and actions by Pope Francis. We can rightly say that the theme of Mercy is the centre of his papacy.


    This newsletter is an initiative of Jesus Youth Australia (www.jesusyouth.org.au), produced by Jesus Youth Australia National Council.For any comments or suggestions contact us at [email protected]

    MissionPNG &Nauru




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  • There is an old joke I know,-so old, in fact, that it may be unbeknownst to a newer charismatic generation and, there-fore, recyclable. A young farmer, standing in his field, observes a peculiar cloud formation. The clouds form the letters G, P, and C, and he con-siders it a call from God to- Go Preach Christ! The farmer rushes to the deacons of his church and insists that he has been called to preach. Respectful of his ardour, they invite him to fill the pulpit. That Sunday, the sermon is long, tedious, and virtually incoherent. When it finally ends, the leaders sit in stunned silence. Finally, a wiz-ened deacon mutters to the would-be preacher, Seems to me the clouds were saying Go plant corn.

    Even if there were truth to this joke, it wouldnt be the first time theres been confusion about what it means to be called into ministry. The concept of a call is one of the most profound of all biblical ideas. The Bible is riddled with sto-ries about calls to men and women who, when summoned to service, went out and marked their generation in a profound way.Such calls had several commonalities. When St. Francis was asked why God called him, he said, God picks the weakest, the smallest, the mean-est of men on the face of the earth, and he uses them.

    In one way or another, they all originated out of the Godhead. God the Father called Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, and Amos (to name a few). Jesus called twelve men to be with him, and then sent them out to disciple the nations. The Holy Spirit called Saul and Barnabas and others to apostolic opportunity. As special and unique as you are, and as much as God loves you, he doesnt need you to do anything for him. If he did, he could just send you a memo, right? What he wants, more than any accomplishment, is your heart. He wants to bring you into a relationship with him. To hear Gods calling, you must learn to recognize his voice, and theres no shortcut for that. So my first and biggest request is this: Spend time in Gods Word and time in prayer.

    As I mentioned in the beginning of this newly elected National Council, we must identify our call to start this journey as one family in Christ and His Church. I give youa new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another. This is how allwill know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. Jn 13: 34 35. As a Jesus Youth family, the first and primary call should be to Love one another. Identification of this call for Love must begin from our family, team mem-bers households and from our own parishes.

    In Australia, our minis-trys main focus over the next years is to prepare the entire movement to identify the call of each Jesus Youth by imple-mentation of the newly evolving formation plan. Every region is ready now and I thank the Lord for this precious gift of a new plan and all the leaders of each region for their hard work and co-operation in this for-mation plan. Jesus Youth across the world have started re-discovering their call during the Commitment day to live the call in Prayer, Life-style and Formation.

    As we pray in our Jesus Youth daily prayer let us surrender our self to the Lord, especially our thoughts and our will and gladly accept His sovereignty in our Life . May every Jesus Youth always seek His glory in our missionary journey. Lets open ourselves completely to the work of the Holy Spirit in us and in the ministry which God has entrusted to each one of us to identify our call.


    A call to love!


    (217) Laudato Si POPE FRANCIS Living our vocation to be protectors of Gods handiwork is essential to a life of virtue; it is not an optional or a secondary aspect of our Christian experience.

    Connect 2015, Melbourne



    Jesus Youth Perth showcased a message of prolife at the exhibi-tion in the Perth Catholic Youth Movement 2015 event, Veritas on 11th July 2015 at the Santa Maria School.The event, Veritas is a first of its kind, 3 day youth gathering with various youth and charismatic groups in Perth was filled with music, messages, addresses from Bishop, exhibition stalls and a prelude to the ACYF in Adelaide happening in December 2015.

    The Perth Jesus youth pro-life stall was organized by the JY Youth group along with the key leaders. It exhibited the pro-life message with posters and videos with an opportunity to take a commitment to be pro-life or pray a rosary for an unborn child. The stall was open for the audience from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm. Many youth had an insight to the prevalence and incidence of abortions by at-tending the exhibition. It was an excellent opportunity to reach out to the youth of Perth from different groups and also provide awareness.



    The reconstitution ceremony was held in Adelaide on 25th July. With the help of the Holy Spirit a new team was appointed as follows:-Rojo Antony - Animator, Fr. Alex Vickers - Chaplain , Prince Thomas - Coordinator and eight other council members, Family team - Antony KP, Youth team - Anil Antony, Interces-sion team-Shine.

    Family and Kids Day, Melbourne

    JY @ Veritas Perth. The reconstitution, Adelaide

    Family & Kids Day JY Victoria

    On 22nd August Families in Victoria had a fruitful time of Prayer and Fel-lowship at Box Hill. 28 Young families and 40 kids joined the fun filled day. The family streams focus was on enriching their Christian life to experience the true Joy and happi-ness in families. Thomas Isaac and Dr. Priya led the morning session, shar-ing their insights and experiences in their journey as a couple enriching and encouraging each other towards a life of holiness and Christian Joy. In the afternoon, we had a guest speaker from Melbourne Archdiocese team on Natural Fertility Services, Melbourne helping young families to learn more about natural ways of family planning as God designed it. Ms. Lesa Meese, the state educator and the national secretary for the Australian Council of Natural Family Planning was a great resource, who gave insights from experience as an educator and mother of 7 children. The informative session helped families to realise how its practice enriches the couples lives in real love, care and sacrifice. She also answered various questions from couples. The highlight of the day was the Dance competition for couples, which saw active participation of all couples in true sportsmanship. The day ended with a time of prayer and adoration.

    The Kids had a follow up VBS pro-gram lead by the Kids ministry under the leadership of Mrs. Sumi Vinu. The Kids had a fun filled day involving various activities, stories, dance and skits.

    MELBOURNEThe active involvement of Kids encouraged every volunteer and the parents requested the team for regu-lar follow up programs for kids. Every kid went back with some interesting lessons about their loving companion Jesus

    CONNECT 2015

    After months of prayers and prepa-ration, the teens retreat Connect 2015 helped enrich and challenge the lives of 49 young teens to live a Christ centred lifestyle. The 4 day retreat was held from 2nd July to 4th July under the able guidance of Fr Bony MGL. Set in the serene ambi-ence of Don Bosco retreat centre, Listerfield, the retreat saw the active participation of more than 30 full time and part time volunteers, with the Youth Team, Melbourne playing the key role. The mighty grace of our Lord almighty was experienced by the participants and the organizers abundantly.


    Jesus Youth Austra

    lia Newsletter October 2015


    s Youth Australia Newsletter October 2015

    15from the coordinator

    an update of Jesus Youth Australia eventsnews r ausBeing the Chaplain for JY Melbourne, I was awaiting an opportunity to partici-pate in the Jesus Youth International Animators Training Program. I attended the same this year in July at the Camil-lian Centre, Thailand. At the outset I As the Chaplain for JY Melbourne, I