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  • january 2014 | 20141


    EditorDiane Benedetti

    AssociAtE Editor

    Rachel Gualtieri Shan Cooper


    Lumin Yao Oksana Moroz

    Suemi Kim Cody Bokshowan


    Black NAFA signature fur designed by Gianfranco Ferr

    LAyout & dEsign

    Luca Di Franco

    JustnAfA is pubLishEd by NAFA

    65 Skyway Ave Toronto, Ontario M9W 6C7

    Canada T: 1.416.675.9320 F: 1.416.675.6865

    w w w.nafa.ca


    unpreCedented Growth

    Behind the sCenes Look inside naFa


    studio naFa summer session

    studio naFa

    outreaCh workshops expanded

    new appointments announCed

    season FinaLes

    top Lot updates

    FeBruary 2014 auCtion





    january 2014 | 20141


    The quantity of NAFA Mink to be sold during the three 2014 auctions in Toronto has registered a 40% increase over the previous year for a total of more than 10 million pelts. NAFA Northern Wild Fur adds to the corporate growth with a year-to-year increase of 38%. In fact, the overall volume of the furs offered at NAFA has doubled since 2011.

    This past year has been a major success story for NAFA but as the new selling season rapidly approaches, Michael Mengar, President and CEO, acknowledges there are new challenges for NAFA in the months ahead.

    Our February sale represents the finest mink collection that will be offered at any time, anywhere in 2014. Over 4 million of the worlds top quality mink are available and our intention is to sell. The auction room in Toronto has been enlarged, providing a more comfortable ambiance; additional buyer amenities are in place; and IT facilities have been upgraded to ensure uninterrupted communications throughout the sale.

    Mr. Mengar continued, As NAFA works diligently to meet the needs of our international buyers, I hope that they will see our challenge as an excellent opportunity. The finest assortment of mink and the most in depth collection of wild fur will be sold at NAFA in February. NAFA is the place to be!

    naFa201440%1000naFa northern38%2011




    Unprecedented Growth


    NAFA is indisputably the worlds fastest growing fur auction company today

  • NAFAA u c t i o n s c h E d u L E

    1000 350

    2014FEbruAry 17 23

    APrIl 28 MAy 3

    JuNE 27 July 2







    NAFA has prospered over the years and is now the second largest fur auction house in the world. Dedicated staff offer fine quality product assortments and outstanding services; simplifying the complex world of the fur trade for buyers.


    Behind the Scenes at NAFANAFA


    January is a pivotal month at NAFA when the pressure to prepare for the February auction has made its way into every department, making it a perfect opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how NAFAs team of professionals pull together and proficiently stage a world class auction.

    An area where NAFA excels, year after year, and is recognized for having a superior quality pelt assortment method, is the grading and sorting division. Gregg Dolinsky, Senior Vice President of Global Operations, oversees this department with offices in NAFAs three production facilities located in Canada, the uSA and Poland.





    naFa Gregg dolinsky


    Working closely with senior technicians, Gregg revolutionized the fur grading and sorting process, earning NAFA the respect of the industry. The sorting and grading segment was improved with a system that divided the process into five groups; initial pre-sorting, napping, quality designation, coloring and sizing. Each group has a team of skilled individuals who specialize in a particular grading category.

    Another integral artery in the NAFA organization is the warehouse operations side, where the movement of fur is the focal point. Paul Culligan, Vice President of Operations, runs the department in the Toronto office, while offering support to the other two locations.




    paul Culligan


    The volume of fur that NAFA procures demands stringent monitoring because there must be complete control of the whereabouts of each fur pelt at all times. Control is initiated immediately upon receipt of a shipment at a NAFA warehouse. Millions of fur pelts arrive weekly and each is tagged with a barcode label. This is scanned as the pelt moves through the system and is eventually sorted into a sale lot. After the auction, when the pelt is prepared for shipment, the final scan ensures that the proper pelts are packed and shipped to the buyer. NAFA continually earns high marks for efficiency and accuracy in shipping.

    NAFAs Warehouse Operations Departments adept capabilities may not be so obvious to an outsider during the initial stages, however, the warehouse teams proficiencies become profoundly apparent at the completion stage, when the goods are delivered expeditiously, with an operation functioning twenty-four hours a day during peak auction periods.

    In 2013, NAFA underwent another extensive expansion and remodeling. The auction room was enlarged to accommodate up to 700 people. Additionally, NAFAs warehouse capacity was increased, adding over two hundred thousand square feet of space, including a second warehouse building location in Canada and warehouse expansions in the uSA and Poland.

    Working closely with the warehouse operations team is Iain Dunbar, Vice President of buyer and Auction Services at NAFA, and his team, who ensure that all of NAFAs customers get the royal concierge treatment throughout the auction. The buyer and Auction Services department encompasses many facets, offering a number of services to NAFAs clients that span from arranging hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the auction, to organizing top-rated food catering services for the various ethnic palates.










    iain dunbar


    Moreover, the buyer and Auction Services department administers pre-qualifying paperwork and offers options for submitting payment and expediting shipments, all designed to streamline the time and effort needed on the buyer side.

    NAFA takes pride in the growth it has experienced over the years, recognizing that the loyalty and support from buyers has been the blueprint to success. As a leader and trendsetter, the NAFA team is dedicated to providing clients the best service in all aspects related to the fur industry.




    As summer was coming to a close, Studio NAFA opened its doors to the winners of five design competitions that NAFA sponsored around the world in 2013. The top three finalists from the NAFA Cup in China and the HAF competition in Greece, were joined by the two victors in the Joongang contest in Korea, the winner of the fur category at riccone, Italy, and the NAFA design award in Hong Kong.

    This was to be a very special workshop as it was the first held within the auction house facilities. From the very first moment the students entered the building, it was obvious there was a synergy unfolding.

    After words of welcome by Diane benedetti, NAFAs Sr. Vice President of Marketing, the students embarked on a program that offered a variety of experiences. Herman Jansen, Managing Director of NAFA, enlightened the group with facts about the wild furs that NAFA sells. He explained not only the furs but also the ecological benefits of wild fur trapping.

    The students also had the opportunity to visit a mink ranch and learn some of the basics of animal husbandry and see first hand the care and commitment that is a major part of raising mink.

    studio naFa2013naFanaFahaFjoongangriccone

    naFanaFaherman jansennaFa

    Summer Session


    Zeina Esmail, Fashion Director of Fashion magazine and an internationally renowned stylist in her own right, joined the workshop to discuss fashion trends and the importance that fur plays in fashion. Farley Chatto, Senior Designer at Four Seasons Furs in Toronto, shared a more technical perspective on fur as he demonstrated how to interpret patterns for fur.

    This background information laid the foundation for the task that was now put forth to the students. Studio NAFAs Creative Director, Professor Vasilis Kardasis, provided an inspirational platform and asked that each person create a sample in fur that had a composition that was unique in texture and design. Over the next two days, the atmosphere of the workshop evolved. As Professor Kardasis noted, it was a hive of ten young, eager and thirsty design students. Five nations mixed together but in the short time that we had together, they became an illuminating and productive force. The students were in total agreement and described their experience at NAFA as the opportunity of a lifetime.

    Zeina esmailFour seasons FursFarley Chatto

    studio naFa Vasilis kardasis kardasisnaFa


    After the first collection of raccoon for the Studio NAFA Outreach Program received such rave reviews in 2012, this wild fur program was extended in 2013 to include the fur species of beaver, raccoon, coyote, red fox, fisher and muskrat.

    Maria Antonietta DErrico and Mauro Campaini of Studio Desig