July #IMRGConnect: A Tale of Two City Centres

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Chris Jones of Redsock Management Ltd. presents

Transcript of July #IMRGConnect: A Tale of Two City Centres

  • Chris Jones Redsock Management Ltd chris.jones@redsock.biz +44 7770 647038 A Tale of Two City Centres Competition or Collaboration between E-commerce and the High Street?
  • My Local High Street 2 imrg press release: We predict that the UK online retail market will achieve 17% year-on- year growth during 2014 and we also expect the 100 billion threshold will be broken, with a staggering 107 billion predicted to be spent online in the UK this year.
  • So whos to blame? 3
  • So whos to blame? 4 You are but unfortunately not in your professional capacities!
  • This is where/when most eCommerce takes place 5 Peak tablet shopping time: 7-8pm
  • This is when most weekday high street footfall occurs 6 Not very busy at 7pm!
  • My Local High Street again 7 So what are they all doing?
  • Collecting something they bought online! 8 ** non-food only, and excludes impossible articles like washing machines * John Lewis online orders collected in Waitrose Retailers with some national coverage see huge click-and collect take-up
  • Collecting something they bought online! 9 And IMRG data shows the overall trend
  • Or maybe just researching their future purchases? 10 The sales transaction might happen online but the store plays a bit part
  • Whatever it is customers are doing 11 M&S digital sales assistant May 2014
  • they are probably doing it in a different way compared to 5 years ago 12
  • and taking longer to do it! 13
  • The IMRG report 14 We look at competition or collaboration between e-commerce and the high street in five key aspects: where we shop when we shop how we shop measuring collaboration coping with the pace of change
  • About Me 15 Just finished as interim eCommerce Director The rest of the time Freelance multichannel retail consultant (Even More) Fun Stuff Past clients include Fun Stuff Client assignments
  • Thanks for listening 16 Please get a copy of the report!